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Pino is a lifestyle shop I’d definitely walk into and explore. The cool minimalism and color organization would suck me in immediately. Their identity kills it, I love the bold palette and diecut ‘I’ to no end.


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From The Pink Samurai


A Print Handbook For Designers




Being a designer is one thing, taking what you’ve created on screen and successfully translating it to print is another. There are so many rules and regulations (and opinions) that it can sometimes be overwhelming to remember it all. I love that A Print Handbook For Designers puts all of these little bits and pieces in one place, in fact I think it’s the best reference source of this type that I’ve seen in nine years of designing. It only costs about $10 which includes delivery, so if you’re a designer you really have no excuse left to not have your production spot on every single time. (via notcot)


Happy Weekend

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01.  liking this bold branding
02.  if your house was burning, what would you take with you?
03.  Carousel brings Instagram to your Mac’s desktop
04.  helpful UI stencils
05.  make your own wool laptop sleeve
06.  win an iPad 2!
07.  Geekigami
08.  Breakfast Interrupted
09.  mini chicken ‘n waffles appetizers


Happy Weekend

Virginia Gálvez


01.  the difference between Mac and PC users, an infographic
02.  love these watercolor painted party cups
03.  now I know what to do with my old pocket shoe organizer – make a vegetable garden!
04.  the human spirograph


Psst… Sunday is your very last chance to sign up for the Mixtape Swap!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Bruna Marchioro


01. I want my own tiny cabin
02. The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto
03. I’ve been making a soup a week
04. pretty bracelets to support Japan
05. clever Gift Complaint Form to download
06. desktop wallpaper featuring Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day
07. love this DIY leather cuff bracelet


Monday Goodness: YMCK

Pep Sanabra


Happy Weekend

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+ I’m obsessed with 3D papercrafts. Like this owl.

+ This bear? Not real.

+ Merit badges for grown ups.

+ Cannot WAIT for the Beastie Boys latest project!

+ Cover exposed pipes in your home with bamboo.

+ Mt. Washington, PA homes are always amazing.

+ Great infographic – 10 Minute Guide to the Constitution.

+ A padded cell with cotton candy walls!

+ Bathroom envy.

+ How to tie a (Hermes) scarf.

+ Make your own simple rubber stamps.

Happy Weekend!


Serif Tote Bag

I typically lean towards sans serif fonts as a designer, but in this case the serif totally wins.



It wasn’t so long ago that I talked about Moxy Creative House’s Dress the Part print series. I loved that it was geared towards the boys and was really smart. If you liked it like I did, well, today’s your lucky day because they’ve already released two other series under the EveryGuyed umbrella: Framework and Ensemble: The Style of Music.

Framework focuses on eyewear that’s been made famous by particular individuals like Woody Allen, Kanye West, and Buddy Holly. All prints are limited to fifty.

Ensembles is a series of posters featuring iconic outfits from twenty male musicians. Andre 3000, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson to name a few.