The Office: Organized


Clockwise from Top Left: Cork Planter Bookend Set from Canoe, Porcelain Tape Dispenser from Shop the Office Stylist, Elephant Letter Organizer + Key Holder from KikkerlandOwl String Holder from west elm, Kraft To Do List from Sugar Paper, Memo Pad & Organizer from Pulp, Clear Ruler from poppin, SmartDeck from russell+hazel


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ LEDscape, an installation of 1,200 IKEA floor lamps.
02/ Defrosting an entire cold storage building.
03/ The Home Office Beach!
04/ A study of butterfly wings.
05/ Meet Momo, like Where’s Waldo with an adorable dog.
06/ NeighBirds. Heh.
07/ A Visual Compendium of Guitars.
08/ Smorgasboard, an illustrated board game for foodies.
09/ Jeni’s cure-all, Influenza Sorbet!
10/ No big deal, just an espresso vending tricycle.


Curve BT iDock


I haven’t had a land line since 2003, so saying I depend on my cell phone is an understatement. It’s my only line of contact. But here’s something you iPhone-users can relate to, after an extended conversation those bad boys get HOT. They’re also really awkward to hold when you’re trying to do other things at the same time.

Enter the Curve BT iDock. Just plug your iPhone into the base, connect via Bluetooth, then roam freely within a 30 foot radius. It’s super sleek in either black or white and goes with just about any decor. It even charges your phone at the same time. And I have to admit, it’s made my business calls much more enjoyable and less sweaty-eared.


A Curve BT iDock sample was provided to me. All opinions and experiences are my own.


Back At It

I am in a constant state of missing school. I wasn’t a straight A student (more like an A-B 50/50 split), it’s the learning I miss. The bottomless well to draw from, especially in college where there were so many options from which to choose. I’m also a school and office supply junky, I doubt there’s ever been a kid (or adult) quite as enthusiastic when the big box stores roll out their masses of back-to-school inventory. Most years I limit myself to buying a fresh notebook or set of highlighters, just to satisfy the itch. But if I were to be a little more adult about it, I’d take this opportunity to freshen up my office space. Maybe with a few of these.


Clockwise from top left:
An illustrated Lined Paper Notepad for important notes and messages.
From the Desk Of cards to jot out quick thank yous.
Monthly Sticky Notes to keep my schedule in order.
Yellow highlighter ink because it’s more fun than a regular pen!
This backpack from Herschel Supply Company for Madewell because, well, I want one.

What are your favorite must-have supplies? 


Keep Calm and Tear It Down

Now here’s a Monday morning appropriate post, check out KEEP CALM AND TEAR IT DOWN by Rajeev Basu. Signage for the modern workplace that’s not exactly workplace appropriate (unless you work for yourself, then beyond hilarious). You can even print each one out full-size if your heart desires. (via Josh Spear)


Happy Weekend

01/ Hoping my next house is constructed out of concrete LEGO bricks!
02/ I want to buy my eggs in this packaging.
03/ Your dream is a reality, print postcards that smell like FOOD.
04/ The photography alone makes me want to get my hands on this magazine.
05/ Rose-colored glasses!
06/ Daring enough to try a Hairchitecture ’do?
07/ WaterDog!
08/ Wonder if this Woven Desk would make me more productive?
09/ Weird + beautiful ceramic teeth mug.
10/ 100 phone booths, 100 artists


Happy Weekend

01/ Such a great geometric DIY picnic blanket.
02/ Alcohol-infused gummy bears!
03/ These DIY Painted Confetti Tumblers would make a sweet summer hostess gift.
04/ A world map made of coins.
05/ I’m a sucker for these Full Moon Sticky Notes.
06/ Room portraits – from above!
07/ Platter of Friendship.
08/ Would you have a cocktail out of The Porthole?
09/ The Bill Murray Coloring Book!
10/ The Etcetera Planter looks like a great small spaces solution.


Happy Weekend

01/ Pretty paper flowers with real branches
02/ Festive origami bunny garland
03/ Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Little Paper Planes: 20 Artists Reinvent the Childhood Classic
04/ String art is definitely trending!
05/ Desktop power lines to organize all those cords
06/ Ombre accordion folders to brighten up your desk
07/ American Girls photo series – I had Samantha
08/ Love the super saturated colors in these (inedible) RIT dyed eggs
09/ Ready to entertain with these brush stroke napkins
10/ Lisa Congdon’s 365 Days of Hand Lettering project is both pretty and smart


Lazy Linda

First off, if the name – Lazy Linda – doesn’t at least make you crack a smile you’re dead inside. Second, I know they’re designed with the kitchen in mind but I’d love to put a white one in my studio to help organize my ridiculous amount of art supplies. In other words, a really well-designed organizational product.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Lisa Rupp 

01/ cast iron skillets shaped like every U.S. state!
02/ a bubblegum bubble paperweight
03/ lo-ove this ombre desk
04/ DIY silver leafed garland + favors
05/ Downton Abbey-themed cocktails
06/ 24-Hour Sprinkles cupcakes via an ATM-like contraption
07/ DIY gignormous paper flowers
08/ 13 cheese everyone should know (yum)
09/ animal-shaped ribbon sculptures to wear