Ten Coffee Table Books

To me the phrase coffee table books is a big mosnomer. My definition is something along the lines of: unique books that are begging to be shared in any and all capacities, that are pleasing to the eye, and that don’t require hours of reading. In my home that means that yes, they are on the coffee table. But they are also on the bar cart, in the guest room, and on the mantel. Anywhere that warrants something extra special. To me it’s a fine curatorial line that needs to include art and writings, fact and fiction, food and conversation. Here are my ten most reliable favorites.


Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life // The Hand Written Letter Project // And Fork: 100 Designers, 10 Curators, 10 Good Designs // The Century // Edible Selby // The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science // Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities // Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines // Woodcut // Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection

4 Comments on “Ten Coffee Table Books”

  • kelly rae

    The Woodcut book looks so amazing.

    09-26-13 » 11:28 am »

  • rooth

    I need to find a few good ones (add it to the laundry list of things I need to do for my house) but I also have The Principles of Uncertainty on my Amazon wish list

    09-26-13 » 12:01 pm »

  • Bridget

    As the editor of a couple of these books I’m super flattered at the abundance of Chronicle Books you featured here. And delighted to be in such good company–lots of gems on this list!

    09-26-13 » 2:55 pm »

  • Kelly

    Chronicle consistently releases books (of all types) that are sure to become favorites of mine!

    09-26-13 » 2:59 pm »

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