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01/ Would you ride Sky Caliber, a 90 foot tall waterslide with a loop?
02/ Now all of you been connoisseurs have a place to show off the caps.
03/ You can walk above the treetops in South Africa on the Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway.
04/ Jeffrey Milstein gives cruise ships a new perspective.
05/ The Analog Memory Desk has 1,100 yards of paper for your ideas.
06/Jihyun Park uses incense sticks and rice paper to to create a sort of reverse pointillism.
07/ Martha McQuade’s Scarf Shop nailed their latest color palette.
08/ I’d like to be friends with this shirt‘s antagonist, Lord Nermal.
09/ Peter Demetz‘s wooden sculptures look downright human.
10/ This Portuguese Tree Snake House looks amazing.

This week on Design Crush:
Ali Cavanaugh‘s stunning watercolor and kaolin clay paintings.
Much inspiration in the form of Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work.
Brenda Cablayan‘s Hawaiian landscapes are only adding to my vacation lust.
Make your furry friends some DIY stamped pet bowls with style.
Spontaneity and disorder are explored in the work of Hyunryoung Kim.
I’m obsessed with my new bag from Olivia + Joy!
If you love hair art like I do check out Marianne Nielson‘s ceramics.
My love of the beach screams that I need one of these Coastal Quilts.
Chairish not only has a big ‘ol selection of vintage art, they’re also giving one of you $100 to spend on it!


Chairish Art + Design Crush (+ a Giveaway)

I don’t live anywhere near a good flea market, so there’s little haggling in my life unless it’s on the internet. That also means there’s little vintage/such a find/bargain deal art in my home and that’s something that I’m really gunning to change. The hard truth is that sometimes it’s more affordable to find an amazing older piece than to buy and frame a new one; fortunately, the result is often richer in character and style.

But back to my conundrum of not being near any good shopping grounds. Chairish, the beloved online location to shop and sell vintage (the iPhone app is a dream), has a fantastic collection of art as well – over 4,500 pieces and growing daily. That’s a lot of art at all different price points. They asked me to choose 50 of my favorite pieces to create The Design Crush Collection and, well, who says no to that? (Answer: No one.) Want a peek at my 12 favorites?



Mike Kelley’s Bjarnarneskirkja Floating Print // Original Painting Pink Abyss //
Pablo Picasso Portrait D’Homme Lithograph // Vintage USA Maritime Yacht Ensign Boat Flag



1960s Framed Vintage Portrait // Jessica Wilson’s Nicholas, NYC Framed Photo Print //
Alan Sonfist’s Tree Trunk Series Pink 2 Litho // Kristi Kohut’s Imagine Peace Print



Haha Ink Drawing // Antique Medical Teaching Device // Dani Schafer’s Humilis 2014 Abstract Wall Hanging // Cheryl Maeder’s Cloud Nine IV Art Photograph


What’s even better is that Chairish wants to give one of you $100 to spend on some unique art of your own. Click here to enter for a chance to win $100 to spruce up your walls this spring!

PS: Tune in to Chairish’s Instagram account Sunday, March 22nd for an Insta Art Sale. Seven emerging artists – Jaime Derringer, Emily Katz, Dana Haim, Kate Roebuck, Deann Art, Michele Spane, and Kristi Kohut – will be selling original pieces of their own. But get this, each piece will be sold for an all-in price of $125 (art + packing + shipping). WHOA. Pieces sell in a matter of seconds, so be ready and waiting 9 to 11 AM PST/Noon to 2 EST!

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Coastal Quilts

Coastal Quilts-1-Design Crush


If the coast holds a special place in your heart I have just the thing, Coastal Quilts from Haptic Lab. From Maine to Washington, the Great Lakes to Gulf, these quilts provide a snapshot of iconic coastal areas and their fragile eco-systems. Gold polysilk is appliquéd onto a pale blue soft cotton to create their heirloom-quality beauties.


Coastal Quilts-2-Design Crush

Coastal Quilts-3-Design Crush

Coastal Quilts-4-Design Crush

Coastal Quilts-5-Design Crush


Marianne Nielson

Marianne Nielson-1-Design Crush


You know of my penchant for hair art, so I’m clearly loving Marianne Nielson‘s glazed stoneware take on it. Hairstyle equals personality, and Nielson captures just how fun and ridiculous those universal choices can sometimes be in her Hair 2008 and Hair 2009 series.


Marianne Nielson-2-Design Crush

Marianne Nielson-3-Design Crush

Marianne Nielson-4-Design Crush

Marianne Nielson-5-Design Crush


Olivia + Joy

Spring means different things to different people – buying a new scent to wear, changing up the accessories in the living room, or being able to shed some extra layers. For me it means my yearly purse purge and choosing a new bag. My current one is a cross-body, cappuccino-colored leather number that’s simple and wearing extremely well. But it’s time for something new. A different shape, a different color, a different look.




