Alt Summit Schedule

My Alt Schedule-1-Design Crush

By now all of you attendees have likely downloaded and filled in your Wardrobe Planner + Packing List and are starting to think about the actual Alt Summit¬†conference. I’ve put together a little 8.5 x 11″ foldable schedule to help with that, all of the sessions and track options are listed so you can just tick off which ones you plan on attending! It comes in handy when you’re caught up in the adrenaline and excitement and don’t know which was is up (trust me on this one). You can download your Alt Schedule right here. See you in five days!

7 Comments on “Alt Summit Schedule”

  • corey

    love love love that you did this! i am such a planner-ocd-list-a-holic. BIG thank you! :)

    01-18-13 » 9:39 am »

  • amberlee

    thank you for this!! it is such a pretty little schedule, and I loved getting to sit down and jot all my plans on one piece of paper. ahhh.

    and a big thank you for your class last week too. it was so super helpful for me!

    01-19-13 » 8:27 am »

  • Cookie and Kate

    These downloads are so awesome, Kelly! Thank you. I’m a total last-minute packer/planner and I know these will be tremendously helpful. Can’t wait to see you at Alt!

    01-20-13 » 11:14 am »

  • Liren

    This is perfect, especially for a first-timer like me! I’ve printed it and am filling it out right this very minute. Looking forward to Alt and hope to meet you!

    01-21-13 » 2:30 pm »

  • Kristie

    So amazing that you did this! THANK YOU!

    01-22-13 » 10:55 pm »

  • Jill Simpson

    Wow, this is sooo helpful, thanks!!

    01-23-13 » 1:29 am »

  • Stephanie

    super, super, super helpful. Thank you!

    01-24-13 » 12:34 am »

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