See Scout Sleep

Act distracted. I’ve had Piper for almost three years and this is the first collar I’ve bought for her. She came with the first plain Jane fabric one, then got a Coach hand-me-down from a bulldog. (No lie.) But I kept holding out for the one that I knew fit her personality.

And then a few weeks ago I came across See Scout Sleep and the clouds parted. First of all, hello vermillion! I love the pop of color and the geometric pattern. And the name of this design? Nice Grill. Ha. Second, 10% of all proceeds go towards the Gulf Coast Fund.

They’re handmade from hemp and brass in Louisiana!

I keep calling it Piper’s necklace instead of “collar” because the brass fixtures makes it look so good! You can check out the See Scout Sleep shop right here. I might have to snatch up the matching leash sooner than later. Piper approves.

6 Comments on “See Scout Sleep”

  • Cait

    She’s a cutie and her new “necklace” looks amazing!

    02-27-12 » 9:42 am »

  • Kate

    Obsessed! I think Cookie needs a new necklace. Piper is so pretty!

    02-27-12 » 10:03 am »

  • carrie

    Those are great! Funny thing, I always call my dog’s collars necklaces, too!

    02-27-12 » 10:08 am »

  • TheWhitList

    So cute! I will have to check it out for my dog!

    02-27-12 » 1:13 pm »

  • Uncle Beefy

    Adorable on all counts! ♥ :)

    02-27-12 » 6:05 pm »

  • rooth

    Piper seems to really enjoy modeling it – what a stylish pooch!

    02-28-12 » 10:22 pm »

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