Happy Weekend

01/ Loving these driftwood horse sculptures.
02/ How to stock the perfect winter pantry.
03/ I never finish a bottle of nail polish, DOSE minis are perfect.
04/ I wish I had a big mug of this lavender hot chocolate in front of my right now.
05/ Lollipops in grownup flavors.
06/ It’s a little late, but you can still make a DIY Beer Advent Calendar.
07/ Oh my gosh, I want to hide a gift in this confetti surprise jar so bad!
08/ This Is a Memory, audio recordings of strangers’ memories.
09/ I’ll be eating more of these now that I know how to easily seed a pomegranate!
10/ Beautiful macro photos of snowflakes and ice structures.


Happy Weekend

01/ The Empire State Building just got better with an LED light show set to music.
02/ Because fall foliage really is THAT FUN.
03/ Beautiful conceptual clouds.
04/ A drawing machine that records pinball play.
05/ The Fixer’s Manifesto.
06/ A 170-foot long trampoline in Russia!
07/ Turning billboards into giant planters.
08/ A Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair (so true).
09/ This bear blanket for kids is SO GOOD.
10/ Whoa, these birds send tweets by eating pork fat off a keyboard!


Happy Weekend

01/ 72 year old man models his granddaughter’s line of teenage girl clothes.
02/ MuchLoved, a photo series of over-loved stuffed animals.
03/ Bicycle Taxidermy.
04/ Make your own Star Wars snowflakes.
05/ Tableware as sensory stimuli.
06/ An awesome clay letter garland, because sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.
07/ Check out Singapore’s Supertrees – solar-powered vertical gardens.
08/ A modern art covered church.
09/ Scattered Crowd, an installation of thousands of balloons floating in a see of sound.
10/ A walkway of severed purple logs.


Happy Weekend

01/ A Banoffee Pie Milkshake – YUM.
02/ Baby Vincent’s Daydreams, illustrated!
03/ My favorite free printable 2013 calendar.
04/ Pretty handmade floral wallpaper.
05/ Adorable wooden breadboard cat.
06/ The Infinite Jukebox, turn any song into an infinite remix.
07/ This poster is such a great Christmas tree alternative.
08/ These panoramas of New York churches are stunners.
09/ These soap stones would make great stocking stuffers, right?
10/ Love this gold cat ears ring!


Covet Garden

Hello Design Crush Readers! I’m Victoria of sfgirlbybay, stepping in for Kelly today. Nice to be here! I thought I’d share one of my favorite decor magazines from the North. Covet Garden is a Canadian online publication you can subscribe to for free, and each time they publish they share just one beautiful home tour. I love Covet Garden‘s concept because it really hones in on the decor details of each of the wonderful homes they feature. This month is no exception – they’re sharing a West Queen West, Toronto-based rustic inner city home – polished but with some lovely rough edges and lots of natural elements. I hope you enjoy it! Drop by Covet Garden for the whole tour!










Happy Weekend

01/ A beautifully designed transparent motorcycle gas tank.
02/ The Candy Wrapper Archive!
03/ A fun street jewelry installation.
04/ Dogs with Napoleon Complexes… dressed as Napoleon.
05/ A line of furniture held together with nothing more than rope!
06/ The Dipr may change your relationship with cookies and milk forever.
07/ Stunning long exposure photographs of fireworks.
08/ And these long exposures of moths in flight.
09/ Musical icons mosaic portraits made from their own CDs!
10/ Design nerd flashcards.


Happy Weekend

01/ Make your own decahedron Himmeli mobile.
02/ Real gold or silver shoelaces. BLING.
03/ Can’t stop thinking about this solitaire rock ring.
04/ This is way too pretty to put in the backyard.
05/ From Below, shot through an invisible floor.
06/ Remember these from Lost In Translation? Yup.
07/ Blood oranges with dark chocolate + sea salt. WHOA.
08/ Making a pixelated Post-It staircase.
09/ 90 Days, 90 Reasons
10/ Custom video game covers that look like Penguin books.


Happy Weekend

01/ Ever curious about secret staff communications in fancy restaurants?
02/ Stunning photo essay on people with albinism.
03/ When the Louvre’s statues wear modern street clothes.
04/ I want to wear one of these accordion party hats!
05/ Have a great glass bottle you’re saving? Make a lamp!
06/ A staircase made of optical glass that looks like ice.
07/ Big, beautiful head sculptures representing the four seasons.
08/ A real-life version of Super Mario. (Kinda creepy.)
09/ Color Pencil Tree, a proposed installation.
10/ Surf Pops!


Happy Weekend

01/ Mapping the origins of NYC rappers.
02/ This compatibility quiz is AWESOME.
03/ Faces in strainers.
04/ A fun ombre embroidery sampler.
05/ Dogs In Cars, a photography book.
06/ Check out this show-stopping glass raindrops installation.
07/ Reel is some super fun bike storage.
08/ Crushing on this interchangeable stamp ring.
09/ I could really use one of these notebooks!
10/ Pretty DIY watercolor linens.


Happy Weekend


01/ A fold-out bookshelf, for when you want to be fancier than you are.
02/ Huge awesome/creepy marionettes!
03/ How to make a cardboard chandelier!
04/ A reusable drink carrier that’s perfect for picnic-ing.
05/ Abstract embroidery is a thing!
06/ 10,000 meters of yarn can be really beautiful.
07/ DIY marbled glassware that’s practically screaming for a good cocktail.
08/ Doubt many people are throwing this concrete business card away.
09/ Travel tic-tac-toe that’s perfect for roadtrips.
10/ The World’s Longest Invoice. Happy I don’t have anything to add to it just yet.