Alt Summit 2013 Wardrobe Planner + Packing List

Alt Packing List 2013-pic-Design Crush

It’s almost time! Alt Summit is only a few weeks away and I’m sure everyone’s wardrobe planning is in full swing. For the third year in a row I’ve put together a little wardrobe planner and packing list for you to download and get organized with. It’s helped me massively every year, I don’t overpack (can you say carry-on?) and I know exactly what I’ll be dressing in for each day and event saving valuable time. You can download the 8.5 x 11″ file right here.

Pssst… if you’re interested in learning more about getting organized and planning your time at Alt sign up for my free Alt Channel class that’s happening this Saturday!


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A necklace of family memories.
02/ And then a giant duck floated down the River Thames.
03/ I want to swing on this art exhibit so badly!
04/ A nativity for the minimalist.
05/ Printable wrapping paper for classic video game lovers.
06/ A lamp that blows bubbles!
07/ Beautiful architectural watercolors.
08/ How babies are really made.
09/ Sculptures made of thousands of pennies.
10/ A clever Urban Shelf.


Dream Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving planning is in full swing! Notes are being made, grocery lists compiled, and the stress is building. We all know there’s no such thing as a stress-free holiday. But all of this got me thinking, if I had a group of fairies or elves or something magical that could cook, this is the sort of Thanksgiving I would like. Nothing terribly fancy, just a lot of good food and good company and a little decor to keep things festive. In other words, my dream Thanksgiving. (Links follow at the end.)








Cranberry Pecan Goat Cheese Roll – Boulder Locavore
Orange Sweet Potato Baked Chips with Thyme – Cooking Melangery
Cranberry Cream Cheese Crostini – What’s Cooking With Ruthie

Bomb Collins – The Boys’ Club
Autumn Apple Cider & Champagne Sangria – Kiran Tarun
Honeycrisp Bourbon Spiced Cider – Spoon Fork Bacon

Aero Flatware – Crate & Barrel
Hand-Drawn Menus – Chris Silas Neal
Metallic Diamond Napkins – West Elm
DIY Neon Pinecone Placecard Holder – Camille Styles
Sarjaton Glasses – Verket Interior
Blueprint Paper Placemats – West Elm

Parmesan Polenta – GOOP
Clementine Ginger Almond Rice – Tasty Yummies
Spicy Honey Cranberry Sauce – Boulder Locavore
Maple Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts – Authentic Suburban Gourmet
Kale Dressing – Bon Appetit
Nikki’s Sweet Potatoes – 101 Cookbooks
Sweet Tea & Citrus Brined Turkey – Confections of a Foodie Bride

Warm Apple Pie Pots – Roost
Top Secret Chocolate Mousse – French Fridays With Dorie
Sweet Potato Souffles – A Spicy Perspective

DIY Bottle Hurricanes – Apartment Therapy
Give Thanks Banner – House of Earnest
Contemporary Wheat – Create Like Crazy


5 Tips For Setting a Tabletop Feast – A Subtle Revelry
Tips For Autumn Floral Arrangements – A Beautiful Mess
7 Secrets to the Juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey – Design Mom


9 Months

I love this photograph of Pete from sometime in the early ’80s. It’s how I remember him best, with no confused look in his eyes and a shock of wavy (though receding) hair. These were the days he spent teaching me how to hit a ball and appreciate underducks on the swings in the park behind our homes. The good ‘ol days, for sure.

Once again, three months has brought lots of change.

First and foremost, at the end of August we hired a daytime caregiver. Her name is Crystal and she’s 25 and contagiously bubbly, which puts Pete in a good mood of his own most days. She’s with him a little longer each day than I was, allowing all of us (me, my mom, and my stepdad) to go back to our full work routines. I spent the first three days of her employment with the two of them, hoping for a smooth adjustment. And on the third day when I explained to Pete that I would see him the next week instead of tomorrow he said, “If you gotta go, you gotta go!” A good sign if there ever was one.

Secondly, my mom closed up Pete’s Pennsylvania home early last month. After several trips back spent weeding out twenty year old receipts and other junk, it was time. Plenty of furniture was given away and his car was sold. Everything else was boxed up, loaded onto a moving truck, and sent into a storage unit here until we can root through it all. Of course Pete has no idea all of this has happened, though the only houses he asks about these days are boyhood homes.

I’ve gone back to freelance graphic design and blogging on my own time, instead of hurriedly in the evening hours. It’s good. And though I thought there would be a modicum of guilt attached to this moment, there really isn’t. I know that I did my best job helping Pete for as long as I could. And now it’s nice to visit for Sunday dinners instead of being the one telling him he can’t do something he wants.

So for now this will be the last Pete update. I cannot even begin to thank you all for your kind comments and emails and shared stories and words of wisdom. They mean more to me than you’ll even know. This site was never meant to be a story of the trials and tribulations of my life, but I’m so happy that when it took a tiny turn in that direction you were there as always.


Happy Weekend

01/ Planet lollipops!
02/ Wood Idol – limited edition, hand-painted, wooden toys.
03/ A (Drinking) Game of Thrones.
04/ Gorgeous bird paintings.
05/ The $9 cardboard bicycle.
06/ A cloud? Nope, 6,000 lightbulbs.
07/ Swing Table would definitely make a meeting or dinner more fun!
08/ iFamily stickers for us Apple geeks.
09/ Knitted Yoga Balls – yay or nay?
10/ Inflatable metal furniture.




I seem to swing two ways in decor, either really minimal or really graphic. It’s obvious which side of the spectrum wolfum lies on. (via crow and canary)



Not always the easiest appetizer to eat one-handed (wine or a cocktail is in the other, obviously), but bruschetta is one of my favorites. Can you sense a theme with my go-tos? They’re always versatile and can swing savory or sweet. It makes me feel like a real gastronomist when I can throw this and that together and know the outcome is going to be palatable. Different variations on bruschetta can also be served hot or cold, nice when you have a tried and true recipe that you want to warm up for winter or cool down for summer. Take a look at these bad boys. (As always, click on the image to be taken to the recipe.)












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Yellowfield7 Hats.

I’m all about bringing retro pieces back into the swing of things. Like these gorgeous hand-draped cloche hats inspired by early 20th Century American fashion (AKA the 1920s) by Behida Dolić. The navy with the feather? To die for. {via Something Old, Something New}


House of Dots.

House of Dots purveys some killer vintage-inspired frocks, but what really strikes me is their incredible site concept and design. Here are a few captures, but you’ll need to swing by for yourself to get the full effect. {via Love. Obsess. Inspire.}


Happy {Halloween} Weekend.


Hoorah! Halloween weekend is finally here (I feel like I’ve been waiting for ages…) and it’s going to be a busy one. Tonight is Greedy Girl’s costume party, then tomorrow is college football, a bake sale and trick or treating! Will you be swinging by any parties or dressing up?

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Happy Halloween Weekend!