Make It: DIY Matchstick Holder



Yup, I know. It looks like I just plopped some matchsticks in a glass bottle and called it a day. While DIY matchstick holder is definitely one of the simplest projects I’ve ever done, there are a few more steps to it… but not many.




• small glass bottle (I picked mine up at Michael’s for $1)
• strike on box wooden matchsticks
• pen
• scissors
• tape
• glue




First thing first, dismantle the box sleeve that has the striker. Be as gentle as possible and flatten that bad boy out, and then grab your scissors.




Trim off the striker panel, then cut it in half. Match the two sides up together (trimming them up to match if you were a little off), then flip over and tape on the back side. Place your glass bottle on top of the joined together pieces, center and trace. Trim around the circle (or whatever shape you end up with) and stay to the inside while cutting so that the end result is slightly smaller than your tracing.




Flip the bottle over and apply a few thin concentric circles of glue, align the striker shape you just created and press firmly. And, well, that’s basically it. You could add some craft paint or wash tape to the exterior for a little something extra, but I’m a simple kind of girl who prefers the look of wood and glass alone. (And though this isn’t really a Father’s Day DIY, I know my Dad would agree if it were for him!)




Add as many matches as you can while leaving enough breathing room for them to move around a bit. You want to be able to actually remove them for use after all! Like I told you, easiest DIY ever. I think this guy would make a great little hostess gift when paired with a candle or grilling accessories for get togethers this summer, don’t you? Or, like I said, maybe even Father’s Day this Sunday. (wink, wink)

5 Comments on “Make It: DIY Matchstick Holder”

  • Cassandra

    i have that candle and i absolutely LOVE it.

    06-12-14 » 1:19 pm »

  • chrissy

    I love this! how big is the little bottle you used?

    06-12-14 » 8:41 pm »

  • Kelly

    it’s about 3″ tall and 2″ wide.

    06-12-14 » 8:43 pm »

  • damo


    That idea is gold!
    I’m going to make it today…



    06-12-14 » 9:41 pm »

  • Camille

    I saw these for $20 at a little shop the other day. Really? For a bottle of matches? Love that you found the exact bottle at Michaels!

    06-14-14 » 2:00 pm »

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