Prints: September Edition


I Got This by Scout & Lily // Sailboat no. 1075 by Modern Pop //
Johnny Cash Coffee Quote by Hey There Design //
Lake Monsters of America Map by Atlas Obscura



Jet Set by The Smitten Collection // Liz Lemon by Heymonster // So Fruity by Mleko //
Women in Science: Marie Curie by Rachel Ifnotogsky


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Love that this stylist cuts hair for the homeless on his day off because “every human life is worth the same.”
02/ This staircase is basically a work of art.
03/ Floating City is a sprawling cardboard architectural island.
04/ The zombie craze is alive and well with Zombie Safe Zone Maps prints.
05/ 3D topographies that resemble weather patterns and ocean floors are beautiful.
06/ Cotton string and glue join forces to create creature specimens like you’ve never seen.
07/ Left Behind is a beautiful tribute to an artist’s late mother showcasing her things.
08/ The Taser Photoshoot captures people just as they’re hit with a stun gun. Huh.
09/ A reclining bird topiary stars in Sleepy Chick.
10/ Time Sliced shows iconic buildings from sunrise to sunset.

This week on Design Crush:
A new feature kicked off Monday, once a month I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pieces stocked in the Marketplace!
Pretty pastel textiles and pieces from Lina Rennell.
Modern heirloom quilts and more handmade by Rain & the River are on my wish list.
As is all of Rebecca Mir Grady‘s entire line of gorgeous jewelry.
I can’t get enough of these muted slice of life paintings by Emily Ferretti.
Have you noticed that embroidery is trending?
Crazy colorful “pen paintings” by Daniel Eatock.
A slew of well-designed pieces for the home from Hello Polly.
I can hardly believe it’s the end of August, that means it’s time for to check in.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Graphic wallpaper can amp up even the smallest space immediately.
Gettin’ boho in the home with some fantastic throw rugs.


Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock-1-Design Crush


Daniel Eatock is one of those artists who is just flat-out creative – he doesn’t work in one specific medium, but in whatver he feels drawn to whenever he feels drawn to it. Among his portfolio work this series of pen paintings are my favorite, simply using Letraset Promarker pens and A4 paper.


Daniel Eatock-2-Design Crush


Daniel Eatock-3-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti

Emily Ferretti-1-Design Crush


As we get nearer to Indian summer and the inevitable cooler days of fall, I find myself drawn towards art that rides the that same fine line. Australian artist Emily Ferretti seems to capture it perfectly with her cool and moody palette and two dimensional style. And suddenly I’m left daydreaming about chilly afternoon picnics and nights spent in front of a bonfire.


Emily Ferretti-2-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-3-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-4-Design Crush


Emily Ferretti-5-Design Crush


Rain & the River

Rain & the River-1-Design Crush


Self-taught, self-described quilter extraordinaire Jenna Valoe creates textiles with the hope of helping people celebrate their homes and the lives they live in them at her shop Rain & the River. She’s inspired by other cultures, the city of Milwaukee that surrounds her, and the ways color and shapes blend together. Jenna’s work itself is primarily improvisational, which I find ballsy and bold! I love her modern take on such an heirloom quality craft.


Rain & the River-2-Design Crush


Rain & the River-3-Design Crush


Lina Rennell

Lina Rennell-1-Design Crush


Lina Rennell is a brand with a heavy focus on original print work that then adorns high casual women’s wear and textiles. So yeah, art for your body! Woohoo! Launched in 2009 by Angelina Rennell, a new collection is released once or twice a year by the northern California native and each one seems completely in touch with the current trends in the art and fashion worlds. (You can find Lina Rennell online at Beklina if you’d like to make a purchase!)


Lina Rennell-2-Design Crush


Lina Rennell-3-Design Crush


Lina Rennell-4-Design Crush

(via Miss Moss)


Marketplace: August

Design Crush The Marketplace Banner-Design Crush


This morning I’m happy to be starting a new monthly feature, highlighting the goods of a few makers I’m currently carrying in The Marketplace! You might remember that a few months ago I opened a shop through and have been keeping it stocked with the best of the best art and design ever since. I’m so happy to be able to share the work of the creators I love and now to be able to give you a fast and easy way to bring them into your own home.




