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The Guest Room // The Wallpaper

Guest Room-HGTV Home:SherwinWilliams-1-Design Crush


I’ve never been big on wallpaper. Most of it just brings back awful memories of the two walls of my childhood bedroom that were plastered with some sort of navajo print. That I picked out. To go with the other two walls that were painted peach. PEACH! So you can see why I’ve steered clear for so long.

But over the past few years I’ve noticed a change in the tides. Wallpaper prints that I actually like, some of which that have been designed by artists I respect and admire. So when it came to the guest room I thought, well, it’s now or never.


Guest Room-HGTV Home:SherwinWilliams-2-Design Crush


So I started searching out wallpaper options and fell for something I never would have expected. This detailed pattern from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams in a deep, dark navy blue overlaid with an almost metallic grey print – it’s the 441-5610 design and is a part of their Coastal Cool collection. The wallpaper is a thick and heavy quality paper, which added a little bit of a challenge to the actual hanging but gave us such a beautiful result. And because of the detail it’s virtually impossible to see the seams. I’m so happy with the end result, and so thankful for the help of my friend Tab who did most of the dirty work because this is most definitely a two-person job.

What’s your stance on wallpaper? 

Disclaimer: Wallpaper provided by Sherwin-Williams. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!


The Guest Room // The Paint

Guest Room-Paint-1-Design Crush


I’ve really wanted to paint a room black for a few years now, and my guest room was the only candidate in my house for it. But once I chose the wallpaper for behind the bed and matched it up to Sherwin-Williams Indigo Batik blue, well, it was Love with a capital L. All the drama of black without a total void of color.


Guest Room-Paint-2-Design Crush


I went with their Emerald Interior acrylic latex paint in a satin finish. (If you recall, I used the Emerald Exterior on my front door.) It was the best fit for the vibrant hue I’d chosen because it offers incredible coverage and hide, and includes a built-in primer. It really is my favorite paint to work with, inside and out.


Guest Room-Paint-3-Design Crush


Here’s a little peek at the before, after I’d moved all of the things destined for my September yard sale into the garage. You guys, it was full of crap and ugly. When I bought my house this room was the brightest of reds, I even casually referred to it as the Murder Room. The day I closed on the house we started painting, and over the next two days we painted every space with the exception of the living room (which got a coat of light grey a year later). This room ended up being blah beige simply because I wanted to cover the red, but had no clue how I wanted to decorate the room just yet. So it stayed that way for the next five years.


Guest Room-Paint-4-Design Crush


Bebe was a great helper, she didn’t even eat any of the paint.


Guest Room-Paint-5-Design Crush


Even though I was planning on wallpapering over one wall the next day, I went ahead and painted all four instead of trying to save some time. It paid off in dividends by covering any little mistakes we made while hanging the paper and is highly recommended, I’m so glad I did it. The color was even better that I thought it would be, and I kept stepping back and stating “I really like this!.”


Guest Room-Paint-6-Design Crush


I splurged for this project and bought an actual canvas drop cloth after years of buying the cheap plastic kind. I’m weirdly looking forward to using it for years to come and accruing paint splatters!

Would you ever paint a room in your home this dark? Or have you already?

Disclaimer: Paint provided by Sherwin-Williams. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!


Custom Map Wallpaper

3D Wohnung Rendering


Custom map wallpaper. (Yeah, you read that right.) Wallpapered can print any postal code onto any size wallpaper for your home or office! All they need from you is a postcode or specified area and BOOM. Done. Your map wallpaper can even be customized in any color. So, what would you print – your favorite city, your hometown, your current town? I think I’d have to go with my home city of Pittsburgh, there’s nothing much better map-wise than the confluence of its three rivers.


Wallpapered-2-Design Crush



Welcoming Wallpapers


ROW 1: Stacy Garcia // Dynasty // Fluidity    ROW 2: Brush // Indian Summer
ROW 3: Bookshelf // Colour Puddle // Darcy    ROW 4: Saraille // Moon Crescents // Zebra


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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A color wheel created using all 649 Pokémon.
02/ A giant message in a bottle!
03/ A solarium composed of 162 panes of caramelized sugar. Wow.
04/ Donutology, what your choice in cruller says about your personality.
05/ Once, a giant cube containing the crushed remains of an entire amusement park.
06/ A 102 year old transport ship sprouts a forest.
07/ A cotton candy padded cell, oh my.
08/ Origami street art? YES!
09/ The best mini pool you’ve seen.
10/ Penguin library wallpaper for your walls.

