Little known fact, I’m mildly obsessed with cross sections of trees. I love their untold stories, timeline of life, and individuality. Connecticut-based artist Bryan Gill Nash has created Woodcut, a collection of large scale reliefs made from trees on the land surrounding his studio and neighborhood. I’ve poured over it cover to cover and love having it as a part of my coffee table collection!

5 Comments on “Woodcut”

  • adele

    I love the fact you can tell how old a tree is by the number of rings!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    06-12-12 » 10:34 am »

  • Laura

    These really are stunning and would look so beautiful hanging on the wall. Trees have so many beautiful aspects!

    Love your blog, so glad I came across it!



    06-12-12 » 12:24 pm »

  • Rebecca

    Saw this in the New York Times a few weeks ago… come to find out the artist lives relatively near me! Love this work. I’ve been obsessed with the rings on trees since I was little and my father began the tradition of keeping a cross section from every trunk of our Christmas tree.

    06-12-12 » 7:13 pm »

  • Kelly

    LOVE the christmas tree idea, Rebecca!!

    06-12-12 » 7:14 pm »

  • mikelite

    STUNNING. I’ve got a minor obsession with all things boix & faux bois.

    06-14-12 » 1:59 pm »

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