Akiko Kobayakawa

Akiko Kobayakawa-1-Design Crush


Are those seemingly innocent animals with knock-kneed human legs posing provocatively that you spy? Yup, right off the brush of Akiko Kobayakawa. The doe eyes and scuffed knees seem to hinting at something maybe a bit more dark I’m betting.


Akiko Kobayakawa-2-Design Crush


Akiko Kobayakawa-3-Design Crush


Akiko Kobayakawa-4-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Jeremy Rabus

Jeremy Rabus-1-Design Crush


I first discovered the work of Jeremy Rabus back in January 2013, and he recently reached out to share his latest work. Following the progress and evolution of an artist’s career is always an amazing thing, and it’s apparent that Jeremy’s has grown tremendously in the past 22 months. His style has been refined and so has the palette he works within, making me excited for what’s to come from Mr. Rabus.


Jeremy Rabus-2-Design Crush


Jeremy Rabus-3-Design Crush


Jeremy Rabus-4-Design Crush


Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone-1-Design Crush


Matthew Stone‘s Unconditional Love series is made up of digitally printed paintings on top of wood panels, mirror, and acrylic. The original lushly colored paintings are created on pieces of glass before being photographed and retouched to remove minor imperfections like dust and hairs. Don’t you just want to reach out and touch them?


Matthew Stone-2-Design Crush


Matthew Stone-3-Design Crush


Matthew Stone-4-Design Crush


Matthew Stone-5-Design Crush


Jeffrey Simmons

Jeffrey Simmons-1-Design Crush


If I gave you three chances to guess what medium Jeffrey Simmons uses to create his show-stopping works of art, well, I’m willing to bet you’d get three strikes. Care to venture a guess anyway? All of the gold stars to you if your answer was watercolor. I know! Simmons uses a tabletop-mounted rotating platform to give much of his work the precise perfection required, particularly on the multi-panel pieces.


Jeffrey Simmons-2-Design Crush


Jeffrey Simmons-3-Design Crush


Jeffrey Simmons-4-Design Crush


Jeffrey Simmons-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Brenna Giessen

Brenna Giessen-1-Design Crush


I’ve been silently stalking the work of Brenna Giesson for a few months now. What initially caught my eye was her use of long and narrow canvases and how she uses the space. The Atlanta-based artist skips between a few different techniques in her abstract works, but all seem to achieve that same feeling of serenity.


Brenna Giessen-2-Design Crush


Brenna Giessen-3-Design Crush


Brenna Giessen-4-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez-1-Design Crush


There’s a lot to love about the work of Jennifer Sanchez. Juicy neon colors, bold use of pattern, and creative textures to name a few. You can purchase NY14#19 – the second piece from the top – in The Marketplace if your walls are asking for a punch of awesome art!


Jennifer Sanchez-2-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-3-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-4-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-5-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard

Kristin Vestgard-1-Design Crush


Perfectly melancholy, the paintings of Norwegian artist Kristin Vestgard seem made especially for October. Full of magic, dreams, and contemplation, Vestgard’s work always seems to be part of a story that’s never quite spelled out. And I always have a special sort of admiration for art that leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination.


Kristin Vestgard-2-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-3-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-4-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-5-Design Crush



Harding Meyer

Harding Meyer-1-Design Crush


The glitchy portrait paintings of Harding Meyer seem especially apt for October, as they could be straight out of a digital age horror flick. Through layers and layers of paint and imagination Harding creates what could just as easily be mistaken for an out of whack broken film strip. Add to that their massive oversized canvases and you have the making of something truly spectacular.


Harding Meyer-2-Design Crus


Harding Meyer-3-Design Crus


Harding Meyer-4-Design Crus


Harding Meyer-5-Design Crus


Kostadina Nacheva

Kostadina Nacheva-1-Design Crush


The rich and vibrant paintings of Kostadina Nacheva feel a lot like fall to me. Like that just by viewing them we’re catching a glimpse of something in the midst of change and evolution. Every piece exhibits such intense depth and texture that it leaves you wondering about its humble beginning. Each painting is on the small side, which translates into some lovely and affordable art for us to purchase.


Kostadina Nacheva-2-Design Crush


Kostadina Nacheva-3-Design Crush


Jim Darling

Jim Darling-1-Design Crush


After a weekend full of house painting and Lowe’s visits, I could do with a little daydreaming. The painted wood airplane window landscapes of Jim Darling are just the ticket. Plane windows make such perfect frames, have you ever stopped and noticed? Once of my very favorite photos I’ve ever taken (on my phone, naturally) was shot while descending into Oklahoma City at sunset from a plane window. Portholes to daydreams for sure.


Jim Darling-2-Design Crush


Jim Darling-3-Design Crush