Brika’s Exclusive Summer Necklaces + Instagram Giveaway

Brika's Exclusive Summer Necklaces-1-Design Crush


This summer BRIKA has teamed up with their artisans and designers to create eight exclusive summer necklaces to amp up your warm weather style. I was lucky enough to receive The Pamela Necklace – each one is named after their maker – by Totem Color Block. It’s a fresh, fun, and feminine pastel piece that pairs well with the plethora of whites, blacks, and neutrals I tend to wear most.


Brika's Exclusive Summer Necklaces-2-Design Crush


Surprisingly shop owner Pamela Foeckler has been designing jewelry for just over a year after a decade of working as an art conservationist. Her minimal and colorful aesthetic were honed while earning her degree in sculptural and architectural history, and what was once deemed too “eccentric” now lends itself well to her jewelry designs.


Brika's Exclusive Summer Necklaces-3-Design Crush


Check out the entire BRIKA exclusive summer necklace collection and to find one that matches your own style.

Pop over to @designcrush on Instagram to enter for a chance to win your own Pamela Necklace!


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A minimalist depiction of mental disorders.
02/ This zen rock garden is actually full of Japanese candy!
03/ Hilariously true animated gifs of basic tips and etiquette for surviving in NYC.
04/ Painstakingly crafting portraits of musicians made from cornflakes.
05/ Ringly lights up and buzzes when your phone needs you!
06/ This retired Boeing 727 was converted into a home in the woods. Would you dare?
07/ Picnic Lounge is an oversized blanket that resembles an antique rug. Clever.
08/ Smart ads for Keloptic turn impressionist art into realism.
09/ Social Planes take you offline – download, write, fold, and fly!
10/ When baristas and bartenders joins forces we are blessed with coffee cocktails.

This week on Design Crush:
Have you entered our Soundfreaq Sound Rise giveaway?! Wake up with this alarm/bluetooth speaker hybrid, it’s sure to get your day off to a good start.
Eight art prints I wish I had room for on my walls this month.
Melissa Zexter hand-embroiders her own photography in the most beautiful way.
Industrialist meets rugged glam in the design of Maslo Jewelry.
Crazy incredible paintings/sculptures from Conrad Jon Godly.
I’m slowing going minimalist with my style and this modern lamp is my latest addition.
Childhood dreams and sketchbook drawings come to life thanks to Katharine Morling.
If you’re looking for a super easy project this DIY Matchstick Holder is where it’s at!
After seven years of blogging we finally have a Design Crush identity suite like pros.


Maslo Jewelry

Maslo Jewelry-1-Design Crush


Every piece of Maslo Jewelry is produced by hand in Richmond, VA by designer Nicole Maslowski. I love how her collections – these three pieces are from three different ones – swing between minimal industrialist and rugged glam in their designs. Perfect for the girl who likes a little bit of the unexpected in her life. (Psst… check out the prices!)


Maslo Jewelry-2-Design Crush

Maslo Jewelry-3-Design Crush


Whimsy Milieu

Whimsy Milieu-1-Design Crush


The best things are coming out of Australia, this time it’s via Malaysian-born maker Jacqueline Chan and her shop Whimsy Milieu. Aptly named because whimsy is definitely the key ingredient in Chan’s formula to create happy objects used in everyday life. I’m especially taken with this hand wall hook that can be used to organize jewelry, but the pretzel necklace and animal ears wall hooks also caught my eye!


Whimsy Milieu-2-Design Crush


Whimsy Milieu-3-Design Crush


Summer Wish List


1. Coral and Cream Spot Bikini  2. Sleeveless Drapey Top  3. Il Sandolo Sandal  4. Geometric Fire Pit  5. Tholos Mosaic Stud Earrings  6. Objects Wednesday Dress

I like to keep the wish lists to a minimum around here, so I always look forward to the anticipation of a new season. While I’m not one to overhaul anything ever, I do like to add a few pieces to my closet and jewelry box to help make classic, longstanding pieces feel fresh again. This time I’ve also mixed in a few outdoor things that would definitely help elevate summer to an entirely new level!



