Rocio Montoya

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Madrid-based, jack-of-all-trades (photographer, graphic and web designer, and editor) Rocio Montoya‘s collages are perfect parts haunting and ethereal. Her personal exploration of human behaviors and emotions come rushing to the surface through manipulated imagery aesthetic experimentation.


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Happy Weekend

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01/ See how women’s ideal body types have changed over 3,000 years.
02/ Artists + designers have added happiness to the walls of the Royal London Children’s Hospital.
03/ Keith Anderson has been having his son’s drawings tattooed on himself for 7 years.
04/ Andrew Fladeboe captures the hardest working dogs in the world on film in The Shephard’s Realm.
05/ Mini Cities pare down famous locales to their most iconic settings.
06/ Could the Popcorn Monsoon make even me like popcorn?
07/ Wish I’d thought of this one – famous artworks recreated with Pantone swatches by Nick Smith.
08/ Love these coffee stain motorcycle drawings by Carter Asmann.
09/ Can a drone ambulance save lives faster?
10/ I’ve finally found where I’ll be retiring – Zao Fox Village!

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Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenberger-1-Design Crush


Sarah Illenberger‘s Flowerwork series uses creatively arranged flowers, perfect camera angles, and incredible lighting to mimic the bursts, sparks, and cascades of fireworks. I’m mesmerized by the genius that is this project and can’t help but keep scrolling through the imagery.


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Jennis Li Cheng Tien

Jennis Li Cheng Tien-1-Design Crush


Glowing watercolor paintings… wait, pump the brakes. Jennis Li Cheng Tien‘s Have a Nice Day series is digital. Images found online are transformed into radiant neon works of art with the help of some manipulation. Computers are magic. (See more here.)


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Happy Weekend

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01/ Gorgeous silk scarves that were dyed with… bacteria.
02/ Allison Wade has turned bad breakup texts into art.
03/ 2015 New Year’s resolutions illustrated by Linzie Hunter.
04/ Sebastian Errazuriz‘s Times Square installation triggers contagious yawning.
05/ Helen Green drew every hairstyle of David Bowie’s from 1964 to 2014.
06/ Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte captured an acrobat dancing in a cloud of powder for an ad.
07/ Twenty-four pieces of life advice from Werner Herzog.
08/ Check out these “invisible” bedroom murals that come to life under ultraviolet light.
09/ Paintings are digitally manipulated in these otherworldy landscapes by Mahmoud Jouini.
10/ Ship your enemies glitter. For real.

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Morgana Wallace



Paper and watercolor combine in the mixed media art of Victoria, British Columbia-based artist Morgana Wallace. The end results are mythical and storybook characters that come to life by her hand, layer by layer. Each three dimensional piece is full of color, texture, and story with an incredible level of detail.







Amyisla McCombie

Amyisla McCombie-1-Design Crush

Amyisla McCombie is a freelance illustrator from the UK with a special style. The most defining characteristic to me is the way she deliberately gives the people in her mixed media pieces detailed faces, while all but ignoring all other present objects. If you act fast she has a special going on in her shop – but two prints and get a third free.


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Amyisla McCombie-4-Design Crush


Amyisla McCombie-5-Design Crush

Horse and Cactus // Tower of Chairs // Horse Riding // Boats // Buffalos in the Wild


Kelly Puissegur

Kelly Puissegur-1-Design Crush


It’s been awhile since I’ve come across some seriously quirky art, and leave it to a fellow Kelly to provide. Los Angeles-based Kelly Puissegur is inspired by random funny and/or interesting oddities in everyday life. And in case you were wondering, her main objective is always to make you laugh.


Kelly Puissegur-2-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-3-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-4-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Print Edition: December


Sea Water Cure by Tina Crespo // No by Rubyetc // Fox Hops by Jessica Roux //
fragment one by Alexandra Ethell



Celestial Moon by Elise Mahan // Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget by Alan Hynes //
Downtown City Building Pair by Coffee in Bed // Stay Humble/Hustle Hard by Jennet Liaw


Leaf Beast

Leaf Beast-1-Design Crush


Art is basically blanketing my backyard at this very moment. Baku Maeda attempts to bring dead leaves back to life with Leaf Beast, a series created from dried magnolia leaves that are then minimally cut to resemble various animals.


Leaf Beast-2-Design Crush

Leaf Beast-3-Design Crush

(via Colossal)