Heeeyyy, Oklahoma City! Saturday, October 26th I’ll be speaking at Confluence, a conference celebrating OKC’s bloggers and digital influencers. Because you know what? We’ve got a lot of them. Confluence was created by David Christopher (an Oklahoman by way of Britain, funnily enough) as a way to bring us all together to meet, mingle, and learn from one another. Such a simple yet brilliant premise that I can’t wait to be a part of. I’ll be talking about growing your online community, but you can check out the whole Confluence lineup of speakers right here. If you’re in the OKC area and want to attend you can register here, use the code earlybird when doing so before October 12th for $10 off. Can’t wait to see you all at the end of the month.


Taste Tour: POPS


It’s been a few months since our last Taste Tour and I’m happy to break the silence with POPS, a place that you have to make a stop at if you’re ever in or driving through Oklahoma City.



POPS is on Route 66 just off of I-35, and you’ll know you’re there when you spot this gigantic 66′ tall pop bottle and straw sculpture. When the sun sets its LED lights kick on and the ensuing light show is something to behold.



The sculpture is a hint at what lies inside, and the lined glass walls of POPS is the big reveal – over 600 varieties of pop! Over 1,000 bottles line the shelves on two of the building’s four walls.





POPS also has a great 50s style diner menu, including a Shake Shop that features ten hand-dipped flavors and endless float options.



The walls of POPS are cantilevered, and several of the dining tables sit directly under them giving a great overhead view. (If you look closely you can see the glue that holds the display bottles in place and keeping them safe from grabby hands!)

The entire site of POPS is really something to experience. So if you ever find yourself nearby take the time to stop in.



PHOTOS: Caroline Cohenour
PHOTOS 2 + 7: Kelly Beall

660 W. Highway 66 | Arcadia, OK | 73007
405.928.POPS (7677)
877.266.POPS (7677)


Jason Pawley



To wrap up this first edition of Oklahoma City Week we’re going out with an artist instead of a shop. Meet Jason Pawley, the brilliant mind behind these neoned, patterned, exciting works of art that I can’t stare at long enough. ( If you’re the observant type you probably noticed his handiwork on the back wall of DNA Galleries yesterday.) I like Jason’s patterns on their own, but am completely blown away by the pieces that include subjects tattooed with those same lines and angles. And I’ve just convinced us all that he would design great tattoos as well, right?






DNA Galleries


PHOTO: DNA Galleries

DNA Galleries is a small contemporary art gallery and artist-made retail space that is a key part of the burgeoning art scene here in OKC. They showcase artists who like to work in non-traditional styles, host artist openings the second Friday of every month, and have several works for sale under $50 for collectors who are just starting out. Also a whopping 95% of their goods are locally made! DNA recently moved into a new shop that’s nearly double the size of their old location and are making great use of the space, I’ll be sharing more on that killer wall mural later this week!











1709 NW 16th  OKC, OK  73106


Pie Junkie



Eat more pie! I think that’s a pretty good mantra to live life by, and so does Pie Junkie. This small shop is run by two moms with a passion for classic baking with a modern twist, who both grew up by their grandmas’ sides in the kitchen. Pie Junkie offers a mean menu full of both sweet and savory crust-encased goodies, along with the occasional spur of the moment addition. (So far) I’ve tried their southwestern quiche and coconut cream pie, both of which made me close my eyes and emit mmmm sounds of delight. I’m already deciding what to order next!









1711 NW 16th Street  OKC, OK  73106


Olive & Co.



The second stop for Oklahoma City Week is Olive & Co, a shop full of 20+ premium olive oils and 16+ balsamic vinegars. One of my favorite appetizers in the world is a simple dish of olive oil with a (sizable) dollop of balsamic and all the crusty bread I can get my hands on, so Olive & Co is a veritable mecca for me. The moment you walk in you’re encouraged to try as many of both as you’d like, little plastic cups and bread are located on the tables. Each cistern has a description of its contents similar to that of a wine which is vastly helpful, and oils and vinegars are available in four sizes that they decant directly from the cisterns you see here . Turns out the vinegars were so delicious I didn’t even need the bread and just tasted from the cup after the first! Both the traditional balsamics and white balsamics were so layered in flavor and depth that they were seriously life changing to the palette. I picked up bottles of strawberry balsamic and grapefruit white balsamic and have a little something up my sleeve to share with you all later today – stay tuned!











7602 North May Avenue  Oklahoma City, OK  73116


Just OK



This past Tuesday I had a lovely lunch with a friend, and then spent the rest of the afternoon making my way through some local shops in OKC. It’s something I don’t do nearly enough, especially now when the city seems to be experiencing a notable growth spurt. Then and there I decided to dedicate the first post of each day this week to some of my favorite Oklahoma City locales. This is just a drop in the bucket and I’m planning on sharing more down the road, so stay tuned and join me for our first Oklahoma City Week!

First up is Just OK, an offshoot concept of next door neighbor Blue 7. Just OK gathers and purveys the best of the best products and art made right here in Oklahoma. We Oklahomans have a lot of pride in our state and Just OK does an amazing job of sharing that with everyone who comes in their door. Their tagline says it all, Oklahoma Goods for the Good of Oklahoma.



