I was introduced to Olivia + Joy a few weeks ago and was immediately drawn to some of their more structured pieces. The line offers something for everyone, from the edgy girl who likes metal accents to muted pastels for a more feminine look. No matter what your style, all of Olivia + Joy’s bags are affordable. I went with the blue Rory Perf Tote for a pop of color. It has plenty of room to carry my business essentials by day and still looks casual and chic for evening.





Maddie Satchel // Maddie Tote // Valerie Double Handle // Cyprus Tote //
Seattle Tote // Cary Tote

I received product in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own, as always. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Design Crush!


Hyunryoung Kim

Hyun Ryoung Kim-1-Design Crush


Some of Hyun Ryoung Kim‘s observations about her own art struck a chord deep down, that resonates on some level I’m only aware of every once in awhile.

It seems all is spontaneous and unintended in disorder, however one can observe some sort of order in them just like the universe, nature, human, birth, death, and relationships between them.


Hyun Ryoung Kim-2-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-3-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-4-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-5-Design Crush


DIY Stamped Pet Bowls



If you have pets and an aesthetic above a 6th grade level, you must feel my pain when it comes to the pet dish aisle. I don’t want fish skeletons or dog bones – I want something that fits my style and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in my home. While my three cats may not notice what they’re eating out of, I’d like to think that I’m WOW-ing them a little with my effort. It would also be nice if it didn’t cost more than one of the dishes that I eat off of myself, meaning it’s time to dust off my do-it-yourself game.




• small, plain ceramic or glass bowls
• acrylic craft paints
• paper plates
• sponge
• scissors
• pencil
• paper towels




I decided on two modern patterns to create in fun, playful color palettes for both a food and water bowl. Before I started I made sure to wash and dry the bowls thoroughly to remove any debris. After squirting some paints (neon pink, olive green, and black) on a paper dish I dove right into the first – a grid-like dot pattern. Using a pencil eraser dipped into the paint I freehanded a pattern of five by four dots in the olive green. I then repeated the process with the neon pink and black, staggering the grid by skipping a dot-sized width and moving the pattern down one row.




The end result reminded me of that pure sugar dot candy of our childhoods! And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I kind of want my own bowl now just like this.





For the second design I came up with an updated take on a citrus pattern, just want these last weeks of winter called for. I began by cutting out a circle shaped piece of sponge that measured about an inch wide. After prepping my paint – bright orange, robin’s egg blue, and neon pink this time – I got stamping in a random layout. I gave the orange plenty of time to dry (about 20 minutes), then followed suit with the blue. After some more drying time I trimmed out a small leaf-shaped piece of sponge and finished up with some unexpected neon pink foliage.





We happily teamed up with Fancy Feast and their new Broths with Chicken on this project as part of their #WaystoWow campaign. My pets are part of my family, and I love finding new ways to show my love and affection. Aside from well-designed bowls, beds, and toys I also like to WOW my three finicky felines by laying super soft blankets in their favorite sunning spots and placing bird feeders outside of lower windows for entertainment. Broths are full of real, recognizable ingredients and come perfectly portioned for a reward or treat, so you can feel good about indulging your cat kids. My girl Rainey absolutely loves them – two paws up. Sign up to try a bowl on Fancy Feast!

This post is in partnership with Fancy Feast Broths. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Design Crush!


Brenda Cablayan

Brenda Cablayan-1-Design Crush


I’ve been jonesing for a vacation in the worst way this month. Thankfully the snow days have disappeared and the sun has been hanging around a bit more, but I’m still daydreaming about the tropics. Brenda Cablayan‘s landscapes of Hawaiian landscapes and urban life are definitely either making it better or making it worse.


Brenda Cablayan-2-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-3-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-4-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work

The Behance Book of Creative Work-1-Design Crush


Behance came onto the scene back in 2006 and created a space that gave artists and creative-types a place to store their work online, as well as gave others a chance to discover them. (We’ve shared countless artists here on Design Crush that were first seen on Bechance.) The site grew and grew and in 2012 was acquired by Adobe, and was able to remain true to its mission and expand even more. Now their creative team has chosen hundreds of pieces of future-forward work to share in their book – Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work – along with insights and process notes. If you’re looking for inspiration or a great coffee table book you should order your own copy now.


The Behance Book of Creative Work-2-Design Crush

The Behance Book of Creative Work-3-Design Crush

The Behance Book of Creative Work-4-Design Crush

The Behance Book of Creative Work-5-Design Crush


Ali Cavanaugh

Ali Cavanaugh-1-Design Crush


You’ve probably heard of (or know someone) who lost one of their senses at an early age and in turn found that the others were all heightened to compensate. Artist Ali Cavanaugh lost her hearing at the age of two through spinal meningitis. She looks at it as a blessing in disguise because it made her more sensitive to the people around her and the unspoken language of the human body, all of which shows in her unique paintings of watercolor layered over kaolin clay.


Ali Cavanaugh-2-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-3-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-4-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-5-Design Crush