Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Would you wear these Subway Map Printed Tights??
02/ Have you seen Disney’s animated short Paperman yet? So sweet.
03/ I have the perfect cocktail for all of you on Blizzard Watch – hot chocolate with red wine!
04/ Genius proportional counting blocks for children.
05/ Hot tub boats exist, NBD.
06/ As do dollhouse coffee tables.
07/ Incredible giant pinecones made of shovel blades.
08/ Vaportini, a vaporizer for inhaling alcohol.
09/ Plastic plaids!
10/ Only the best commitment ring ever.

Sidenote: After some confusion in the Reader Survey I just wanted to point out that the images above are linked, as well as the numbered descriptions. No need to scroll up and down. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Happy Weekend

01/ Game of Thrones nursery rhymes!
02/ Love this series of AIGA Get Out the Vote posters.
03/ Muertitas, beautiful seasonal masks.
04/ Giant ear trumpet sculptures.
05/ Would you walk across this Balloon Bridge?
06/ I want to play On Space Time Foam!
07/ The Rain Room!
08/ Geometrical food art.
09/ Calling all brides – here’s your Something Blue.
10/ The Phobias of Creatives.


Happy Weekend


01/ This DIY wine cork trivet encourages my wine habit. I like that.
02/ Ten famous writers and cocktails.
03/ Kinda digging this chain lock door necklace.
04/ Accessory meets technology with the Bulavkus USB drive.
05/ Pretty nutso over this neon themed wedding.
06/ Yay or nay on this DIY Double Chain Ring?
07/ I can think of few things better than a jar of cake.
08/ These wonderfully impractical public benches are indeed wonderful.
09/ Paint chip table runners are aces.
10/ I want to make these DIY brush glazed mini bowls for every gal I know!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: i.shoot.film

01/ make this heartbeat necklace
02/ love these DIY hand-painted valentines
03/ Princess Bride wine!
04/ the most amazing party rentals EVER
05/ sugar. cookie. bracelets.
06/ the most perfect heart elbow patches
07/ flying people in NYC!
08/ a collection of pocket protectors
09/ pretty mittens with a fab backstory
10/ make some kicked up slap bracelets!


Ashley + Justin

I don’t normally share life events here, but the marriage of my friends Ashley and Justin is an exception. Not only did I get to watch their relationship develop and instantly know they were meant for one another, I also got to design their wedding invitations. Such a huge honor, as any designer knows.

Sometimes working for friends or family can end up being a nightmare, something else many designers are aware of. Ashley and Justin were the complete opposite, dream clients is the only term that pertains. The day they got engaged Ashley let me know they wanted me to create their invitations, and my mind started churning. I created a few mood boards and after a brief meeting with Ashley two versions came into being. They chose the one that I’d already fallen in love with –BONUS. After a few minor verbal changes, I followed up with designs for a small RSVP card (they opted for an email to save money) and an envelope label.

The ceremony and reception took place at Fort Reno, a historical military camp completely out in the middle of nowhere by my standards. There’s a small church on the grounds that looks straight out of Pulp Fiction, and also gets the best light I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. The interior is completely wood-lined and lined on two sides with beautiful tall windows.

Everything about Ashley and Justin’s wedding day suited them perfectly, right down to Justin’s TOMS. This one’s gonna last.

 All photos copyright Stella Shot Me, with the exception of the first through third which are by me using Instagram.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Noah Kalina

01/ build 3D letters out of this font
02/ here’s your chance to be engaged to Prince William
03/ organic kaleidoscopes
04/ a magical stop motion wedding video
05/ ad agency launches first (fictitious) cat video division
06/ Gift Magazine’s 2011 Holiday Guide
07/ I want to walk the roller coaster walkway!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Arthur Shuraev

01/  animal balloon typography
02/  food website bingo!
03/  a timelapse video of Chicago by boat
04/  deconstructed strawberry shortcake
05/  the gosh darn prettiest skies ever
06/  handcut paper letters
07/  DIY watercolor invitations


Party Pairings

Invitation: Quail Creative – Cake: Real Simple

Possibilities: graduation party, engagement shindig, summer birthday


Invitation: Mr. Laurence by Moglea for minted – Cake: Hummingbird Cake by Desserts for Breakfast

Possibilities: casual wedding, anniversary or engagement party


Invitation: Jenny Pennywood – Cake: Jenny Huang Photography

Possibilities: summer cookout, family reunion, shower


Invitation: Painted Chalkboard by ellothere – Cake: Real Simple

Possibilites: wedding, milestone birthday


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Jennilee Marigomen


01.  love these tie-on birthday crowns
02.  I need some neon in my spring wardrobe
03.  a little morbid, but some of us want to be modern even in death
04.  I’m awful at making lunch, looking forward to trying some of these recipes
05.  make a hanging gutter garden (then say that three times fast)
06.  yeah, I could shack up in this treehouse
07.  make your own Peeps + Cadbury Eggs (there’s even a deviled version!)
08.  I like the idea of a skewer station next to the grill
09.  cloud doughnuts
10.  a brilliant paper record player invitation from Kelli Anderson

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Layered Tissue

PHOTO + LINK: A Beautiful Mess

I can’t wait to recreate this layered tissue paper decor for something. Anything.