Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Gabriela Da Costa

01/ a papercraft nativity set to print and assemble
02/ the most attractive way to store firewood – ever
03/ I like big buns and I cannot lie
04/ this paper tree looks so fun
05/ gorgeous agate windows
06/ magic beans to keep your coffee warm longer!
07/ great gift idea for a cook
08/ make hot cocoa ornaments


Happy Weekend


01/ looking forward to hoarding apples and making these apple ring fritters
02/ a mini version of this garden wall would look so good on a back porch or patio
03/ this hanger shelf is a brilliant use of space
04/ pretty DIY thread-wrapped hair combs
05/ Joy knows how to throw a cat a birthday party
06/ off-the-wall silkscreened paper masks
07/ typeface birdhouses!
08/ help the wildfire relief efforts in central Texas with these graphic tees
09/ all receipts should be this beautifully organized
10/ make an ombre denim button-up shirt


Where else I’ve been this week:
01/ In Honor of the Ice Cream Cone
02/ DIY Newspaper Gift Bags
03/ DIY Faux Zinc Letters
04/ Make It: Paper Pumpkins for Fall



Wine racks are one of those objects that make unleashing your creativity a breeze (as does the wine they hold). Crushing on the hexagonal drona, each modular holds seven bottles and completely protects them from light.


purnukka jars

The palette of Iittala’s purnukka jars couldn’t match my home better if they tried. I’d love to sue that turquoise one in particular to house my sea salt. {via Creature Comforts}


Wood Glass Canisters


I’ve finally found it, the perfect canister. I love that these would be perfectly at home in my kitchen, my bathroom, or my studio.


Bike Shelf.

After visiting friends in San Francisco and New York who lived in the standard small apartment, furniture maker Chris Brigham saw a need for well-designed bike storage and took it upon himself to create the Bike Shelf. The solid wood conceals a steel square rod mount for hanging a bike, doubling as shelf space. It’s now a permanent addition to knife & saw’s shop.


Cork Vases + Containers.

Guess who just happens to have some extra cork and empty cans laying around? And then guess who’s going to try her hand at these cork vases and containers? That’s right, this girl.


Farmers Market Baskets.

These sweet bone china farmers market baskets are just in time for summer bounty of berries. I’d much rather put them in my fridge or on my counter than the containers the berries are sold in. So stark and clever. {via wide open spaces}



Kite creates such a pretty illusion of flight and weightlessness. I tend to push things to the limit though, so I’m wondering how much weight it can actually support.


Container DS.

Always wanted an industrial freight container-inspired piece of furniture in your home? Look no further, let me introduce you to Container DS by Kuno Nüssli. You can even stack a few or outfit them with legs and wheels. No matter the spin, it’s great design.