Anona Studio

Anona Studio-1-Design Crush


Anona Studio creates incredible hand-drawn and hand-painted seasonal print collections that can be featured on anything from a throw pillow to a skirt in the apparel and home decor industries. Bright colors and details adorn my favorite – Project #3. Inspired by origami, Anona created and printed their original designs onto paper and folded them before each one was photographed and digitally manipulated.


Anona Studio-2-Design Crush

Anona Studio-3-Design Crush


Helena Wurzel

Helena Wurzel-1-Design Crush


Butts have maybe never looked as good as these ones from Helena Wurzel! (Yup, that’s a sentence I never anticipated typing.)  Wurzel’s paintings of women lounging around and in pools are perfect for channeling that summertime vibe, and remind me of lazy days spent at the beach with girlfriends.  Helena’s paintings are on display at Jonathan Adler in Los Angeles and she also works as an independent artist for KateSpade Saturday – a busy lady for sure! Pick up some of her work for your own space at 20×200.


Helena Wurzel-2-Design Crush

Helena Wurzel-3-Design Crush


Conrad Jon Godly

Conrad jon Godly-1-Design Crush


Conrad Jon Godly‘s paintings are the work of my dreams. Seriously, I have daydreams about being able to heavily layer paint on a canvas in such beautiful ways. And I can think of few subjects more perfect suited for Godly’s technique than the craggy mountain ranges and peaks that he tackles with such aplomb.


Conrad jon Godly-2-Design Crush

Conrad jon Godly-3-Design Crush


Prints: June Edition


Affichette Lune by  // Akvarelprint by Stilleben // Ash Grey by Watercolor by Muren //
its monday and thats okay by The Motivated Type



Owl by Stephanie Cole Design // Star Cards by Present&Correct //
The Crown of the Chrysler Building by The Lab // Crystals by Andrea Lauren


Calvin Ross Carl

Calvin Ross Carl-1-Design Crush


Pacific Northwest born and bred Calvin Ross Carl creates work that looks good enough to eat. The flat geometry of Carl’s paintings could pass for intricately decorated cakes with the heavy handed paint that gets layered on in such a premise way. I’ll be right back – off to grab a spoon!


Calvin Ross Carl-2-Design Crush


Calvin Ross Carl-3-Design Crush


Design Crush The Marketplace

Greatly-1-Design Crush


I’m three shades of excited to share something that’s been in the works for months – Design Crush The Marketplace has opened! I’ve teamed up with the newly launched GREAT.LY to bring you some of my favorite handmade goods from all sorts of talented makers. The shop is set up much like Design Crush the site, full of fantastic art and design that you can decorate your home and yourself with. I’ll be keeping it stocked with fresh and exciting things that get updated frequently, so I hope you’ll pop over and take a look for yourself. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites from each category!



Pink Block Cushion by Ellie Bradley // Extreme Handknitted Woolen Cabled Throw by Jacqui Fink



Madison Rocks Cup by Keith Kreeger // Hand-Painted Hot Pink Linen Table Runner by Sensible Habit



Folded Paper Furoshiki Japanese Eco Wrapping Scarf by Kyoko Bowskill // Geometric Lucite + Brass Bead Necklace 02 by Adelia Mae



Coral Kokeshi Doll by Sketch Inc // Gold Star Cloud by Jahje Ives



Fading Lake Day by Lisa Golightly // Desire Fine Art Giclée by Kristi Kohut



Beet Root + Hibiscus Lip Stain by Erin Hammond // Hand-Painted Zipper Bag by Kelly Zellers


Anna Topuriya

Anna Topuriya-1-Design Crush


I’ve never made it to Mexico, and it seems like everyone and their brother has vacationed there in the past few months. I sorely need a getaway, but the dreamy works of Anna Topuriya will have to do for now. And couldn’t use a little magic?


Anna Topuriya-2-Design Crush


Anna Topuriya-3-Design Crush


Yolanda Sánchez

a sunday kind of love


The freeform abstract paintings of Yolanda Sánchez are definitely happy-makers. To me they look like professional finger paintings, like if a kid really stuck with it and advanced his or her technique to the utmost level this would be the end result. I’m all in.


Some Principle of Being


Yolanda Sánchez-3-Design Crush


Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison-1-Deisgn Crush


Two worlds collide in the form of Jessica Harrison‘s porcelain figures wearing voluminous ball gowns, all while inked up with neck-to-wrist sailor tattoos. I love everything about this collection, from the wistful looks upon their sweet faces to the intricacies of the very accurate ink jobs adorning them. (In the past she’s also explored gowned porcelain ladies in a more sinister fashion.)


Jessica Harrison-2-Deisgn Crush


Jessica Harrison-3-Deisgn Crush

(via Arrested Motion)



Land Style-1-Design Crush


Longtime friends Orlin Mantchev and Amrita Chandra have a shared love of art, travel, and nature. Their studio – LandStyle – is a celebration of landscapes that are dear to them both, and Orlin’s abstract representations put them on full display. The goal is create affordable paintings and prints that are more accessible to art lovers everywhere, which is a mindset I can definitely get behind.


Land Style-2-Design Crush


Land Style-3-Design Crush