Rebecca Atwood + a Giveaway



I’m a big time fan of Brooklyn-based designer and artist Rebecca Atwood, so I’m over the moon about this week’s giveaway. The creation of Rebecca’s original collection of home textiles as a process starts with her sketchbook: drawing, painting, creating collages, and testing colors. Then each piece is created as part of a small batch edition with an eye towards hand dying, printing, and painting to retain the integrity of the original concept. The unpredictability of  the dye is whole heartedly embraced as well as the variations that naturally occur.




Rebecca has such a keen eye for color and texture, nowhere does this show more than in her pillow collection. I was especially drawn to her shibori collection with its vast pattern variations from pillow to pillow. The fabric was created using a modified version of the traditional shibori technique which involves folding the fabric into rectangles before dying to create the gridded end result.




So here’s the part you’ve been waiting for ever since you read the word giveaway. We’ve teamed up with Rebecca Atwood to give away a pair of her coveted pillows to one lucky reader! Choose from the Grid Shibori Marine Pillow, Lattice Shibori Marine Pillow, Striped Circle Pillows, or the Waves Natural Pillow – or mix and match. Enter for a chance to win below – you have until midnight CST Sunday, August 17th!


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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ These sculptural hamburger creations look delicious!
02/ The Cornershop, a London pop-up shop, is filled with felt versions of corner store products!
03/ An installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies marking Britain’s WWI military deaths.
04/ How do you bake a bread balloon?
05/ Architectural paper sculptures with crazy detail.
06/ Another installation of 5,000 ice figurines in the UK to commemorate WWI deaths.
07/ This couple did a newborn photo shoot with their dog! I love it.
08/ Can you figure out what this retail installation is comprised of?
09/ If you thought bubble wrap couldn’t get any better you haven’t seen this goldfish bubble wrap.
10/ What happens when you bathe film in bleach and lemon juice?

This week on Design Crush:
See eight prints that are under my skin in Prints: August Edition.
Nell & Mary is creating some great textile pieces – LOVE that tote!
Check out these found paper collages by Scott Albrecht.
Have you ever used the same piece of furniture in several rooms of your home? I styled this versatile Parsons Desk three ways.
There’s a soft spot in me for airport art.
Lots of pretty international home and wardrobe pieces from Far & Wide Collective.
Lotta Olsson‘s botanical collages are painstakingly precise.
These geo stands are perfect for photos, notes, and more.
Crushing hard on the ceramic pieces coming out of The Fortynine Studio.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Why I’m a convert to using rugs underfoot in the kitchen.


The Fortynine Studio

The Fortynine Studio-1-Design Crush


So much good stuff comes out of Australia! The Fortynine Studio is a creative collective based in Sydney with a plethora of talent. The group – Lauren Austin, Ben Elbourne, Carly Vickers, Sarah Spackman, and Harriett Watts – has a variety of backgrounds and talents to contribute. Check out their lighting, textiles, and paper. But what really truly caught my eye was their line of ceramic tableware.


The Fortynine Studio-2-Design Crush


The Fortynine Studio-3-Design Crush


The Fortynine Studio-4-Design Crush


The Fortynine Studio-5-Design Crush


The Fortynine Studio-6-Design Crush

Flip Flop Slip Oval Platter in black & white // Flip Flop Slip Serving Bowl in red //
Flip Flop Slip Pinch Dish in cobalt stripe // Flop Flop Slip Serving Bowl in teal stripe //
Flip Flop Slip Oval Platter in cobalt // Flip Flop Slip Pinch Dish in terracotta & white


Geo Stands

Geo Stands-1-Design Crush


A set of three solid brass paperweights with a brushed finish – Geo Stands – that double as holders for photos or cards seem like just the thing for many places besides a desk. (Though they would obviously be perfect there as well!) I’m picturing a set with smallish (5″ x 7″?) art prints on my mantle. Each one measures 1.25″ tall, just big enough to have a presence without overwhelming whatever is in their grasp.


