Conrad Jon Godly

Conrad jon Godly-1-Design Crush


Conrad Jon Godly‘s paintings are the work of my dreams. Seriously, I have daydreams about being able to heavily layer paint on a canvas in such beautiful ways. And I can think of few subjects more perfect suited for Godly’s technique than the craggy mountain ranges and peaks that he tackles with such aplomb.


Conrad jon Godly-2-Design Crush

Conrad jon Godly-3-Design Crush


Maslo Jewelry

Maslo Jewelry-1-Design Crush


Every piece of Maslo Jewelry is produced by hand in Richmond, VA by designer Nicole Maslowski. I love how her collections – these three pieces are from three different ones – swing between minimal industrialist and rugged glam in their designs. Perfect for the girl who likes a little bit of the unexpected in her life. (Psst… check out the prices!)


Maslo Jewelry-2-Design Crush

Maslo Jewelry-3-Design Crush


Melissa Zexter

Melissa Zexter-1-Design Crush


I’ve featured plenty of embroidered art, over the past year especially, but the work of Melissa Zexter just feels different. For starters, she’s a photographer by trade using her hand-sewn embroidery technique to enhance not distract. Digging deeper, Zexter combines the slow, meditative sewing process with the more immediate development of film to explore identity and femininity. And then it comes together in one fell swoop and we’re left staring in amazement.


Melissa Zexter-2-Design Crush

Melissa Zexter-3-Design Crush


Prints: June Edition


Affichette Lune by  // Akvarelprint by Stilleben // Ash Grey by Watercolor by Muren //
its monday and thats okay by The Motivated Type



Owl by Stephanie Cole Design // Star Cards by Present&Correct //
The Crown of the Chrysler Building by The Lab // Crystals by Andrea Lauren


Soundfreaq Sound Rise + Giveaway



If you’re like me you prefer to wake up to one of your favorite mellow tunes rather than the jarring blare of an alarm clock. Those first few minutes of the day can determine your mood for hours (especially on a Monday), and Soundfreaq created the alarm clock/bluetooth speaker hybrid Sound Rise with just that in mind.




The stacked design looks right at home on your bedside table in either black or wood tones, and the sound quality is seriously impressive. You can also enjoy solid sound while you get ready or soft music to relax to while falling asleep. Control the tone of your music with neutral, warm, and bright options for a customized experience. One of my favorite Sound Rise functions is the ability to set different alarm times for weekdays and weekends – who hasn’t accidentally set their Saturday wakeup for 6am? The worst. And you can even blackout the digital display, perfect for someone light sensitive like myself. Sound Rise features a USB power port you can use to keep your phone charging while you sleep, without having to fuss with a dock of any kind. Just one last thing: a nap timer. Soundfreaq has seriously thought of everything!




And now the part you’ve been waiting for – a chance to win your own Sound Rise! Get every day off to a better start by entering any number of ways below, but do it before Sunday, June 15th at 11:59 pm.
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Happy Weekend

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9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Love this complicated photoshoot done underwater on a shipwreck in Bali!
02/ This piece on Dogs of War is incredible.
03/ I’m all about Emily Henderson’s cat rescue makeover that she shared this week.
04/ Jim Bachor took the problem of potholes into his own hands.
05/ I like that this DIY modern pet bowl stand can be height customizable.
06/ A room made out of chocolate where you can, YES, lick the walls!
07/ Beautiful product upcycling from Kurasuhito Kurasutokoro and Yusuke Komatsu.
08/ Coca-Cola has created a modular system to reuse their plastic bottles. (It’s about time.)
09/ This is fascinating, people from around the world posing with their daily food intake.
10/ The Pastello Draw Act looks like a dream with its crazy crayons!

This week on Design Crush:
Beautiful experiments with dye and the sea by Arnaud Lajeunie.
I finally upgraded to a chair fit for a boss lady!
Andy Boot gives rhythmic gymnastic ribbons a second chance at life.
Area has flat out nailed simple but quality textiles for the home.
This cut paper alphabet from Tony Ziebetzki is so good.
A traditional game is reimagined with Pieces N Play Domino.
Big Happy Family is helping me stay organized as I dash out the door.
Whimsy Milieu is creating pieces that make every day a happy one.
Show you’re passionate about the creamy treat with pudding 10 ways.


Pudding 10 Ways

I think pudding is a highly underrated dessert/snack/midnight comfort food. It’s cool, creamy, and perfect for summer with its ease of prep and days of lasting time in the refrigerator. Not to mention the massive variety of recipes available for pleasing any and every taste palette. And if you put enough thought into it, pudding can even be healthy enough. Here are ten recipes to help bring pudding back into your life!





















Click on each image to go to the recipe.
All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.


Whimsy Milieu

Whimsy Milieu-1-Design Crush


The best things are coming out of Australia, this time it’s via Malaysian-born maker Jacqueline Chan and her shop Whimsy Milieu. Aptly named because whimsy is definitely the key ingredient in Chan’s formula to create happy objects used in everyday life. I’m especially taken with this hand wall hook that can be used to organize jewelry, but the pretzel necklace and animal ears wall hooks also caught my eye!


Whimsy Milieu-2-Design Crush


Whimsy Milieu-3-Design Crush


Big Happy Family



Modular things make me stupidly happy, so it was a no brainer that I needed the Big Happy Family in my life. But which part of my home to organize? I could get culinary tools in order or plant an herb garden in the kitchen. The office could stand some wrangling in terms of small supplies that I’m forever misplacing. But the entryway, yes. That was the answer.




The differently sized magnetic modules were perfect for what I had in mind, some organization and some green all in one place. The Big Happy Family was fairly easy to install, all it takes is some sheet rock anchors and screws. The wall plates snap easily onto the brackets that get attached to the wall, then the various modules attach to the plates via magnet. This makes removing everything such a breeze and reorganizing the modules on a whim super simple.





I used the small Shorty modules for plants – a cactus, a succulent, and an air plant – and I love how easy it is to remove each one when it comes time to water. (I’ve been known to be clumsy!) Outgoing mail finds a home in the Wide Mouth, while the String Been makes an ideal vase for clippings from my yard or flowers from the market. And the Wide Mouth is a perfect catchall for my keys and whatever else I don’t want to forget when dashing out the door to meetings and hot dates. (Ahem.) I’m thrilled with this new addition and am looking forward to figuring out new purposes for Big Happy Family as time goes on!



This is a sponsored post by Viesso. As always, all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!


Pieces N Play Domino

Pieces N Play Domino-1-Design Crush

The Pieces N Play Domino set takes a classic game and simplifies it with the use of color instead of numbers. Now I’m sure domino purists will scoff, but I for one think it would make me want to play even more. Now I just need a set, a picnic blanket, and a partner!


Pieces N Play Domino-2-Design Crush

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