Black + White Art

Pernille Møller Folcarelli-Design Crush

Pernille Folcarelli

There’s something simple yet striking about black and white art. Whatever form the subject matter takes – illustration, photograph, sculpture – the end result tends to be graphic and attention grabbing. Now that’s a theme I can back 100%.



Clockwise: Deep Space by Samantha Hahn // Black Cat with White Whiskers by Corella Design //
Hexagon by Melinda Wood Designs // Diamonds and Monsters by The Adventures Of



LOVE Set of 4 Typographic Posters by Black and White Posters



Clockwise: New York Typographic Art Print by Yantree // Phases of the Moon by The Adventures Of //
It’s Good to Be Home by Spell and Tell // Crystal Palace No. 4 by Kristina Sostarko


Print Edition: April


Feathers by The Bugaloo // Blue Botanical by Rifle Paper Co. // Live Less Out of Habit by Jenna Kutcher // Minerals & Gems Vol 2 by Vol 25 // Paper Animals by Danse de Lune



Rainbow Poster by Fine Little Day // Stay Humble by Sewindieshop // Strata No 1 by Elouise Renouf // You Also Have a Pizza by Katie Batten // Zodiac Constellations by The Aestate


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Crazy about this Monster Skin Rug that you can support on Kickstarter!
02/ Brilliant – a tissue box filled with motivational quotes.
03/ Christoph Neimann uses everyday objects to complete his illustrations.
04/ Check out the color breakdowns of Disney films in print form.
05/ Everyone’s been there, here’s a kit to survive any breakup.
06/ What happened when Calder Wilson attached fireworks to his drone?
07/ I hope England doesn’t care that Oscar Santillan stole the top inch of its tallest mountain.
08/ This year’s Serpentine Pavilion in London celebrates 15 years of the project.
09/ Here’s how to make a 24 Carrot Cake.
10/ Tyler Feder draws famous fictional foods from television shows.

This week on Design Crush:
Daydreaming about a summer camp for adults thanks to Amy Bennett.
Wine Awesomeness is a new monthly subscription box and you can all receive the first month FREE! (said in Oprah voice)
Crushing on the manipulated canvases of Valentin Dommanget in a big way.
The countdown to Easter is almost done – are you ready?
Harriet Lee-Merrion‘s illustrations manage to feel light and heavy all at the same time.
This one time, at Texas Style Camp… I learned some new stuff about myself.
Tiny cities and the foods they’re known for combine in Brunchcity.
I’m craving solid organizational pieces this spring, like the Leaning Loop.
Speaking of, Kate Tucker‘s paintings are complete organized chaos.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Powder blue is a big deal right now everywhere in the home.


Social Preparedness Kit

Social Preparedness Kit-1-Design Crush


I’ve been a fan of Egg Press for years now, and their latest line – Social Preparedness Kit – is full of great graphics and a few cheeky words. It’s all a reminder to step away from all the screens in your life and enjoy the connections in your life. Send a note or make a list of possibilities, just make room for a little magic.


Social Preparedness Kit-2-Design Crush

Social Preparedness Kit-3-Design Crush

Social Preparedness Kit-4-Design Crush

Social Preparedness Kit-5-Design Crush



MaricorMaricar-1-Design Crush


MaricorMaricar are an artistic tag team, which in my opinion there should be more of. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone push your limits, bring out your strong points, and say “No, that sucks” in creativity. These two ladies excel at the creation of embroidered illustrations, lettering, animation, and design (sometimes at the same time).


MaricorMaricar-2-Design Crush

MaricorMaricar-3-Design Crush

MaricorMaricar-4-Design Crush


Miranda Lorikeet

Miranda Lorikeet-1-Design Crush


Miranda Lorikeet is an HR assistant by day and an artist/wizard who uses her powers to wrangle MS Paint into submission by night. Her creations are colorful, otherworldly, and sometimes naked.


Miranda Lorikeet-2-Design Crush

Miranda Lorikeet-3-Design Crush

Miranda Lorikeet-4-Design Crush

Miranda Lorikeet-5-Design Crush


Print Edition: March


‘Claris’ Budgie by Margaret Petchell // A Sunday Well-Spent Brings a Week of Content by Chipper Things // Party Dress by Jennifer Davis // Winter by Valeria Rienzi



Rustic American Flag by Subject Matter Studio // Persimmons, Winter Table by Chelsea Heffner // Paperclip Index Chart by Present & Correct // City By the Bay by Sycamore Street Press


The Adventures Of – Marbles

The Adventures Of-2-Design Crush

While a good marbling project can be endlessly therapeutic, the end result often strikes me as too stuffy. Not so with The Adventures Of‘s latest paper goods collection – Marbles. Husband and wife team Benjamin and Amanda Denning have created a muted marbling that when paired with clean and modern lines yield an outcome that I’m not only on board with, but lusting after.


The Adventures Of-3-Design Crush

The Adventures Of-4-Design Crush

The Adventures Of-1-Design Crush

(via The Style Files)


16 Last Minute Printable Valentines

















Click on each image to go to the download.
All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.


Yelena Bryksenkova

Yelena Bryksenkova-1-Design Crush


I’ve fallen fast in love with Yelena Bryksenkova‘s watercolor and gouache paintings. Her reading ladies just look so relaxed and cozy that I’d love to crawl right in next to them and see what’s so interesting on those pages. Not to mention CATS! and DANCE PARTIES! Yelena has both original pieces and plenty of prints available in her shop, so you should probably head over before I buy her out. (You think I’m kidding?)


Yelena Bryksenkova-2-Design Crush

Yelena Bryksenkova-3-Design Crush

Yelena Bryksenkova-4-Design Crush

Yelena Bryksenkova-5-Design Crush