Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Would you wear these Subway Map Printed Tights??
02/ Have you seen Disney’s animated short Paperman yet? So sweet.
03/ I have the perfect cocktail for all of you on Blizzard Watch – hot chocolate with red wine!
04/ Genius proportional counting blocks for children.
05/ Hot tub boats exist, NBD.
06/ As do dollhouse coffee tables.
07/ Incredible giant pinecones made of shovel blades.
08/ Vaportini, a vaporizer for inhaling alcohol.
09/ Plastic plaids!
10/ Only the best commitment ring ever.

Sidenote: After some confusion in the Reader Survey I just wanted to point out that the images above are linked, as well as the numbered descriptions. No need to scroll up and down. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Art Exhibition: For the Kids


Clockwise from Top Left: ABCs poster by snug, North American Animals print by Small Adventure, Zoo Folk Art print by Laura Fee Illustration, Signed ABCs by ERAY


Happy Weekend

01/ The Empire State Building just got better with an LED light show set to music.
02/ Because fall foliage really is THAT FUN.
03/ Beautiful conceptual clouds.
04/ A drawing machine that records pinball play.
05/ The Fixer’s Manifesto.
06/ A 170-foot long trampoline in Russia!
07/ Turning billboards into giant planters.
08/ A Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair (so true).
09/ This bear blanket for kids is SO GOOD.
10/ Whoa, these birds send tweets by eating pork fat off a keyboard!


Sky High

Sky High, written by Germano Zullo and illustrated by Albertine, is one of the best children’s books I’ve ever seen. The storyline focuses on two competing neighbors – Agenor-Agobar Poirier des Chapelles and Willigis Kittycly Junior – who are both attempting to build the bigger, better house. The home improvements start small and grow incredibly absurd, with Albertine’s illustrations playing the star and Zullo’s sparse words assisting. The best part about Sky High is that the adult reading will enjoy it as much as the child(ren) listening, so good!


Anorak Trunks


I grew up with a large steamer trunk (my dad’s) for a toy box, later in life I owned a few super cheap versions for summer’s at camp. None looked anything like these, but Anorak’s steamer trunks make me happy. They’re canvas-coated, and the deer pattern could make a nice little home at the bottom of my bed for linen storage.




Happy Weekend

01/ Game of Thrones nursery rhymes!
02/ Love this series of AIGA Get Out the Vote posters.
03/ Muertitas, beautiful seasonal masks.
04/ Giant ear trumpet sculptures.
05/ Would you walk across this Balloon Bridge?
06/ I want to play On Space Time Foam!
07/ The Rain Room!
08/ Geometrical food art.
09/ Calling all brides – here’s your Something Blue.
10/ The Phobias of Creatives.


Happy Weekend

01/ A handwriting font. For doctors.
02/ GPS shoes to getcha home.
03/ A Coffee Cup Cookie, naturally.
04/ How to Write a Love Letter.
05/ Pi in the sky!
06/ If you have to muzzle your dog might as well make it adorably hilarious with Quack.
07/ Tiny detailed paintings on pennies.
08/ Now this is a well designed tape measure!
09/ Chemistry Crayons – each one is named after the chemical that makes the color possible.
10/ A large-scale charm bracelet for the streets.


Happy Weekend

01/ Make a modern DIY playhouse!
02/ Doilies + driftwood.
03/ Turning stubby old pencils into fun toys.
04/ The couple I saw spooning on the gate floor at McCarren Airport this week needed the Blandito.
05/ Matchbook is all about bikinis and books and pairing the two together.
06/ Fabric-covered soccer balls.
07/ A multicolor sprinkler that paints rainbows.
08/ Water tower turned townhouse.
09/ Preciously tiny, these Olympian Meals are representative of what a few athletes actually eat.
10/ Smart folding Piegato shelves.


Gem Versus Gem

TOP: Amethyst Geometric Facet print by The Pairabirds (via coco+kelley)
BOTTOM: diamond crayons by Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern Collection for Target (available May 20th) (via Simply Grove)



Happy Weekend


01/ Where rot meets fascination.
02/ Outdoor rugs made of rocks – so smart.
03/ Chalktrail looks like the best time!
04/ Paper towels colored with leftover egg dye.
05/ I used to dye flowers like this as a kid!
06/ Typography + Knives
07/ These dip-dyed paper placemats are such fun!
08/ Wishing I were patient enough for this ombre nail job.
09/ I don’t use glass paint nearly enough, check out these tumblers.
10/ Fantastic patterns on every one of these Coaster Puzzle Trays.