Tommy Perez

Tommy Perez-1-Design Crush


Hi Everyone! I’m Billy from Wit & Vinegar and I’m helping out with a post while Kelly moves/buys a house. If it were me in that situation we’d play a game called how many margaritas can we drink before we stop packing boxes and cry uncontrollably in a corner.

Since I kind of dabble in food over on my site I thought I’d have some sort of food involvement in what I brought over here. It’s an Instagram account that I’ve been obsessed with ever since Kelly posted about it in a roundup a while back. I figured we could showcase the goodness!

Tommy Perez works with food, paper, and type to make all sorts of magic that he posts on Instagram and every time it happens I freak out a little bit and double tap as fast as I can.

Go check him out and follow. You won’t regret it!


Tommy Perez-2-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-3-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-4-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-5-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-6-Design Crush


Ghost Signs of Pittsburgh

Ghost Signs-1-Design Crush


Dane Horvath is an artist, illustrator, and designer living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the founder of the popular blog Steeltown Anthem, which she launched in 2009 as a way to showcase the creative energy of Pittsburgh’s burgeoning arts scene through local design, architecture, craft, furniture, decor, and interiors. You can find her artwork and illustrations in her shop.

If you take a drive in or around Pittsburgh, hand-painted ghost signs are common to see on the sides of buildings or barns. The faded signs tell us what businesses or products once existed here and are a constant reminder of the city’s rich history, the way things have changed, yet, stayed the same. As a designer and artist, they are a huge inspiration to me. I try to step back and think of all the hard work and detail that went into painting them.

Here are a few of my favorites. Take a look:


Ghost Signs-2-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-3-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-4-Design Crush


The Little Pittsburgh Saloon


Ghost Signs-6-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-7-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-8-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-9-Design Crush


Ghost Signs-10-Design Crush


Eric Blum

Eric Blum-1-Design Crush


Hello! It’s Susan from House of Brinson stopping by Design Crush while Kelly completes her big move. I’ve been knee deep in renovating our 1850s historic home this summer, living in dust and piles of tools. For a visual person, this is hard, and sometimes depressing! I normally keep a neat home and living in a constant mess is really difficult. To keep me in a positive mood and focused on the end result I dream of what our finished space would look like, and look for color and interior design inspiration around every corner. 

I discovered Eric Blum’s work online, and it has been an endless source of inspiration. First, his color palettes are soft, yet saturated. The inky blue and light pink color palette are so appealing. I love the combination and was inspired to use it in the interior design of our house. Eric’s use of texture feels so sophisticated to me, I could just get lost in the layers. He uses silk as a surface, applying ink and wax, which I’m sure in person is lovely.

If you have a moment, visit Eric’s site, this is a small sample of his large body of work, which includes  drawings and prints. He also has an impressive list of galleries he’s appeared in.


Eric Blum-2-Design Crush


Eric Blum-3-Design Crush


Eric Blum-4-Design Crush


Eric Blum-5-Design Crush


Eric Blum-6-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe

Lisa Lapointe-1-Design Crush


Four the past four years Melbourne-based artist Lisa Lapointe has been working exclusively with paper and colored pencils. That’s right, her work has zero digital manipulation involved. The fields of vibrant colors Lisa creates work alongside opposing shapes and manage to feel contemporary and timeless all in the same moment.

Coloured pencils are such a challenging medium – the drawing process is long and the works in turn become so honest, so revealing – in one work you have to contend with so many different mindsets – it’s a real effort to link them all together to make one coherent work…[a bit like life]… at the end of a work its like looking back at that section of my life in code – so raw and fragile and yet so potent and resilient – all wrapped up and hidden in a prismatic construction of composition and colour.


Lisa Lapointe-2-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-3-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-4-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-5-Design Crush

(via The Design Files)


Maud Vantours

Maud Vantours-1-Design Crush


Artwork that requires such high levels of precision repeatedly blow my mind. Part of me thinks it’s something I could take on because of my attention to detail, while the other part thinks that it would just. be. too. much. Maud Vantours hits the nail on the head with her pitch perfect color palettes and symmetrical designs.




Maud Vantours-3-Design Crush


Maud Vantours-4-Design Crush




Marcel Dunger

Marcel Dunger-1-Design Crush


Resin and wood simply has to be one of the most beautiful material pairings. Marcel Dunger‘s conceptual line of jewelry combining the two brings together broken pieces of maple and brightly colored bioresin to create something so simple, yet incredibly eye-catching. Looking forward to keeping track of this project and seeing if it (fingers crossed!) comes to fruition as a purveyed set of goods.


Marcel Dunger-2-Design Crush


Marcel Dunger-3-Design Crush


Marcel Dunger-4-Design Crush

(via The Fox is Black)


Prints: September Edition


I Got This by Scout & Lily // Sailboat no. 1075 by Modern Pop //
Johnny Cash Coffee Quote by Hey There Design //
Lake Monsters of America Map by Atlas Obscura



Jet Set by The Smitten Collection // Liz Lemon by Heymonster // So Fruity by Mleko //
Women in Science: Marie Curie by Rachel Ifnotogsky


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Love that this stylist cuts hair for the homeless on his day off because “every human life is worth the same.”
02/ This staircase is basically a work of art.
03/ Floating City is a sprawling cardboard architectural island.
04/ The zombie craze is alive and well with Zombie Safe Zone Maps prints.
05/ 3D topographies that resemble weather patterns and ocean floors are beautiful.
06/ Cotton string and glue join forces to create creature specimens like you’ve never seen.
07/ Left Behind is a beautiful tribute to an artist’s late mother showcasing her things.
08/ The Taser Photoshoot captures people just as they’re hit with a stun gun. Huh.
09/ A reclining bird topiary stars in Sleepy Chick.
10/ Time Sliced shows iconic buildings from sunrise to sunset.

This week on Design Crush:
A new feature kicked off Monday, once a month I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pieces stocked in the Marketplace!
Pretty pastel textiles and pieces from Lina Rennell.
Modern heirloom quilts and more handmade by Rain & the River are on my wish list.
As is all of Rebecca Mir Grady‘s entire line of gorgeous jewelry.
I can’t get enough of these muted slice of life paintings by Emily Ferretti.
Have you noticed that embroidery is trending?
Crazy colorful “pen paintings” by Daniel Eatock.
A slew of well-designed pieces for the home from Hello Polly.
I can hardly believe it’s the end of August, that means it’s time for to check in.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Graphic wallpaper can amp up even the smallest space immediately.
Gettin’ boho in the home with some fantastic throw rugs.


Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock-1-Design Crush


Daniel Eatock is one of those artists who is just flat-out creative – he doesn’t work in one specific medium, but in whatver he feels drawn to whenever he feels drawn to it. Among his portfolio work this series of pen paintings are my favorite, simply using Letraset Promarker pens and A4 paper.


Daniel Eatock-2-Design Crush


Daniel Eatock-3-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti

Emily Ferretti-1-Design Crush


As we get nearer to Indian summer and the inevitable cooler days of fall, I find myself drawn towards art that rides the that same fine line. Australian artist Emily Ferretti seems to capture it perfectly with her cool and moody palette and two dimensional style. And suddenly I’m left daydreaming about chilly afternoon picnics and nights spent in front of a bonfire.


Emily Ferretti-2-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-3-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-4-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-5-Design Crush