Andrew Lyons

Andrew Lyons-1-Design Crush


Andrew Lyons is a crazy talented illustrator and his series of birds created for Strong, a line of nutrient supplements, is only further proof. Lyons created 13 pieces for the 13 products available, each represented by its own avian friend. He manages to create such depth that his illustrations almost resemble paper sculptures!


Andrew Lyons-2-Design Crush


Andrew Lyons-3-Design Crush

3 Comments on “Andrew Lyons”

  • Cori Magee

    Like, wow.

    06-27-13 » 11:50 am »

  • Megan

    I found this post in my Feedly reader and from just the thumbnail image, I thought these illustrations WERE paper sculptures…Thanks for sharing!

    06-28-13 » 8:43 am »

  • DecadesofVintage

    His talent is amazing.

    06-28-13 » 10:15 am »

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