Hoyz Rings

Hoyz Rings-1-Design Crush


The move to the new Design Crush HQ is officially over and I’m beyond happy to be back to some sort of schedule amidst all of the hours of unpacking! This week might me slightly slower than usual with one post a day intend of our usual two, and I thank you for your patience again and again.

Hoyz means “house” in Yiddish and this line – Hoyz Rings by Chloe Lee Carson – is heavily inspired by Jewish wedding rings that featured these architectural symbols. The tiny palaces, castles, and temples are available in a range of finishes and can almost feel like a little getaway full of deeper meaning when you look down at your hand.


Hoyz Rings-2-Design Crush


Hoyz Rings-3-Design Crush


Hoyz Rings-4-Design Crush


Pet Accessories from Shinola

Shinola-1-Design Crush


Joanna Hawley created Jojotastic as a place to spotlight everything from runway-fresh fashion to home interiors. Fellow animal hoarder and blogger, Joanna spends her spare time indulging in wanderlust, climbing rocks, and questing for the perfect apple pie.

Hailing from Detroit, Shinola is a long-time favorite for beautifully crafted leathergoods and watches. Recently, they partnered with photographer and animal-lover Bruce Weber on a collection of pet accessories. Like the rest of their pieces, the pet accessories are hand-made in America and made vegetable-tanned leather with brass hardware. Shinola also hopes to raise awareness with this collection for all rescue organizations, including the Michigan Humane Society and Best Friends.

Long-time golden retriever lover Bruce Weber also lent his photographic eye to the project. His strong belief that pets add meaning to our lives truly comes through in the photos, don’t you think?


Shinola-2-Design Crush


Shinola-3-Design Crush


Shinola-4-Design Crush


Shinola-5-Design Crush


Arpana Rayamajhi

Arpana Rayamajhi-1-Design Crush


Shayna from Pattern Pulp here and I’m excited to do a guest post for Design Crush, as this is something I’ve been secretly coveting for a while and it’s time I shared it with the internet. Ladies and gents, meet Arpana Rayamajhi. Arpana’s both a friend and an extremely warm and talented artist from Kathmandu, Nepal, living in New York City.

She and I met a few years back through my husband, his brother, and her boyfriend, and I’ve been following her creative career ever since. When she first moved to the states, I was completely intrigued and smitten with her vibrant geometric motif paintings that found their way onto canvases and walls when she would visit Nepal on family visits home.

As her art education has evolved (she’s currently a student at Cooper Union), so has her style. Always infused with bold color and her cultural roots, these recent jewelry creations are part of a beautiful growing collection. Each piece is unique, handmade and one of a kind. To learn more and purchase a thing or two, visit her etsy shop.


Arpana Rayamajhi-2-Design Crush


Arpana Rayamajhi-3-Design Crush


Arpana Rayamajhi-4-Design Crush


Arpana Rayamajhi-5-Design Crush


Arpana Rayamajhi-6-Design Crush


This Girl

I’m absolutely thrilled for Kelly and her gorgeous new home. Congrats! Ample spaces means room for visitors, right?!

While Kelly is busy settling in, I thought I’d do a special edition of This Girl for Design Crush. This Girl is a series I do on my blog, The House that Lars Built, and I had to try my hand at creating one for someone else. Welcome to This Girl!


This Girl-1-Design Crush

This Girl-2-Design Crush

This Girl-3-Design Crush

This Girl // Eats Here // Relaxes Here


Color Crush: Grapefruit + Gray

Hola, Amigos! Jessie Pepper here.

I’m the kind of gal who goes weak in the knees for a perfectly paired color combo… Something tells me you Design Crushers can relate?


Color Crush-Design Crush


Sweet slices of citrus go swimmingly with the soft shade that falls somewhere between dark and light. A swoon-worthy set that instantly brightens up everything from fall fashion to furniture to fabulous feathers.

Happy to lend this stunning scheme while dear Kelly is off getting settled in her new place, and to see more of my Color Crushes you’re welcome to visit me over on Style & Pepper anytime!

Chloe Pre-Fall ’14 // Capital Club // birds // desert dinner party // berries // cocktail // cockatoo // clutch & heels // candied zest // breakfast nook // glitter


Tommy Perez

Tommy Perez-1-Design Crush


Hi Everyone! I’m Billy from Wit & Vinegar and I’m helping out with a post while Kelly moves/buys a house. If it were me in that situation we’d play a game called how many margaritas can we drink before we stop packing boxes and cry uncontrollably in a corner.

Since I kind of dabble in food over on my site I thought I’d have some sort of food involvement in what I brought over here. It’s an Instagram account that I’ve been obsessed with ever since Kelly posted about it in a roundup a while back. I figured we could showcase the goodness!

