Whimsy Milieu

Whimsy Milieu-1-Design Crush


The best things are coming out of Australia, this time it’s via Malaysian-born maker Jacqueline Chan and her shop Whimsy Milieu. Aptly named because whimsy is definitely the key ingredient in Chan’s formula to create happy objects used in everyday life. I’m especially taken with this hand wall hook that can be used to organize jewelry, but the pretzel necklace and animal ears wall hooks also caught my eye!


Whimsy Milieu-2-Design Crush


Whimsy Milieu-3-Design Crush


Big Happy Family



Modular things make me stupidly happy, so it was a no brainer that I needed the Big Happy Family in my life. But which part of my home to organize? I could get culinary tools in order or plant an herb garden in the kitchen. The office could stand some wrangling in terms of small supplies that I’m forever misplacing. But the entryway, yes. That was the answer.




The differently sized magnetic modules were perfect for what I had in mind, some organization and some green all in one place. The Big Happy Family was fairly easy to install, all it takes is some sheet rock anchors and screws. The wall plates snap easily onto the brackets that get attached to the wall, then the various modules attach to the plates via magnet. This makes removing everything such a breeze and reorganizing the modules on a whim super simple.





I used the small Shorty modules for plants – a cactus, a succulent, and an air plant – and I love how easy it is to remove each one when it comes time to water. (I’ve been known to be clumsy!) Outgoing mail finds a home in the Wide Mouth, while the String Been makes an ideal vase for clippings from my yard or flowers from the market. And the Wide Mouth is a perfect catchall for my keys and whatever else I don’t want to forget when dashing out the door to meetings and hot dates. (Ahem.) I’m thrilled with this new addition and am looking forward to figuring out new purposes for Big Happy Family as time goes on!



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Pieces N Play Domino

Pieces N Play Domino-1-Design Crush

The Pieces N Play Domino set takes a classic game and simplifies it with the use of color instead of numbers. Now I’m sure domino purists will scoff, but I for one think it would make me want to play even more. Now I just need a set, a picnic blanket, and a partner!


Pieces N Play Domino-2-Design Crush

(via bltd)


Tony Ziebetzki

Tony Ziebetzki-1-Design Crush


A scanner. Paper. A ruler. A scalpel. These are the only tools that went into creating this incredible paper alphabet by Tony Ziebetzki. Take a look at the project in its entirely, I think the S is my favorite.


Tony Ziebetzki-2-Design Crush

Tony Ziebetzki-3-Design Crush

(via The Disciples of Design)




Area Home-1-Design Crush


Once I finally get my move underway (which keeps getting pushed back further thanks to a lack of available real estate in Pittsburgh) I don’t plan on downsizing, but I do plan on consolidating. Some of you might recall that I had a massive garage sale last October which got rid of a lot of things, but still more to get rid of if at all possible. I only want to have two categories of possessions: meaningful or functional.

As soon as I saw Area‘s textiles I knew they were a perfect fit. The independently owned company is completely focused on quality and originality, which I’m hoping is just what my next home will be full of.


Area Home-2-Design Crush

Area Home-3-Design Crush

Area Home-4-Design Crush

Area Home-5-Design Crush


Andy Boot

Andy Boot-1-Design Crush


What happens when rhythmic gymnastic ribbons fall into a frame that’s then filled with wax that’s allowed to harden? This. Andy Boot has totally busted down the proverbial walls of what’s appropriate to display in a frame and I, for one, love it.


Andy Boot-2-Design Crush

Andy Boot-3-Design Crush


A Chair Fit for a Boss Lady



For as much time as I spend in my office, a good desk and chair setup is key. I’m ready to update my desk, but finding a solid chair that’s both stylish and comfortable was on top of my list of must haves. Though I get up what seems like a hundred times an hour, my lower back starts to ache by early afternoon like clockwork. I’m not even going to show you my old chair – let’s just say it was a super cheap kitchen design from a place that rhymes with SPIKEA.

It was far past time to upgrade, and I have to sing the praises of the Office Star OSP Furniture Mid-Back Executive Chair after using it for about a month now. It keeps my back supported in all the right places and has just the right amount of cushion – the main qualities I was looking for. And after my previous setup, having armrests is a total luxury! (Who knew?)




I like to keep my space as clutter-free as possible, but I must admit this is the cleanest it’s been in some time. A vase of fresh flowers, a candle (this one’s blueberry muffin!), and lip balms to feed my addiction are always on hand. The only thing missing is my planner which is never far from reach. My new chair stays true to my MCM sensibilities as well as the predominantly white accessories that dominate my office space, which I love.



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Arnaud Lajeunie

Arnaud Lajeunie-1-Design Crush


Arnaud Lajeunie’s series of the sea and dye – water meets colour, color meets water – is a showstopper for sure. Though I’m sure it might tint my suit and skin, I’d give anything to swim in those waters. (Maybe just not so close to the rocks??)


Arnaud Lajeunie-2-Design Crush

Arnaud Lajeunie-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A monk who prayed 1,000+ times a day for 20 years has left his footprints behind.
02/ Donut Doubles partners delicious donuts with people who look just like them.
03/ A great collaboration between Edward Granger and Bend for the Lucy Chair.
04/ Fordite, not really a rock at all.
05/ Think you’d feel disoriented inside the Glass Labyrinth?
06/ The Hipster Logo Design Guide left me guffawing.
07/ If you’re in Philly you might want to swing by psychylustro.
08/Several hundred birdhouses make up Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven.
09/ Check out Tilt, an extension from the side of Chicago’s John Hancock Center’s 94th floor!
10/ Three generations of women model the same outfit in Mutters Schuhe (Mother’s Shoes).

This week on Design Crush:
I took Monday off to celebrate Memorial Day.
If you’re still waiting for warm weather in your parts, Summertime might help!
Vertty is a super cool beach towel that you’ll want under you all season long.
I spent some time last week organizing the past and my photo collection.
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Insta May


Loved the leftovers from our Paint Dipped Copper Necklace project.

Of course I’m on the peony bandwagon – they’re one of my favorites.

I’m also on the blueberry bandwagon, eating them by the handful lately.

Had some QT with one of my favorite pups at Chirps & Cheers.

One of the prettiest evenings of the spring spent in a friend’s backyard at twilight.

I read The Interestings, maybe my favorite book so far this year.

I’ve been wearing my red Swedish Hasbeens constantly!

Bebe enjoyed her first patio dinner of the year at The Mule.

One of my oldest friends from college was in town, I don’t see him nearly enough.

I’m really happy with how these remixed grocery store flowers turned out.

Turned back time to the day I had my braces removed! Ahh!

Picked up a new pair of sneaks for otherwise unfun athletic-type activities.

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