One of the first pieces I added to the shop was this set of four Raindrop Napkins by Hallie Gray. Each one measures a generous 19 x 19″ and is hand-block printed with non-toxic AZO-free dyes. I’m looking forward to using them at dinner parties this fall and socking a few sets away for hostess gifts this holiday season!




I’ve been using this Expandable Pop Market Tote made by Orchid Sage for just about everything – the market, the lake, and more. Its leather handles and waxed canvas body make it feel nearly indestructible and I especially like the expandable side pockets that give me extra space for things like snacks and/or the dogs’ leashes.




The latest addition to my jewelry collection is this sweet brass cuff with cord from Meredith Peck. I’ve found it goes with just about everything and is great for layering with other pieces, it’s also large enough that I’ll be putting it over sleeves come cooler weather. The addition of the thin Chinese knotting cord takes this piece from average to extra special.




I’ve been a longtime fan of this artist, so it’s always nice to see her work gracing the “shelves” of my shop. Twenty-One by Lisa Krannichfeld is in her typical style of portraits of watercolored beauties, and for now this one is gracing my mantel alongside a boastful mermaid. (I think suspect they have some interesting conversations when I’m not looking.)


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Crazy psychedelic soap bubble planets by Santiago Betancur Z.
02/ Career R.I.P. is a hilarious series of tees paying tribute to deceased careers of celebrities.
03/ These edible chocolate LEGOs look melty, delicious, and so much fun!
04/ Recipes is a high-speed photo series that captures ingredients in mid-air.
05/ Photos of the homeless and their canine companions that will have you hugging your pets.
06/ Crazy cool underwater crochet installations off the coast of Mexico!
07/ This teapot looks like about five other things than its purpose, but I love it.
08/ A Dutch boxer who paints by wearing his gloves and wrapping canvas around a punching bag.
09/ Has (I Drivhuset) In the Greenhouse grown too big for her britches?
10/ Garden Fresh manipulates photos of wild animals inside supermarkets.

This week on Design Crush:
An Instagram Moving Sale for Oklahoma City locals – there are still a few pieces left!
We’re giving away 2 copies of Lisa Congdon’s book – Art, Inc. –  all about making your art your full time job.
Take a peek at these 10 August DIYs that are almost too good to be true.
Dreamy blurry paintings from Philip Barlow.
The new school year means a fresh start and new notebooks to me!
Steven Quinn has managed to create the only clown art I will ever endorse.
There’s color and then there’s COLOR. Boo + Boo Factory does the latter so right.
Beautiful woodworked pieces for the kitchen and home by Ariele Alasko.
Colorful, geometric, hand-strung Sputnik Lamps.
A dishware pattern – Unsealed – created with the idea of showing off the porcelain in mind.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Nine graphics prints that are perfect in the kitchen.
Gettin’ boho in the home and the perfect floor rugs for the job!



Unsealed-1-Design Crush


The Unsealed line of dinnerware is basically the stuff designers’ dreams are made of. Created with the thought of highlighting the porcelain instead of hiding it, the pattern is made by repeating simple shapes such as triangles or dots into solid fabric-like work of art. Designed by etc.etc. for Rosenthal, you can make it yours here.


Unsealed-2-Design Crush


Unsealed-3-Design Crush


Unsealed-4-Design Crush


Unsealed-5-Design Crush


Ariele Alasko

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


I always know I’ve found something especially lovely when my breath catches a bit in my chest, just like it did when I first saw the woodwork of Ariele Alasko. Though Ariele creates everything from headboards to tables with her hands, I’m especially pulled in by her kitchen goods and it would appear everyone else is as well because Ariele’s shop is entirely sold out at the moment.


Ariele Alasko-2-Design Crush


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Ariele Alasko-4-Design Crush


Ariele Alasko-5-Design Crush

Large Cherry Hand Spoons // Walnut Triangle Scoop // Turned Plate & Butter Knife //
Long Spice Spoon // Cutting Board 2

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