Geo Stands-2-Design Crush


Geo Stands-3-Design Crush


Geo Stands-4-Design Crush

(via bltd)


Lotta Olsson

Lotta Olsson-1-Design Crush


These pristine collages by Lotta Olsson have me leaning in a little closer just to admire how precise and pristine they are. Each piece displays such vibrant colors, perfect spacing, and respect for space that’s it’s nearly impossible not to let out a little sigh.


Lotta Olsson-3-Design Crush


Lotta Olsson-4-Design Crush


Lotta Olsson-5-Design Crush


Far & Wide Collective



Far & Wide Collective partners with some of the most talented artisans in post-conflict and emerging economies, then connects them with the international market. The high quality pieces that are found in tucked away workshops and rural villages are then made available to us consumers, and a more sustainable infrastructure within these communities are given more stability. Add an exotic touch to your space with a beautiful basket or some color to your wardrobe with a caftan or beaded bracelet. Here are a few of my favorites.



White Jamdani Caftan // Black Striped Basket // Evil Eye Clutch //
Small Ceramic Dipping Bowl // Pink Warrior Bracelet // Beehive Throw Pillow


Airport Art



The abbreviations, elaborate runway constructions, and complexity of tower control gives airports a language unto themselves. And while I never plan on learning to understand much of it on my own, I can definitely plan to admire it all thanks to these airport prints from 08 Left. Choose from location callouts, runway plans, and tower designs (my favorite!) for a long list of domestic and international airports.






08 Left-4-Design Crush


08 Left-5-Design Crush


One Desk, Three Ways

I love a solid piece of furniture that can do double (or triple!) duty in my home because I’m most definitely a re-arranger. So when Target invited me to choose an item from their revamped Room Essentials line to style three ways I was all in. More than one piece caught my eye, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this Parsons Desk and its clean lines and unmarked surface.





The entry is a busy part of my home – it’s where I drop my bag, the mail, my keys, and whatever else I happen to be carrying when I traipse indoors. For that reason I like to keep it tidy, but pretty with a vase of fresh cut flowers, an accessory or two, and done.





The office is the most obvious spot to place the Parsons Desk, but I can’t say enough about how it’s the perfect size for all I need it to hold. (I tend to get a little too cluttered when given more space than necessary.) My laptop, my planner, and some basic supplies leave me ready to work – or play online! – for hours.





This last might just be my favorite – ever thought of using a small desk as a vanity in your bedroom? Me either until this one came along into my life. I can’t tell you how much nicer it feels to sit down here and put on my face, much better than sitting on the toilet lid and leaning over the bathroom counter! Dare I say it’s a luxury even?

How would you use the Parsons Desk in your own home?


This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.


Scott Albrecht

Scott Albrecht-1-Design Crush


These found paper collages by artist Scott Albrecht are ephemeral magic! Their geometric shapes and cut precision make me want to get out my Xacto knife and self-healing board, then go thrifting for old magazines to my heart’s content this weekend. But being short in the patience department some days I’ll just content myself with admiring Scott’s work instead. (Ahem.)


Scott Albrecht-2-Design Crush

Scott Albrecht-3-Design Crush

Scott Albrecht-4-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Nell & Mary

Nell & Mary-1-Design Crush


Nell & Mary was founded in 2012 by Krista Stovel, Leah Stovel, and Avery Bloom. (Krista and Leah are sisters, and the shop is named after their grandmothers!) With backgrounds in interiors, fashion, art, sustainability, and manufacturing there was simply no way that this trio could go wrong. Nell & Mary’s collection of environmentally and socially conscious goods are created in their Portland studio, and all artwork is original to them. Looking forward to checking in on this shop as they continue to grow!


Nell & Mary-2-Design Crush

Nell & Mary-3-Design Crush

Nell & Mary-4-Design Crush

Nell & Mary-5-Design Crush

Nell & Mary-6-Design Crush


Matchsticks Tote Bag // Basket Pillow // Splatter Cosmetic Pouch // Doors Tea Towel //
Splatter Work Apron // Brush Stripe Napkin Set