Kristin Vestgard

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Perfectly melancholy, the paintings of Norwegian artist Kristin Vestgard seem made especially for October. Full of magic, dreams, and contemplation, Vestgard’s work always seems to be part of a story that’s never quite spelled out. And I always have a special sort of admiration for art that leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination.


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Kristin Vestgard-4-Design Crush


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Harding Meyer

Harding Meyer-1-Design Crush


The glitchy portrait paintings of Harding Meyer seem especially apt for October, as they could be straight out of a digital age horror flick. Through layers and layers of paint and imagination Harding creates what could just as easily be mistaken for an out of whack broken film strip. Add to that their massive oversized canvases and you have the making of something truly spectacular.


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Harding Meyer-3-Design Crus


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Kostadina Nacheva

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The rich and vibrant paintings of Kostadina Nacheva feel a lot like fall to me. Like that just by viewing them we’re catching a glimpse of something in the midst of change and evolution. Every piece exhibits such intense depth and texture that it leaves you wondering about its humble beginning. Each painting is on the small side, which translates into some lovely and affordable art for us to purchase.


Kostadina Nacheva-2-Design Crush


Kostadina Nacheva-3-Design Crush


Jim Darling

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After a weekend full of house painting and Lowe’s visits, I could do with a little daydreaming. The painted wood airplane window landscapes of Jim Darling are just the ticket. Plane windows make such perfect frames, have you ever stopped and noticed? Once of my very favorite photos I’ve ever taken (on my phone, naturally) was shot while descending into Oklahoma City at sunset from a plane window. Portholes to daydreams for sure.


Jim Darling-2-Design Crush


Jim Darling-3-Design Crush


Prints: October Edition


Everything by Shana Frase // La Boom by Virginie Morgand //
Violet Green Peaks by Print Club Boston // Rise & Double the Shine by Belles and Ghosts



Green Sea Glass by Jennifer Booher // Indifferent Captain by Teo Zirinis //
Quartz by Song & Dance // Tea Time Constellation by Ello Lovey


The Marketplace: September

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I’ve added a lot of great pieces to The Marketplace over the past month, especially in the Wear It and House Goods categories. You should definitely pop over to take a look, and if you aren’t already following @designcrush on Twitter do because you might catch a promo for free shipping!

Now that fall has hit us – okay, some of us more than others – I’m ready for spots of bright color in unexpected places. The above yellow shibori tea towel by Kristen Chandler has been such a happy spot in my kitchen for the past month. It’s a great size and the material is just the right thickness and absorbency.



Since moving I’m still in the process of framing the most recent additions to my art collection. Fading Lake Day by Lisa Golightly (one of my all-time favorite artists) has been sitting on the windowsill in my dining room for the time being and catches the best light every afternoon, a good match for Lisa’s washed out style.



Speaking of my new place, one of the first things I like to do after a move is do my very best to make it smell familiar. Like me, not its previous occupants. Wildfolk has an incredible line of eco-conscious, GMO-free, soy wax candles that are packaged the nicest recycled amber glass jars. I’ve been burning this night jasmine.



This Hapi Raw Silk Tray by Kristi Kohut is quite sturdy (perfect for this clumsy girl) and so pretty. I love the versatility of the 12 x 12″ size, I’ve been using it for my afternoon snack every day but plan on using it on my dresser as well!



And while we’re on the topic of snacks, this set of two walnut and beech double stripe snack bowls by Araya Jensen has made quite a few late night trips out to the living room full of dry roasted almonds (fine, and maybe a few kernels of candy corn). The natural woods and earthy tones also make them fantastic for fall entertaining.



This petit wood bud vase by Melanie Abrantes has been working overtime lately. It’s just the smallest, most perfect piece to hold a single bud that there ever was and the farmer’s market blooms I pick up on Saturdays have been keeping it busy.


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Buddhist-inspired collages that are constructed from old computer parts.
02/ This giant mural is made from 1,700 color organized product packages.
03/ An artist who paints with different colors of ICE CREAM!
04/ Is Sochi a ghost town less than a year post-Olympics?
05/ Dita Pepe imagines how her life would be with dozens of male partners.
06/ Huge log piles turn into art with a little creative stacking.
07/ Turns out clouds are just as beautiful to look at from space as Earth.
08/ Only the most delicious billboard ever – it’s made of cake!
09/ This photographer captures dads at One Direction concerts. Hilarious.
10/ A flower pot that can be rolled to follow the sun.

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Emily Ferretti

Emily Ferretti-1-Design Crush


As we get nearer to Indian summer and the inevitable cooler days of fall, I find myself drawn towards art that rides the that same fine line. Australian artist Emily Ferretti seems to capture it perfectly with her cool and moody palette and two dimensional style. And suddenly I’m left daydreaming about chilly afternoon picnics and nights spent in front of a bonfire.


Emily Ferretti-2-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-3-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-4-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-5-Design Crush


Marketplace: August

Design Crush The Marketplace Banner-Design Crush


This morning I’m happy to be starting a new monthly feature, highlighting the goods of a few makers I’m currently carrying in The Marketplace! You might remember that a few months ago I opened a shop through Great.ly and have been keeping it stocked with the best of the best art and design ever since. I’m so happy to be able to share the work of the creators I love and now to be able to give you a fast and easy way to bring them into your own home.




One of the first pieces I added to the shop was this set of four Raindrop Napkins by Hallie Gray. Each one measures a generous 19 x 19″ and is hand-block printed with non-toxic AZO-free dyes. I’m looking forward to using them at dinner parties this fall and socking a few sets away for hostess gifts this holiday season!




I’ve been using this Expandable Pop Market Tote made by Orchid Sage for just about everything – the market, the lake, and more. Its leather handles and waxed canvas body make it feel nearly indestructible and I especially like the expandable side pockets that give me extra space for things like snacks and/or the dogs’ leashes.




The latest addition to my jewelry collection is this sweet brass cuff with cord from Meredith Peck. I’ve found it goes with just about everything and is great for layering with other pieces, it’s also large enough that I’ll be putting it over sleeves come cooler weather. The addition of the thin Chinese knotting cord takes this piece from average to extra special.




I’ve been a longtime fan of this artist, so it’s always nice to see her work gracing the “shelves” of my shop. Twenty-One by Lisa Krannichfeld is in her typical style of portraits of watercolored beauties, and for now this one is gracing my mantel alongside a boastful mermaid. (I think suspect they have some interesting conversations when I’m not looking.)


Happy Weekend

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2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Crazy psychedelic soap bubble planets by Santiago Betancur Z.
02/ Career R.I.P. is a hilarious series of tees paying tribute to deceased careers of celebrities.
03/ These edible chocolate LEGOs look melty, delicious, and so much fun!
04/ Recipes is a high-speed photo series that captures ingredients in mid-air.
05/ Photos of the homeless and their canine companions that will have you hugging your pets.
06/ Crazy cool underwater crochet installations off the coast of Mexico!
07/ This teapot looks like about five other things than its purpose, but I love it.
08/ A Dutch boxer who paints by wearing his gloves and wrapping canvas around a punching bag.
09/ Has (I Drivhuset) In the Greenhouse grown too big for her britches?
10/ Garden Fresh manipulates photos of wild animals inside supermarkets.

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Colorful, geometric, hand-strung Sputnik Lamps.
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