Eric Blum

Eric Blum-1-Design Crush


Hello! It’s Susan from House of Brinson stopping by Design Crush while Kelly completes her big move. I’ve been knee deep in renovating our 1850s historic home this summer, living in dust and piles of tools. For a visual person, this is hard, and sometimes depressing! I normally keep a neat home and living in a constant mess is really difficult. To keep me in a positive mood and focused on the end result I dream of what our finished space would look like, and look for color and interior design inspiration around every corner. 

I discovered Eric Blum’s work online, and it has been an endless source of inspiration. First, his color palettes are soft, yet saturated. The inky blue and light pink color palette are so appealing. I love the combination and was inspired to use it in the interior design of our house. Eric’s use of texture feels so sophisticated to me, I could just get lost in the layers. He uses silk as a surface, applying ink and wax, which I’m sure in person is lovely.

If you have a moment, visit Eric’s site, this is a small sample of his large body of work, which includes  drawings and prints. He also has an impressive list of galleries he’s appeared in.


Eric Blum-2-Design Crush


Eric Blum-3-Design Crush


Eric Blum-4-Design Crush


Eric Blum-5-Design Crush


Eric Blum-6-Design Crush


Marcel Dunger

Marcel Dunger-1-Design Crush


Resin and wood simply has to be one of the most beautiful material pairings. Marcel Dunger‘s conceptual line of jewelry combining the two brings together broken pieces of maple and brightly colored bioresin to create something so simple, yet incredibly eye-catching. Looking forward to keeping track of this project and seeing if it (fingers crossed!) comes to fruition as a purveyed set of goods.


Marcel Dunger-2-Design Crush


Marcel Dunger-3-Design Crush


Marcel Dunger-4-Design Crush

(via The Fox is Black)


Steven Quinn

Steven Quinn-1-Design Crush


I’m usually indifferent to clowns, but when it comes to clown art I’m firmly in the No Thank You category. It’s usually tacky and awful and the stuff childhood nightmares are made of. But Steven Quinn‘s take on the genre – Clown Face – involves found black and white photos and spray painted stencils, which lands firmly in the “cool art” category.


Steven Quinn-2-Design Crush


Steven Quinn-3-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Lotta Olsson

Lotta Olsson-1-Design Crush


These pristine collages by Lotta Olsson have me leaning in a little closer just to admire how precise and pristine they are. Each piece displays such vibrant colors, perfect spacing, and respect for space that’s it’s nearly impossible not to let out a little sigh.


Lotta Olsson-3-Design Crush


Lotta Olsson-4-Design Crush


Lotta Olsson-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ See families lying in a week’s worth of their own garbage in 7 Days of Garbage.
02/ The Foodnited States of America.
03/ The Crystalline Series by Niche Modern have beautiful colors and shapes.
04/ This watch – DURR – shivers every five minutes to investigate the subjective nature of time.
05/ Completely brilliant – Motion Silhouette is an interactive shadow picture book.
06/ Can you believe these scenes by Bovey Lee were hand-cut from rice paper?!
07/ Head in the Clouds illustrates one hour’s worth of trash in NYC. Incredible.
08/ Ever wondered what’s inside fireworks? Check out Boom City.
09/ Photography, digital effects, and models combine for a glimpse In Utero.
10/ So glad Yumi Okita‘s textile moths aren’t real.

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Super limited edition (but affordable) jewelry from fortune.
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Blurry, washed out watercolor portraits by François-Henri Galland.
A little bit in love with the color palette of The Mercantile Collection!
Pretty leather pouches and bags by Georgie Cummings.

Design Crush elsewhere:
A bathroom floor refresh.


Prints: July Edition


Pineapple by Linda & Harriett // Scorpio by Lori Langille //
About a Pearl by Leigh Viner // Le Ananas by Petit Reve



Canoe Haiku by London Print Studio x Alex Brady // Cactus by Polly Rowan //
Old Growth Pine Tree by Lintonheart // Blue Moon Field by YellowLion


Vivian & Beverly Studio

Vivian and Beverly-1-Design Crush


Today I’m crushing on the hand pulled screen prints of Vivian and Beverly Studio, especially the pieces pulled on top of color wash paintings. I love the look of the controlled art over the abstract wash, all of which comes from either artist and shop owner Laura’s own photography or public vintage photographs. That woman riding a zebra is on my list!


Vivian and Beverly-2-Design Crush.

Vivian and Beverly-3-Design Crush.


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A minimalist depiction of mental disorders.
02/ This zen rock garden is actually full of Japanese candy!
03/ Hilariously true animated gifs of basic tips and etiquette for surviving in NYC.
04/ Painstakingly crafting portraits of musicians made from cornflakes.
05/ Ringly lights up and buzzes when your phone needs you!
06/ This retired Boeing 727 was converted into a home in the woods. Would you dare?
07/ Picnic Lounge is an oversized blanket that resembles an antique rug. Clever.
08/ Smart ads for Keloptic turn impressionist art into realism.
09/ Social Planes take you offline – download, write, fold, and fly!
10/ When baristas and bartenders joins forces we are blessed with coffee cocktails.

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Melissa Zexter hand-embroiders her own photography in the most beautiful way.
Industrialist meets rugged glam in the design of Maslo Jewelry.
Crazy incredible paintings/sculptures from Conrad Jon Godly.
I’m slowing going minimalist with my style and this modern lamp is my latest addition.
Childhood dreams and sketchbook drawings come to life thanks to Katharine Morling.
If you’re looking for a super easy project this DIY Matchstick Holder is where it’s at!
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Melissa Zexter

Melissa Zexter-1-Design Crush


I’ve featured plenty of embroidered art, over the past year especially, but the work of Melissa Zexter just feels different. For starters, she’s a photographer by trade using her hand-sewn embroidery technique to enhance not distract. Digging deeper, Zexter combines the slow, meditative sewing process with the more immediate development of film to explore identity and femininity. And then it comes together in one fell swoop and we’re left staring in amazement.


Melissa Zexter-2-Design Crush

Melissa Zexter-3-Design Crush


Andy Boot

Andy Boot-1-Design Crush


What happens when rhythmic gymnastic ribbons fall into a frame that’s then filled with wax that’s allowed to harden? This. Andy Boot has totally busted down the proverbial walls of what’s appropriate to display in a frame and I, for one, love it.


Andy Boot-2-Design Crush

Andy Boot-3-Design Crush