7518 N. May, Suite C  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116


Design Crush + Anthropologie + Oklahoma



Today I’m thrilled to announce a collaboration between Design Crush and Anthropologie to help raise money for the rebuilding of Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary Schools! The tornadoes that swept through my town of Oklahoma City last month have left not only a hole in our community, but in my heart. I’m lucky that my own part of town was left unscathed, but not everyone was that lucky. And it seems like the children got hit extra hard this time around with not one, but two elementary schools bring leveled by the May 20th twister.

And that’s where you, my fellow Oklahoma City dwellers, come in.

On the evenings of June 26th and 27th I’ll be leading a String Art Workshop at the Classen Curve Anthropologie location. From 6 to 8pm come hang out! For a suggested donation of $15 that will go towards Build a Classroom’s Donate For OK campaign, you’ll enjoy delicious refreshments, do a little mingling, then sit down and create some string art that I promise you’re going to love.

I’m looking forward to these workshops more than words can say and I hope to see you there! Spaces are limited, so please RSVP to oklahomacityps@anthropologie.com as soon as you decide to join us for this community event.


Taste Tour: Vast



A few weekends ago we celebrated my Mom’s birthday atop the tallest building in Oklahoma when we dined at Vast on the 49th floor of Devon Tower. We had fantastic seating right next to the windows and a decently clear day for our meal, which was full of four delicious courses and cocktails. I tried jalapeno vodka for the first time – definitely a high point (for sure DIYing that!) – in a mango cocktail, and experienced bananas foster in an entirely new way when served as fried pies. And then I took half of my meal home and relived it all the next day in my pajamas. YUM.


Vast-13-Design Crush























101 N. Robinson Avenue, 49th + 50th floors | Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | 405.702.7262


Taste Tour: Sara Sara Cupcakes


Photos © Caroline Cohenour 

I’ve been a lover of Sara Sara Cupcakes since their doors opened, in fact they’re my favorite cupcakery in all of Oklahoma City. They’ve mastered what few have: the perfect ratio of cake to icing. That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge to me. Too much icing and the cake is overshadowed, too little and things can get dry. It’s a fine balance if I’ve ever seen one!

(I’d be remiss not to mention one of the most important parts of Sara Sara Cupcakes, their namesake. Read Sara Brinson’s story here.)




Sara Sara’s home base (they have a few other locations throughout the city) is in a simple two story house in Midtown. It can seem unassuming, but once you walk through the front door you’re greeted with an explosion of modern white decor. Not only is it fresh, but also a great backdrop for the colorful cupcakes. During warm weather there’s a perfect wooden porch to catch up on with friends, and a super duper smart astroturf front yard with chairs for lounging.




Sara Sara’s menu features 26+ rotating flavors, those available are individually displayed in small lucite boxes on the wall. I’m holding my breath until Mother’s Day when my #1 favorite – Blackberry Maple – comes back to town.




We started out with six cupcakes (which soon expanded to 8 thanks to the amazing gal on duty), a few new and a few tried and true. You can probably tell from the table above that these are no average-sized cupcakes, each one is about the size of a teacup and I was both excited and terrified at the prospect of taking them on.




Just one more stop before cupcake heaven – the milk bar! Grab a frosted glass from the freezer next to the udders then choose from white, strawberry, or chocolate milk. Or get a little crazy and mix ‘em up. (Pardon my weird-looking hand?!)




First up is the Crimson and Cream. A classic red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and topped with chocolate shavings. (Don’t you love the teardrop-shaped plates and small forks each cupcake is served with??)




Strawberry is Sara Sara’s best seller and it’s easy to see why. Strawberry cake with extra creamy strawberry frosting and a few slices of the fresh stuff on top, if I had to choose one flavor to represent comfort food this would definitely be the one.




Sir Elton John was a new flavor for me and was out of this world. A cakey cherry cheesecake with cream cheese frosting, crushed graham crackers, and cherries. (There was no way we could polish off every cupcake, and this one was my favorite leftover the next day!)




Blueberry Honey is the equivalent of a breakfast cupcake. Fluffy blueberry cake, buttercream frosting laced with honey, and a perfect blueberry perched on top!




The Sheriff was another Sara Sara specialty that I had never tried before our Taste Tour (and the only one that legitimately required a fork!). It’s simple and brilliant all at the same time – chocolate cake filled with vanilla custard and drenched in ganache. Like a tiny Boston Creme Pie!




I even discovered a new favorite, the PB&J! Vanilla cake, a layer of grape jelly, peanut butter icing, and a coating of crushed peanuts. The combination of textures was perfectly amazing.




We were sooo rolly poly by the end of the afternoon that there’s no photo of the Carmello other than this one, that’s it in the lower lefthand corner. Vanilla cake, a marshmallowy icing, and caramel drizzle. I may or may not have eaten the rest of this one over the sink at 11pm that night… the perfect day!




Sara Sara Cupcakes
7 NW 9th St. | Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | (405) 600-9494
17 E 5th St. | Edmond, OK 73013 | (405) 216-3562