7. Grillo  8. Rose Gold Pebble Ring  9. The Bedford Dress  10. Alea Duo  11. Straw Bucket with Band  12. Toda Vista Swing Dress

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Design Crush The Marketplace

Greatly-1-Design Crush


I’m three shades of excited to share something that’s been in the works for months – Design Crush The Marketplace has opened! I’ve teamed up with the newly launched GREAT.LY to bring you some of my favorite handmade goods from all sorts of talented makers. The shop is set up much like Design Crush the site, full of fantastic art and design that you can decorate your home and yourself with. I’ll be keeping it stocked with fresh and exciting things that get updated frequently, so I hope you’ll pop over and take a look for yourself. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites from each category!



Pink Block Cushion by Ellie Bradley // Extreme Handknitted Woolen Cabled Throw by Jacqui Fink



Madison Rocks Cup by Keith Kreeger // Hand-Painted Hot Pink Linen Table Runner by Sensible Habit



Folded Paper Furoshiki Japanese Eco Wrapping Scarf by Kyoko Bowskill // Geometric Lucite + Brass Bead Necklace 02 by Adelia Mae



Coral Kokeshi Doll by Sketch Inc // Gold Star Cloud by Jahje Ives



Fading Lake Day by Lisa Golightly // Desire Fine Art Giclée by Kristi Kohut



Beet Root + Hibiscus Lip Stain by Erin Hammond // Hand-Painted Zipper Bag by Kelly Zellers



LaMalconttenta-1-Design Crush


Let’s just make today all about summer, shall we? This time I’m talking about LaMalconttenta, a line by the uber talented Lydia de la Piñera. Ceramics, prints, jewelry, and more that convey the casual effortlessness of the warmest days of the year are all present in Lydia’s Etsy shop. All with the perfect balance of white space and intensely pigmented colors to balance it all out.


LaMalconttenta-2-Design Crush


LaMalconttenta-3-Design Crush


Make It: Paint Dipped Copper Necklace



I’ve had the idea for this paint dipped copper necklace in my head for some time, and if you’re any sort of creator you know it’s always nice when the concept comes out even better than you anticipated! This guy is sure to be a staple in my summer wardrobe and offer some color to my mostly black, white, and neutral wardrobe. I love how customizable it is – use as many copper couplets and whatever and however many colors of paint as you’d like.




• copper couplets (I used 1/2″)
• 2 – 28″ lengths of 1/8″ cotton/polyester rope
• craft paints in the colors of your choice
• 4 oz plastic cups
• wax paper
• clear nail polish (optional)




I chose neon pink, neon yellow, white, and black for my color palette. I like that the black and white keeps my necklace colors in tune with what I already have in my wardrobe, while the neons offer a pop of interest.  Start by pouring about half an inch of paint into each of your plastic cups. (Because you won’t actually be using that much you can pour the remainder right back into the bottle post-dip!)




Tear off a short piece of wax paper and set your paint and cups on top of it. Dip one of the copper couplets into the paint making sure to touch it to the bottom of the cup, then remove and gently shake off as much of the excess as possible. Set couplet on the wax paper to chill out for a minute. Repeat with all couplets and paint colors.




After the couplets hang out for a bit (about 15 minutes) you’ll notice the paint beginning to pool at the bottom. The next step is simple – pick each one up and move it to a clean part of the wax paper. Wait another 30-45 minutes and do it again, except this time flip them over so they’re sitting on the unpainted end. So easy. Once they’re completely dry you can opt to do another round of dipping for extra coverage if you’re not satisfied. You can also coat the painted portions with some clear nail polish if you’d like added protection.




Only one step left! Snip off two lengths of cotton/poly rope and string up your copper pieces as desired, I settled on an end-to-end configuration after playing around for a bit. Tie the ends together (or use a clasp if you’re fancy) and call it a day.


Trending: Translucent Lucite


Mid-Century Lucite Acrylic Stool from Migrations // Colorblock Monogram Tray by Pencil Shavings Studio // On Center Cabinet Handle by House of Antique Hardware

Modern and chic or trashy cool? Oh lucite, you’re so controversial! In moderation the transparency of lucite can act as a tool to visually open up a space or add a touch of 60s vibe. Stick to clean lines and minimal color and you’re set.



Illusion Bookshelf by Anthropologie // Round Dial Transparent Strap Watch by May 28th // Vintage Mid-Century Folding Chairs from Rambling Vintage Gypsy



Lucite Desk Collection by Anthropologie // Ben-Amun Lucite Cuff // Vintage Lucite Bar Cart from 1stdibs


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