Prints: March Edition


animaletti by Felicita Sala // Headdress by Amy Hamilton // Lipstick Traces II by
Jason Brooks // Oranges by Sarah Abbott



Snitches Get Stitches by Greg Christman // Personalized Star Chart by Sock Studio //
LOVE by Blacklist // Perennial Print Winter by Brown Parcel Press


Katy Skelton

Katy Skelton-1-Design Crush


Katy Skelton creates beautiful products, and she does it right. Everything in Katy’s Made in the USA line is designed and manufactured with social responsibility in mind – responsible manufacturing, fair wages, and property safety equipment and training are all requirements. Not to mention high quality in-house design and construction, and Katy’s well-versed background in the industry. It has to feel incredible to be able to attach your name to something like that.


Katy Skelton-2-Design Crush


Katy Skelton-3-Design Crush


Irish Soda Bread


I’ve wanted to make Irish Soda Bread for years. But for some reason I feel like it’s tied tightly to St. Patrick’s Day, and must be made only in the month of March. Finally this year I hopped on it as soon as February came to an end and oh my goodness. Number one it couldn’t have been easier (no yeast!), number two it was really tasty. In fact, I ate it every day for a week for breakfast – warm and covered in butter. I’m sharing the Irish Soda Bread on Wayfair today, so click over for the recipe!


Elephant Landing



I love getting the down and dirty back story on products and companies that I want in my home. I love it even more when I find out that the story is a good one, one that I want to be a part of. Such is the case with Elephant Landing, a beautiful line of textiles founded by Caroline and Jayden (who you may know as Woodnote Photography) and created by women in India. You can watch the beautiful background story, then peek at the entire line of textiles. Both are bright and full of promise.






Spring Update: Minted Art



It’s been almost a week since the last snowfall, so I’ve decided that spring is definitely almost maybe here. Probably. Anyway, I thought I’d do my part to urge it on by starting some spring updates around the house.

My first refresh is the art in my master bedroom, because it’s been several years since I hung a large-scale photograph by Kelly Lynn Jones above my bed and called it a day. This room is my sanctuary and I really wanted to add to that vibe, especially considering my office is directly across the hall.




I went with four prints from Minted that gave me that daydream-filled, relaxing feel that’s so necessary to helping me unwind at the end of each day. The color palette helps reflect it as well, while the white frames I chose for all four pieces hold everything together cohesively.




To keep things interesting I made sure to select varied sizes – 30 x 40″, 24 x 18″, and 16 x 16″. To be honest, this is the most art I’ve had in this bedroom. Ever. I was nervous that it might start to feel cluttered or just be too much but it really isn’t, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Staredown by Amy Carroll // Salinity Now by Denny Holland // Aperture 4 by Susie Allen
// Grass with Seeds by Jorey Hurley

This post sponsored by Minted. As always all words, opinions, and experiences are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!


Mixtape #34: There Was a Midnight Call


PHOTO: Luke Stephenson

Listen to There Was a Midnight Call on Spotify.


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Beautifully colorful bowerbird nests built to attract a hot mate.
02/ Stamp Yo Face!
03/ Reflect: Convicts’ Letter to Their Younger Selves.
04/ Stark, kinetic animal sculptures by Ben Foster.
05/ A sea of floating sailboats by Jacob Hashimoto.
06/ Stylish paper dresses made by a 4-year-old and her mom.
07/ One Day Young captures mothers and their day old babies.
08/ Frozen fashion by Riitta Päiväläinen.
09/ Iconic personalities all tatted up in Shopped Tattoos.
10/ The Message is Medium Rare – 52 weeks of burgers!

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A beautiful photo-documentary about shelter pets, Why We Rescue.
The most comforting of comforting foods – macaroni and cheese 10 ways!
Aliza Rizell‘s work explores the area where photography and watercolor can meet.


Aliza Razell

Aliza Razell-1-Design Crush


Aliza Razell explores the area where photography, watercolor, and Photoshop meet in her art. So far she has two series – Anesidora is based around the story of Pandora’s Jar (not a box, as misinterpreted in the 1400s), the second is ikävä or the feeling of missing someone or something. Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s to come!


Aliza Razell-2-Design Crush


Aliza Razell-3-Design Crush

(via Colossal)


Macaroni and Cheese 10 Ways

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, hands down. Filling pasta, gooey cheese, and enough carbs to put you into an after dinner coma. It’s just so good. But if your go-to is a box of neon orange Kraft you’re missing out in a big way. Here are ten homemade versions of the stuff that will take your comfort to a whole ‘nother level.





















Click on each image to go to the recipe.
All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.


Why We Rescue

Why We Rescue-1-Design Crush


Rescue pets are just the best, and I say so from personal experience. All five of my pets – three cats and two dogs – are rescues. One from a farm in Arkansas, one from a sealed crate in a parking lot, one from an acquaintance who was fostering a stray, one from the shelter, and one from the aftermath of last May’s tornadoes here in Oklahoma.

Theron Humphrey ( of Maddie the Coonhound fame) partnered up with Purina One on a year-long documentary series  entitled Why We Rescue to tell the stories of how shelter pets make our lives better. He hit all fifty states with the goal of sharing just how amazing, devoted, and happy shelter pets are and why you should consider adopting one the next time you’re looking for a furry companion. Three out of four people looking to adopt a pet don’t even consider it an option, and perceptions need drastically changed. Check out the site for an adoption story from each state, see Theron’s incredible photography, and listen to the beautiful relationships these pets have with their owners.


Why We Rescue-2-Design Crush


Why We Rescue-3-Design Crush