Happy Weekend

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01/ Laser cut leg wear inspired by molting animals.
02/ Pretty IP creates a color palette from your computer’s IP address.
03/ Oh you know, just a shower that works like a car wash.
04/ Print out this Oscar ballot before Sunday’s awards show.
05/ Carpets made from socks and shirts.
06/ Animals sculpted from colored shards of glass.
07/ I don’t like snakes, but I love Milky Joe in his handmade pink sweater!
08/ Now these are some crazy insane birds nests.
09/ A map of the US made from 50,000 wooden matchsticks.
10/ Love this print – The Various Varieties of Vegetables!


Reader Survey



Well, we’re five and a half years into the journey that is Design Crush and I’d love to get your opinion on a few things! Please click here and take the 2013 Reader Survey so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page. Thank you so much for helping to make this site the success that it has become!


Happy Weekend

01/ Loving these driftwood horse sculptures.
02/ How to stock the perfect winter pantry.
03/ I never finish a bottle of nail polish, DOSE minis are perfect.
04/ I wish I had a big mug of this lavender hot chocolate in front of my right now.
05/ Lollipops in grownup flavors.
06/ It’s a little late, but you can still make a DIY Beer Advent Calendar.
07/ Oh my gosh, I want to hide a gift in this confetti surprise jar so bad!
08/ This Is a Memory, audio recordings of strangers’ memories.
09/ I’ll be eating more of these now that I know how to easily seed a pomegranate!
10/ Beautiful macro photos of snowflakes and ice structures.


Happy Weekend

01/ The Empire State Building just got better with an LED light show set to music.
02/ Because fall foliage really is THAT FUN.
03/ Beautiful conceptual clouds.
04/ A drawing machine that records pinball play.
05/ The Fixer’s Manifesto.
06/ A 170-foot long trampoline in Russia!
07/ Turning billboards into giant planters.
08/ A Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair (so true).
09/ This bear blanket for kids is SO GOOD.
10/ Whoa, these birds send tweets by eating pork fat off a keyboard!


Happy Weekend

01/ 72 year old man models his granddaughter’s line of teenage girl clothes.
02/ MuchLoved, a photo series of over-loved stuffed animals.
03/ Bicycle Taxidermy.
04/ Make your own Star Wars snowflakes.
05/ Tableware as sensory stimuli.
06/ An awesome clay letter garland, because sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.
07/ Check out Singapore’s Supertrees – solar-powered vertical gardens.
08/ A modern art covered church.
09/ Scattered Crowd, an installation of thousands of balloons floating in a see of sound.
10/ A walkway of severed purple logs.


Happy Weekend

01/ A Banoffee Pie Milkshake – YUM.
02/ Baby Vincent’s Daydreams, illustrated!
03/ My favorite free printable 2013 calendar.
04/ Pretty handmade floral wallpaper.
05/ Adorable wooden breadboard cat.
06/ The Infinite Jukebox, turn any song into an infinite remix.
07/ This poster is such a great Christmas tree alternative.
08/ These panoramas of New York churches are stunners.
09/ These soap stones would make great stocking stuffers, right?
10/ Love this gold cat ears ring!


Covet Garden

Hello Design Crush Readers! I’m Victoria of sfgirlbybay, stepping in for Kelly today. Nice to be here! I thought I’d share one of my favorite decor magazines from the North. Covet Garden is a Canadian online publication you can subscribe to for free, and each time they publish they share just one beautiful home tour. I love Covet Garden‘s concept because it really hones in on the decor details of each of the wonderful homes they feature. This month is no exception – they’re sharing a West Queen West, Toronto-based rustic inner city home – polished but with some lovely rough edges and lots of natural elements. I hope you enjoy it! Drop by Covet Garden for the whole tour!










Happy Weekend

01/ A beautifully designed transparent motorcycle gas tank.
02/ The Candy Wrapper Archive!
03/ A fun street jewelry installation.
04/ Dogs with Napoleon Complexes… dressed as Napoleon.
05/ A line of furniture held together with nothing more than rope!
06/ The Dipr may change your relationship with cookies and milk forever.
07/ Stunning long exposure photographs of fireworks.
08/ And these long exposures of moths in flight.
09/ Musical icons mosaic portraits made from their own CDs!
10/ Design nerd flashcards.


Happy Weekend

01/ Make your own decahedron Himmeli mobile.
02/ Real gold or silver shoelaces. BLING.
03/ Can’t stop thinking about this solitaire rock ring.
04/ This is way too pretty to put in the backyard.
05/ From Below, shot through an invisible floor.
06/ Remember these from Lost In Translation? Yup.
07/ Blood oranges with dark chocolate + sea salt. WHOA.
08/ Making a pixelated Post-It staircase.
09/ 90 Days, 90 Reasons
10/ Custom video game covers that look like Penguin books.


Happy Weekend

01/ Ever curious about secret staff communications in fancy restaurants?
02/ Stunning photo essay on people with albinism.
03/ When the Louvre’s statues wear modern street clothes.
04/ I want to wear one of these accordion party hats!
05/ Have a great glass bottle you’re saving? Make a lamp!
06/ A staircase made of optical glass that looks like ice.
07/ Big, beautiful head sculptures representing the four seasons.
08/ A real-life version of Super Mario. (Kinda creepy.)
09/ Color Pencil Tree, a proposed installation.
10/ Surf Pops!