The Golden Smith Shop

The Golden Smith Shop-1-Design Crush


The Golden Smith Shop-2-Design Crush


There’s not one piece of jewelry in The Golden Smith Shop that I would kick out of my jewelry box. Truth. One piece can even be made from gold you send to the jeweler, David Neale, in Australia! My favorites are shown here, top to bottom: Sunrise Ring, The Sea Ring, and The Sun Bangle. (via Miss Moss)


The Golden Smith Shop-4-Design Crush


The Golden Smith Shop-3-Design Crush

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  • emmabjewels

    Wow, I absolutely love the Sunrise Ring…..and love even more that you can have one made for you in any unwanted gold you may have….
    Now, to track down some gold….!!

    08-15-13 » 11:26 am »

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