Happy Weekend

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10-Design Crush

01/ This what the view from a $93 million NYC skyscraper penthouse looks like.
02/ Cubicle farms take on an air of fun when made to look like tiny cabins.
03/ Amazing Frankenstein pumpkins that are grown in one piece inside of a mold.
04/ Feltépve (Ripped Up or Popped Up) bursts from the ground in Széchenyi Square in Budapest.
05/ The Color Thesaurus creates a visualization of a variety of names for various colors.
06/ Cubic rubber bands to liven up the most mundane office tasks.
07/ The Human Gallery exhibits tattooed individuals behind glass.
08/ Pick up a DIY geometric paper mask template for Halloween from Steve Wintercroft.
09/ Lilly McElroy throws herself at men for art’s sake.
10/ Australia has everything good, including a touring pop-up McDonald’s shaped like a lunchbox.

This week on Design Crush:
Nick Frank deconstructs the most colorful building with photography.
Bold and bright geometric scarves combine with tropical birds to show off Blazon.
Beautifully intricate and detailed reclaimed paper insects.
Statement-making textiles for the home from Avril Loreti.
Exposed Seams make this centerpiece collection a showstopper.
If you’re looking for a change, you’ll love zucchini noodles 10 ways.
Nicolo Sertorio documents the rest stops of the U.S. Interstate system.
My office is still in boxes, but Grovemade desk accessories are keeping me in line.
Pretty astrological rings and necklaces in the Supernova collection. (Heeeyyy, fellow Scorpios!)

Design Crush elsewhere:
Cozying up and falling into autumn.



Scosha-1-Design Crush


We just rolled into Scorpio season (my own personal sign) yesterday, which has me paying extra attention to any astrological items I happen across. These Supernova zodiac rings and zodiac necklaces by Scosha are equal parts feminine and badass and I couldn’t love them more.

Scosha-2-Design Crush

Scosha-3-Design Crush

(via Unruly Things)


Grovemade Desk Accessories



Open admission: my office is still entirely packed in boxes one and a half months post-move. My old shelving system wouldn’t fit up the stairs at the new house, so I had to order something new. Well that of course fell through, so now I’m on the hunt for something else. I’ve been making due with the basics, like this pen cup and desk lamp from Grovemade. Both pieces are beautifully made and will be residents of my desk for years to come. You might remember Grovemade’s insanely awesome wooden iPad sleeves that we’ve shared in the past, and their entire shop is rife with goods to make the most mundane of work tasks better.

Sidenote: Those walls are destined to be white in the very near future. And sitting at my desk in this room, in front of this window makes me feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw in SATC.






Nicolo Sertorio

Nicolo Sertorio-1-Design Crush


In Passages II: Rest Areas photographer Nicolo Sertorio documents rest areas along the U.S. Interstate road system. I’ve never come across such beautifully maintained and aesthetics rest stops in any of my road trip travels in America, but Sertorio’s project has me thinking that just maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places.


Established in the early sixties, safety rest areas are part of the US interstate road system. They are currently managed by the department of transportation of individual state governments; hence the disparate philosophies, designed, and conditions. Largely replaced by commercial gas stations and food chains, in combination with the decrease of private interstate vehicle traffic and state budgets, they mostly sit abandoned and unused in varying states of decay.

Having lost their function they become all about form, the empty symmetries attempting to control nature, as per a bygone ideology seeking to conquer the terrain. Symmetry, emptiness, and beauty confront their own meaninglessness in ratlin to the landscape.


Nicolo Sertorio-2-Design Crush


Nicolo Sertorio-3-Design Crush


Nicolo Sertorio-4-Design Crush


Nicolo Sertorio-5-Design Crush

(via Miss Moss)


Zucchini Noodles 10 Ways

Since my diabetes diagnosis in May, zucchini noodles have been a saving grace. I don’t eat much meat, so pasta creations were a bi-weekly occurrence in my kitchen. And I hear you, I too was skeptical about squash replacing my precious carbs but quickly found out it’s way more about the texture and shape than the actual thing. I also quickly found out that using a mandolin to shave down the zucchini into pasta-like strands is preferable to my initial method of using a vegetable peeler, which created something a little bit too wide. And no, you will not hear me ever refer to them as zoodles.





















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Seams-1-Design Crush


These five large vessels, intended for use as centerpieces, are aptly named for sure. The Seams series by Benjamin Hubert for Bitossi takes its name from the way each piece is created, in a mold with many seams that stay with them for life (aka slip cast seams). Fantastic pieces that I can imagine any umber of uses for.


Seams-2-Design Crush


Seams-3-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Avril Loreti

Avril Loreti-4-Design Crush


I’ve been a fan of Avril Loreti and her colorfully patterned home goods for years now, and the line just keeps getting better and better. Choose from signature tea towels, table runners, napkins, and more – all emblazoned with Avril’s keen designs that add visual interest to your space. She regularly introduces new patterns, so be on the lookout!


Avril Loreti-2-Design Crush


Avril Loreti-3-Design Crush


Reclaimed Paper Insects

Soon-1-Design Crush


Even if you suffer from entomophobia – a fear of bugs – you have to admit just how beautiful these paper sculptures are. They were created with reclaimed paper by Belgium ad agency Soon for paper company IGEPA Benelux. Take a look at the making of video below, it’s incredible!


Soon-3-Design Crush


Soon-2-Design Crush

IGEPA – making of from Soon on Vimeo.

(via Colossal)



Blazon-1-Design Crush


There is so much amazing stuff going on in the Blazon collection of scarves and the modeled shots that I can hardly stand it. Geometry! Bold color! BIRDS! Designer Natasha Coverdale has nailed it and is also managing to feed my growing want of a closetful of scarves.


Blazon-2-Design Crush


Blazon-3-Design Crush


Blazon-4-Design Crush


Nick Frank

Nick Frank-1-Design Crush


Life and art have many things in common, among them perspective. Nick Frank’s Mira is the photographic exploration of an incredibly colorful shopping center in Munich. Frank’s photos deconstruct the building bit by bit until it’s nothing more than an explosion of vibrancy against a background of sky.


Nick Frank-2-Design Crush


Nick Frank-3-Design Crush


Nick Frank-4-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)