Who says pocket squares are just for men in blazers? Exactly. The graphic pochettes from P.Johnson Tailors would look so, so good peeking out of a summery white jacket pocket. Maybe grab a few and share with your other half, instantly expanding your accessory options!


Pocket Watch Versus Pocket Watch

The pocket watch is coming back, and I’m all for it. There’s something so masculine about a dude owning one instead of a wrist watch.

Rogue Touch VERSUS iPocketWatch



Prospector Co.

Nice packaging from Prospector Co. Perfect for a post-Movember shave, boys.


Neckwarmer Cowl Scarves


Even though it’s only just this week dipped into the 80s here, I’m already thinking well ahead into December. When I’ll finally be able to (hopefully) get out my winter coats and other paraphernalia. I have a deep love of all things cowl necked, and can’t help but eye up these scarves from Pip Robins in anticipation.


Bottle Key


MAKR is on top of all once again with this antique brass blank key bottle opener. Not only is it super clever, but it also blends right in with the other keys on your keychain – no more souvenir or promo openers for you!


Happy Weekend


01. make your own striped tote
02. eyeglasses made out of sustainable wood
03. a great list of blogs-turned-books
04. I want to learn to breakdance
05. chocolate hummus!
06. these sandals

PS: Just a reminder that you have until midnight CST on July 4th to enter the MOO giveaway!


Happy {Father’s Day} Weekend


01. voyeuristic photos of people’s fridges
02. the prettiest cake ever
03. A Graphic Designer’s Alphabet
04. crazy weird looking fruits
05. paintings made from bursting balloons full of paint
06. sunglasses you can fold up and put in your pocket!
07. Dear Photograph
08. Adios faxing!


Marmol Radzinger Jewelry

Each piece of brass Marmol Radzinger’s jewelry line is an architectural remnant from one of the firm’s projects. Handcrafted to be a perfect individual that will gradually gain a unique patina for the one wearing it. I love the extra touch of the drilled holes. (via Design Milk)


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Julie Pike

01. making some old school chevron friendship bracelets this weekend
02. Talk-o-meter is an app that shows just how much everyone is participating in a conversation
03. a great video explaining letterpress
04. make your own A-frame tent!
05. turn your power cords into wall art
06. rad reclaimed wood neckties
07. can’t stop thinking about these chocolate mousse + caramel tarts – YUM!


Nixon Time Teller P

Last Saturday I was out and about and decided to reward myself (more on that later) with a new watch. The Nixon Time Teller P to be exact, my watch brand of choice. I bought my first as a 24th birthday gift to myself, an awesome skinny-strapped black leather double wrap with a rectangular electric blue face that they sadly no longer make. Shortly thereafter I stopped wearing a watch altogether because I was tired of it banging against my desk while I designed. But when I saw this shocking pink beauty with a silicone everything I knew I’d struck gold. It’s a men’s watch, which I prefer and comes in a great array of bright monotones. The thing is, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get used to looking at my wrist for the time ever again…