Fern + Crystal Temporary Tattoos

Fern & Crystals Temporary Tattoo Set-1-Design Crush


At first glance these fern and crystal temporary tattoos from The Aviary had me thinking they were the real thing (in fact, I think you’ll find them on my my Fresh Ink board where I pinned them months ago). Each one is taken from shop owner Victoria’s original illustrations and printed on professional-grade material for up to five days of wear. I think it would be so much fun to cover both arms and parts of your face with the ferns for Halloween!


Fern & Crystals Temporary Tattoo Set-2-Design Crush


Shanna Murray for West Elm

Shanna Murray for West Elm-1-Design Crush


Shanna Murray is such a talented illustrator, and this fall she’s teamed up with West Elm to create a heartfelt collection that celebrates friends and family through her well-known handwritten phrases. Choose from salad plates, a platter, coasters, a pie dish, and a tea towel featuring her signature script. Perfect for the upcoming holidays.


Shanna Murray for West Elm-2-Design Crush

Shanna Murray for West Elm-3-Design Crush


Emmanuelle Walker

Emmanuelle Walker-2-Design Crush


Illustrator Emmanuelle Walker‘s style is flat and awesome in 2D. Walker creates incredible angles and perspective, lending just enough quirk and personality. My favorite series is (of course) Dogs and Cars with its colorful cars and happy pooches hanging out of windows, tongues flapping!


Emmanuelle Walker-3-Design Crush

Emmanuelle Walker-1-Design Crush



Cutomized-1-Design Crush


Have you ever commissioned a portrait of yourself, your family, or even as a gift for someone else? I can’t say that I have, but it’s something I’ve been thinking of more and more lately. It seems like every way I turn there’s an incredible illustrator or painter showing me yet another reason why I need one of me and my crazy pet menagerie. Here are just three that I’ve got my eye on, top to bottom they are My Little Buffalo, Jolly Edition, and Lili di Prima.


Cutomized-2-Design Crush

Cutomized-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ 100 handmade shark fins float in a lagoon in New Zealand.
02/ Clever wallpaper that shows the skeletons of animals.
03/ This paperless artist uses her thigh as a canvas.
04/ This old-fashioned homemade soda party looks delicious!
05/ Beautiful bird flipbook machines.
06/ Delft wallpaper, who woulda thunk it?
07/ A typeface made of carefully shaped fried eggs.
08/ A beautiful state flower print.
09/ Aerial and fashion photography mashups.
10/ Simple timelines put today in perspective versus the rest of history.

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Jen Kindell

Jen Kindell-1-Design Crush


Mid-Century Modern inspired food art. Well, it just doesn’t get much better than that! San Francisco-based artist Jen Kindell‘s signed and numbered prints are each hand pulled using water based inks and recycled French paper. In my dreamworld I’d have a dining room with a cathedral ceiling where I could hang every one from the floor all the way up!


Jen Kindell-2-Design Crush

Jen Kindell-3-Design Crush


Claire Softley

Claire Softley-1-Design Crush


UK artist Claire Softley‘s work rides the rail of 2D versus 3D to my eyes, and I love that. These mildly creepy cats are my favorite (of course), but the majority of Claire’s pieces just make me feel good. And while art and creativity in general don’t always need to make me feel like a shiny happy person, I’m glad that hers does. (via The Jealous Curator)


Claire Softley-2-Design Crush

Claire Softley-3-Design Crush


52 Weeks of Dogs



Stacie Bloomfield (of Gingiber fame) has been busy, illustrating one dog breed a week for all of 2013 for her 52 Weeks of Dogs project. Yes the dogs are adorable and yes Stacie is an extremely talented lady. But what I’m most excited about is that prints are available for sale in her shop, and a portion of every sale is being donated to The Humane Society!



52 Weeks of Dogs-3-Design Crush


UPPERCASE: Work/Life 3

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-1-Design Crush


I was really happy to see that UPPERCASE has released Work/Life 3, this time focusing on¬†illustrators’ lifestyles in intimate detail and finding out what it takes to stay creative 24/7. Featuring 100 artists from around the world, Work/Life 3 began when each illustrator was given a detailed questionnaire containing thirty questions that ranged from the simple (What inspires you?) to the detailed (How is your creative vision expressed through your work). After evaluating the answers, UPPERCASE editor Janine Vangool crafted an illustration assignment specific to each illustrator’s interests and personal story that best highlights their unique talents. The end result is the definition of creativity.


UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-2-Design Crush

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-3-Design Crush

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-4-Design Crush

Work/Life 3 Cover by: Jeff Rogers
Illustration by Oana Befort
Illustration by Jenny Brown
Illustration by Mindy Carpenter


Brittany Schall

Brittany Schall-1-Design Crush


Back in high school, when I was heaviest into creating my own art, my favorite tools were a pencil, an eraser, and a portrait of whatever alterna-musician I was currently crushing on straight outta Rolling Stone or Spin magazine. (I have a massive 4 x 5′ drawing of Kurt Cobain to prove the previous statement.) Hair was forever the most challenging part to get just right, so I have the utmost respect for Brittany Schall‘s Hair Studies¬†with their perfect highlights and wispies. (via The Jealous Curator)


Brittany Schall-2-Design Crush

Brittany Schall-3-Design Crush