Tommy Perez works with food, paper, and type to make all sorts of magic that he posts on Instagram and every time it happens I freak out a little bit and double tap as fast as I can.

Go check him out and follow. You won’t regret it!


Tommy Perez-2-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-3-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-4-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-5-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-6-Design Crush


Road Snacks

Road Snacks-1-Design Crush


Hi! Kate here, from Cookie and Kate. I offer fresh, vegetarian recipes on my blog. I had the pleasure of getting to know Kelly when I was new to blogging and living in Oklahoma. My dog, Cookie, and I moved up to Kansas City a couple of years ago. Since Kelly is in the process of moving back to Pennsylvania, she asked me to share a few travel-friendly snacks. Safe travels, Kelly!


Road Snacks-2-Design Crush


Almond Honey Granola: This is my go-to granola recipe. It’s a great, wholesome snack for the road. You can eat it as is or stop for some yogurt and turn it into breakfast.


Road Snacks-3-Design Crush


Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Salad: This simple bean salad is packed with flavor. Store it in a spill-proof container and don’t forget your fork! It should last at room temperature for a few hours, but pack it in a cooler if you intend to wait any longer before eating. 


Road Snacks-4-Design Crush


Apricot Almond Bars: These knock-off Larabars are easy to make in a food processor and feature one of my favorite flavor combinations. They keep hunger pangs at bay in between meals. 


Road Snacks-5-Design Crush


Banana Coconut Muffins: These tasty muffins are more wholesome than most. They’re made with whole wheat flour and naturally sweetened with honey. Pro tip: Don’t leave your dog in the car with an open bag of muffins. 


Ghost Signs of Pittsburgh

Ghost Signs-1-Design Crush


Dane Horvath is an artist, illustrator, and designer living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the founder of the popular blog Steeltown Anthem, which she launched in 2009 as a way to showcase the creative energy of Pittsburgh’s burgeoning arts scene through local design, architecture, craft, furniture, decor, and interiors. You can find her artwork and illustrations in her shop.

If you take a drive in or around Pittsburgh, hand-painted ghost signs are common to see on the sides of buildings or barns. The faded signs tell us what businesses or products once existed here and are a constant reminder of the city’s rich history, the way things have changed, yet, stayed the same. As a designer and artist, they are a huge inspiration to me. I try to step back and think of all the hard work and detail that went into painting them.

Here are a few of my favorites. Take a look:


Ghost Signs-2-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-3-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-4-Design Crush


The Little Pittsburgh Saloon


Ghost Signs-6-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-7-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-8-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-9-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-10-Design Crush



Swift-1-Design Crush


Hey there. Brittni here from Paper & Stitch. I’m excited to be guest posting today, while Kelly is busy moving. Admittedly, I have a lot of design crushes, but one in particular has really impressed me recently. So, I thought I would write about that today.

I’m always searching for new independent designers that have a similar aesthetic to my own. Minimal, modern, and a tiny bit trendy. And since I’ve been on the hunt for a few more specific pieces to add to my collection lately, mainly in the textile department, my casual search turned into a more specific quest to find the perfect shop. Shortly thereafter, I stumbled across Swift. After reading the background of the designers behind the label, I bookmarked the shop immediately and started adding things to my wish list.

Textile designers Michal and Roni are melding modern design with traditional textile techniques, like tie-dye, block printing, etc. So, in that way, each piece is one of a kind, which makes these designs all the more special. And puts this shop at the top of go-to list for all things textiles.


Swift-2-Design Crush


Swift-3-Design Crush


Swift-4-Design Crush


Tie-Dye Scarf // Kitchen Tea Towel Set // Natural & Black Tote Bag // Numeral Tank Top


Eric Blum

Eric Blum-1-Design Crush


Hello! It’s Susan from House of Brinson stopping by Design Crush while Kelly completes her big move. I’ve been knee deep in renovating our 1850s historic home this summer, living in dust and piles of tools. For a visual person, this is hard, and sometimes depressing! I normally keep a neat home and living in a constant mess is really difficult. To keep me in a positive mood and focused on the end result I dream of what our finished space would look like, and look for color and interior design inspiration around every corner. 

I discovered Eric Blum’s work online, and it has been an endless source of inspiration. First, his color palettes are soft, yet saturated. The inky blue and light pink color palette are so appealing. I love the combination and was inspired to use it in the interior design of our house. Eric’s use of texture feels so sophisticated to me, I could just get lost in the layers. He uses silk as a surface, applying ink and wax, which I’m sure in person is lovely.

If you have a moment, visit Eric’s site, this is a small sample of his large body of work, which includes  drawings and prints. He also has an impressive list of galleries he’s appeared in.


Eric Blum-2-Design Crush


Eric Blum-3-Design Crush


Eric Blum-4-Design Crush


Eric Blum-5-Design Crush


Eric Blum-6-Design Crush