Rainbow Quilt

Dare I say the quilting world is in danger? I desperately want to make this rainbow quilt (AKA wedding quilt) and have never used a needle and thread without drawing blood. Not always my own, but still. The Purl Bee has excellent instructions for me (and you) on how to make this bad boy, should we gather all our courage.

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  • Jen

    You should definitely, definitely make it. I’ve made four since I first saw this pattern and given them for gifts to a variety of folks. I do a lot of quilting, and this is my go-to for quick(ish) gifts. You can do it!

    02-23-11 » 9:54 am »

  • Kelly

    thank you for the vote of confidence! i’m giving it some serious thought.

    02-23-11 » 10:03 am »

  • Vintage is for Lovers

    What a gorgeous quilts! I love the colors! The Purl Bee is one of my favorite places on the web! Thanks for sharing! xo Samantha

    02-23-11 » 12:23 pm »

  • stephanie

    wow that is amazing! i’ve always wanted to make a quilt but it really seems intimidating

    02-23-11 » 12:53 pm »

  • Jeanne

    Go for it! That quilt has great graphic impact and it has really straightforward construction technique. It avoids some of the problems that cause cursing and bleeding by quiltmakers — no triangles, or matching up bits of fabric. You could actually have fun with this!

    02-23-11 » 6:50 pm »

  • Claire

    Ooh, I love this! I think it would be adorable in a kid’s room as well.

    I don’t sew (let alone quilt), but I’m thinking this would be fairly easy to convert into a crocheted afghan, using granny square patches. In fact, that might be my next project…

    02-24-11 » 7:37 pm »

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