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My apologies to Country Living, the original source of the Vintage Tennis Racket Mirrors.

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Color With Confidence: Pantone + Valspar + Lowe’s


PHOTO: Kelly Beall

You just did a double-take, amiright? Well, I promise that this isn’t a 30-day late April Fool’s joke. Pantone, the global authority on and standard of color, has teamed up with Valspar to launch a new line of paint! The Pantone Universe Paint Collection will be available exclusively at Lowe’s beginning this month.



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall

The collection features 100 on-trend hues ranging from classic neutrals to eye-popping brights. It also includes the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald, as well as the 2012 selection, Tangerine Tango!



PHOTO: Edelman

This past weekend I visited NYC to participate in the 2-day Color with Confidence event along with several other bloggers and editors. Our first day was filled with inspirational talks from Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman, interior designer Elaine Griffin, and fashion designer Nanette Lepore. These ladies were nothing short of lovely and brilliant.



TOP PHOTO: Edelman  BOTTOM PHOTO: Kelly Beall

After listening to Leatrice, Elaine, and Nanette (and noshing on some tasty treats and colorful cocktails) we were taught the proper way to paint from Valspar’s Jill. I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable painter and was clueless on half of the tips she spilled!

• Use a wooden brush, it catches drips better.
• Use the handle of said brush to seal the edges of your painter’s tape.
• Remove your tape before the paint is actually dry to avoid peeling.
• Use high-quality brushes and roller to avoid shedding.
• A good paint roller is both washable and reusable.
• Load your roller with way more paint than you think necessary, four bathe + rolls in the tray is optimal.
• Paint in 4 x 4′ sections.
• Use a W technique (seen above). Make the letter W, then fill it in. Reload roller each time.
• Once the wall is filled go over it with vertical stripes of paint to even things out.
• Use a church key not a screwdriver to open paint cans.
• Put cellophane over the can opening before putting the lid back on to keep paint fresh for a year.
• Keep the paintbrush’s original packaging to retain shape.
• Always use a canvas drop cloth, it’s less slippery than plastic and absorbs drips immediately.
• Use a roller scraper to avoid wasting paint left in roller.
• Store paint in a cool place (i.e. not your garage – whoops!)



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall

We played around a bit choosing a color palette and talked to Nanette Lepore about how color inspires fashion. Then we mingled and headed home to rest up for the next day, when we’d finally get to dig in and get some paint on our hands!



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall

After grabbing breakfast,we all loaded into a black bus with tinted windows (so VIP) with a moving truck tailing us, and headed to Hell’s Kitchen flea market. It was a beautiful sunshiney day and we were chomping at the bit to find the perfect pieces to upcycle. The first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful metal horse bust. I was in love. But the vendor wanted $500 for it and would only negotiate down to $275. Waaay out of my budget. Later we stopped in at the Salvation Army and I found this dresser that would have been perfect in my bedroom, but it was unfortunately already sold.



PHOTO: Edelman

Luckily I’d picked up a just-in-case piece, this gorgeous typesetter’s drawer. I’ve been wanting one since high school and had never seen a specimen in such perfect condition, and with unfinished wood. Success!



TOP PHOTO: Edelman  BOTTOM PHOTO: Kelly Beall

I suspect we all looked like a sideshow hauling pieces to the end of flea and loading them into our truck, but oh well. We had everything from a TV console to mirrors to end tables by the end of our excursion.



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall

I didn’t realize just how dirty my piece was until I started wiping it down. So gross. (You can see the color difference between this photo pre-wash and the post-wash below.)



PHOTOS: Kelly Beall

It took me awhile to figure out just how I wanted to transform my newly acquired type drawer, but after some thought I decided to start by painting the borders a nice charcoal grey. When that didn’t seem enough I debated painting the entire interior, but it would have required smaller brushes and more time than I had. I settled on taping off a few “gallery sections” and painting them white, I’ll be able to use these areas to highlight special tchotchkes once I get it home and hang it on my office wall.



TOP PHOTO: Kelly Beall  BOTTOM PHOTO: Edelman

I’m really happy with how it turned out! I plan on going over the white areas with a smaller brush and one more coat before calling it complete, but I’m counting this guy as a success. The Pantone Universe paint in Valspar’s Signature covered like a dream and was so incredibly saturated with color. I only did one layer of the grey if that tells you anything. Oh, and it dries to the touch in 20 minutes! I know you’re going to love it as much as I do.

Disclaimer: Travel and hotel in NYC provided by Pantone and Valspar. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!


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