Katharina Trudzinski

Katharina Trudzinski-1-Design Crush


Katharina Trudzinski‘s precariously balanced sculptural installations feel like the inside of my mind. She’s the queen is creating incredible angles that you think are about to collapse and effortlessly mixing color and pattern simultaneously. Artist crush activated!


Katharina Trudzinski-2-Design Crush


Katharina Trudzinski-3-Design Crush


Veggie Burgers 10 Ways

Veggie burgers get a bad rap, but I can see how if you’ve never had a good one thoughts of cardboard could come to mind with the mere mention. If you didn’t know, it’s National Burger Month and we’re going to celebrate it beef-free with ten mouthwatering takes on the veggie burger. Take a look at the lineup and I dare you to tell me that not one of these recipes made your mouth water.





















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Karen Kimmel’s Shape Shifter

Karen Kimmel-1-Design Crush


I love L.A.-based Karen Kimmel and her art that truly does bring design into our homes, workplaces, and communities. I love how accessible it all feels, particularly Kimmel’s Shape Shifter, an exploration of color and movement as well as form and finish. It manages to be so sculptural in it’s 2D form. (It’s also very affordable, you can make one yours here.)


Karen Kimmel-2-Design Crush

Karen Kimmel-3-Design Crush


Karen Kimmel-4-Design Crush


Make It: Paint Dipped Copper Necklace



I’ve had the idea for this paint dipped copper necklace in my head for some time, and if you’re any sort of creator you know it’s always nice when the concept comes out even better than you anticipated! This guy is sure to be a staple in my summer wardrobe and offer some color to my mostly black, white, and neutral wardrobe. I love how customizable it is – use as many copper couplets and whatever and however many colors of paint as you’d like.




• copper couplets (I used 1/2″)
• 2 – 28″ lengths of 1/8″ cotton/polyester rope
• craft paints in the colors of your choice
• 4 oz plastic cups
• wax paper
• clear nail polish (optional)




I chose neon pink, neon yellow, white, and black for my color palette. I like that the black and white keeps my necklace colors in tune with what I already have in my wardrobe, while the neons offer a pop of interest.  Start by pouring about half an inch of paint into each of your plastic cups. (Because you won’t actually be using that much you can pour the remainder right back into the bottle post-dip!)




Tear off a short piece of wax paper and set your paint and cups on top of it. Dip one of the copper couplets into the paint making sure to touch it to the bottom of the cup, then remove and gently shake off as much of the excess as possible. Set couplet on the wax paper to chill out for a minute. Repeat with all couplets and paint colors.




After the couplets hang out for a bit (about 15 minutes) you’ll notice the paint beginning to pool at the bottom. The next step is simple – pick each one up and move it to a clean part of the wax paper. Wait another 30-45 minutes and do it again, except this time flip them over so they’re sitting on the unpainted end. So easy. Once they’re completely dry you can opt to do another round of dipping for extra coverage if you’re not satisfied. You can also coat the painted portions with some clear nail polish if you’d like added protection.




Only one step left! Snip off two lengths of cotton/poly rope and string up your copper pieces as desired, I settled on an end-to-end configuration after playing around for a bit. Tie the ends together (or use a clasp if you’re fancy) and call it a day.


Gingiber Cards

Gingiber Cards-1-Design Crush


I’m so excited to share that one of my favorite illustrators – Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber – is launching a line of cards this month at the National Stationery Show! I’ve been a fan of Gingiber since its start, and can’t wait to stock up on the thirty designs being offered. Each card features an original illustration and is backed with a coordinating hand drawn pattern. The fox above has always been one of my favorites that Stacie has drawn, and I’m looking forward to owning a miniaturized version sometime soon!


Gingiber Cards-2-Design Crush


Gingiber Cards-3-Design Crush


Gingiber Cards-4-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ My Toy Plane shows just that in fun and imaginative scenarios.
02/ Pretty silk scarves emblazoned with NASA satellite imagery from Slow Factory.
03/ The 10 Commandments of Typography. Follow ‘em.
04/ The post-film lives of sixteen sets.
05/ Subtly geometric wooden iPad and MacBook sleeves from Grove.
06/ Fictitious Dishes depicts meals from famous works of literature.
07/ CATable end the battle for space with your feline companion(s).
08/ Each of BL76‘s price tag artworks is priced according to how many stickers are used!
09/ This hand-cranked sculpture made from popsicle sticks is a study in bird motion.
10/ This glow-in-the-dark energy efficient highway is beyond brilliant.

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April was mega crazy, and honestly I’m glad it’s over.
One day I plan on hiring Erin Fitzpatrick to paint my portrait. You know, for posterity.
These kilim clutches prove it’s not just fit for your floors these days.
People You May Meet illustrated me and my animal menagerie!


People You May Meet

People You May Meet-1-Design Crush


When I first saw the work of People You May Meet – aka Tracie Pouliot – I knew we had to work together. Quirky might as well be my middle name (I don’t have one, so the spot is wide open), and Tracie’s style is exactly that. I’ve been wanting a family portrait of sorts with me and my animal menagerie for some time and Tracie was totally into making it happen. I sent her a bunch of photos of the six of us and she captured everyone’s personalities so, so well. I wish you could have seen the size of the smile on my face when my illustration showed up in the mail this week! For now our family portrait is hanging on the refrigerator until I get it framed, but I suspect I’ll be working with Tracie again and again in the future for one of a kind gifts.


People You May Meet-2-Design Crush


People You May Meet-3-Design Crush


People You May Meet-4-Design Crush


Kilim Clutches

Boho Gypsy-1-Design Crush


Chances are you’ve noticed kilim rugs everywhere lately. The bold, colorful patterns offer up a dose of visual interest that’s hard to beat. Boho Gypsy takes kilim to a new place with her clutches. Annah works with artisans around her home country of India on a one on one basis, keeping small business alive and creating beautiful one of a kind pieces you’re sure to hang onto for years to come.


Boho Gypsy-2-Design Crush


Erin Fitzpatrick

Erin Fitzpatrick-1-Design Crush


You know how that moment feels when you discover the artist you’d like to paint the portrait of yourself that’s sure to hang above your ancestors’ fireplaces for millennia? Oh, you don’t? Cause I do. Her name is Erin Fitzpatrick and her style is crazy good. And she takes commissions which is sort of the key to this whole imaginary endeavor anyway.


Erin Fitzpatrick-2-Design Crush


Erin Fitzpatrick-3-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Insta April


I started off the month with a trip to Ventura, California for Craftcation where I spoke on panels about advanced social media and how I stay on track with my business.

April is generally a crazy busy travel month for me, and this year was no different.

A week and a half later I was at the New York City International Auto Show to help Nissan out with some social media efforts and check out the new incarnation of the Murano.

I’ve been wearing these three pairs of shoes as my spring staples – Bucketfeet, my 20 year old (!) Birkenstocks, and a new pair of Swedish Hasbeens (that I’m still breaking in, hence the bandages).

Bebe got a much needed haircut, check out her Before and After!

I discovered that Rainey has a head shaped like a hamburger that’s too much fun to squish.

While in NYC I went to the best party at a town home with an indoor pool that had a glass wall. Add synchronized swimmers and it got even better.

I’ve been having a moment with garden roses.

Another NYC moment, the most mouthwatering square doughnut covered with toasted coconut and filled with coconut cream. I still wake up in the morning thinking about it.

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