Recently I’ve been depending a lot more on notepads than notebooks (the horror!). It’s so easy to tear a page off and tuck it into my planner, which is what I rely on more than anything else to run my life and this site. I realize it’s technically just as easy to rip a page out of a notebook, but I hate doing that. It’s not a sound or action-averse thing, I just prefer to keep my notebooks full of their paper. (Yes, I realize how strange that sounds.) Here are 11 notepads that’ve caught my eye and are begging for my professional list-maker skills to fill their pages!



ROW 1: Don’t Forget – Quill & Fox // Flower To Do List (printable) – Julianna Swaney // Graphic Notepad – Rifle Paper Co.    ROW 2: Don’t Forget the Milk Notepad – 1canoe2 // Peach Bubble notes – Honizukle    ROW 3: Fox To Do List (printable) – Julianna Swaney // Park Book Club Notepad – Quill and Fox // Make Today Lovely Happy Jotter – Moglea    ROW 4: Things To Do – 55 Hi’s // Do Your Chores Watercolor Notepad – 1canoe2 // To Do Notepad – Pei Design



Pudding 10 Ways

I think pudding is a highly underrated dessert/snack/midnight comfort food. It’s cool, creamy, and perfect for summer with its ease of prep and days of lasting time in the refrigerator. Not to mention the massive variety of recipes available for pleasing any and every taste palette. And if you put enough thought into it, pudding can even be healthy enough. Here are ten recipes to help bring pudding back into your life!





















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ROW 1: Floral Weekender // Olive Green Overnight Bag // Ethnic Weekender    ROW 2: Girl Meets Voyage Weekend Bag // Isabel Sunday    ROW 3: Isabel Weekender // Oaxacan Duffel Bag // Canvas and Leather Weekender Bag    ROW 4: The Weekender // Emerald Waters Weekend Bag // Canvas with Leather Weekender Bag



Trending: Hanging Planters


Set of 3 Small Hanging Planters for Air Plants by Cor Pottery // Copper and Brass Hanging Planter by IN.SEK // Ballast Air Plant Holders by The MiA Project

I’ve been wanting to add some small, staggered hanging planters to a corner of my living room for months now. Everywhere I turn there’s another fantastic hanging planter that I want to add to my home – copper, clay, geometric, you name it. And it would seem I’m not the only one with my eye on these space-saving flora accessories.



Hanging Planter by l&m studio // Wren Miniature Plant Pot by Jo Lucksted // Black and Pink Marbled Planter by Leah Ball



Small Plant Hanger by KKDW // Large Line Planter Ceramic Hanging Planter by Half Light Honey Studio // Hang Vaasje by AFNOLET


Veggie Burgers 10 Ways

Veggie burgers get a bad rap, but I can see how if you’ve never had a good one thoughts of cardboard could come to mind with the mere mention. If you didn’t know, it’s National Burger Month and we’re going to celebrate it beef-free with ten mouthwatering takes on the veggie burger. Take a look at the lineup and I dare you to tell me that not one of these recipes made your mouth water.





















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Don’t Forget the Card: Mother’s Day


Garden Mother’s Day Card by Rifle Paper Co. // Home is Where Your Mom Is by Moglea // Love You Mum by bespoke Letterpress


I Love You Mom Card by Quill and Fox // Awkward Mother’s Day Card by Emily McDowell // One Hot Mama Letterpress Card by Wednesday Press



Mom Libs Mother’s Day Card by Minted // XO MOM by egg press // Muscle Man Mom Letterpress Note Card by Isabell’s Umbrella



Baby Head Mother’s Day Card by Wit & Whistle // Mom Town by egg press // Love You Heaps Card by little low studio



Thanks Mom, I Turned Out Awesome by Cheeky Kumquat // Cat Mother’s Day Card by Chloe Derderian-Gilbert // You’re the Best Mom Lavender Flowers Card by Happy Cactus Designs


Modern Birdhouses

From what I remember I’ve never had a birdhouse hanging in the yard or window of any home I’ve lived in.  But birdhouses aren’t what they used to be, especially these eleven modern versions. Do you think they’d mind creating a human-sized version for me?



ROW 1: Camera Shutter by Twig & Timber // Birdhouse by KOROMIKO // Modern Birdhouse by Oh Dier Living    ROW 2:Modern Birdhouse by Ingleside Pottery // Bird House Cat by Shabby with Chic    ROW 3: Vinyl Tube Birdhouse by The Birdhouse Chick // Typography Bird Houses from Anthropologie // Blue Wood Birdhouse by Ghenganette    ROW 4: Pratone Birdhouses from Anthropologie // MIKKO by PYGMALION // Tree Ring Birdhouse by Hinika



A Hoppin’ Easter Sunday

Is Easter a big deal in your house? Growing up ours always involved a hidden basket (one year behind the Christmas tree that had yet to be taken down), plastic eggs hidden outside, and a big family dinner at my grandparents’ house. Now it mainly involves dinner at my moms and yes, baskets are still hidden! Check out these 17 projects and ideas to make your Easter Sunday extra special.


ROW 1:Easter Brunch Invitations + Stickers // DIY Floral Party Hats // Printable Easter Treat Bags    ROW 2:Easter Bread // Easter Sticker Buckets // A Simple Easter Arrangement    ROW 3:Paper Rabbit Bust // Easter Candy Bark    ROW 4:Easter Ice-Cream Sandwich Treats // Bunny Ears Twist Wrap // Origami Easter Bunnies    ROW 5:Paint Swatch Flowers // Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt // Happy Easter Egg Hunt Signs Kit    ROW 6:Easter Egg Terrarium // Washi Tape Eggs // Printable Iron-On Bunny Bags


Cheesecake 10 Ways

Mmmm, cheesecake. It lies in that polarizing area of food where people either love it or hate it. From this post you can guess which camp I’m in. My mom makes amazing cheesecakes, meanwhile I’ve never even attempted one. I think that needs to change in the very near future, and these are the ten front-running cheesecake creations for my make-it-or-break-it culinary experience. Which one should I go with?





















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A Dozen Ways to Decorate Eggs + Bing Rewards

At some point my Easter focus shifted from shoving chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps into my face and onto the art of decorating an awesome egg. My mom and I have had a tradition of dyeing a dozen or two together each spring since I was little. I love our time spent together, but our go-to has been a box of Paas most years and I’m ready to mix it up a bit. Last year we branched out a bit by creating some ombre striped eggs and this year I’d love to take it even further.




With Easter less than three weeks away, I started looking for my perfect project by doing a little research on Bing which is now iOS compatible. I recently switched my settings on my phone to make it my primary search engine, and to take advantage of Bing Rewards . Create an account for free and earn points that are good for gift cards to your favorite stores and other rewards by doing  searches. There are new opportunities to earn points daily. That’s right, earn points towards gift cards for projects you’re searching – magic.



A bunch of colorful options popped up immediately and I narrowed them down. (I don’t like eating hardboiled eggs, so keeping them edible wasn’t necessary.) I ended up with a dozen keepers that are in the running and currently being passed on to the deciding deity – my mom – for a final decision. Which is your favorite?

ROW 1:Hibiscus Dyed Eggs // All-Natural Dyed Eggs // DIY Easter Egg Decorations    ROW 2: Marbelized Easter Eggs // Easter Egg Pinatas // DIY Kool-Aid Easter Eggs    ROW 3:DIY Gold Leaf Eggs // Watercolor Easter Eggs // DIY Fruity French Easter Eggs    ROW 4: Marble Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid // Dot Design Easter Eggs // Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs

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