Happy Holidays, From Me to You

IMAGE: Kelly Beall for Design Crush

As of tonight I’ll be home sweet home in Pittsburgh, shacked up for the holidays! I only manage to get back and visit once a year, so it’s never really a break with all of the running around to meet up with different friends and family. But after the fact I always feel like I’ve been rejuvenated in a way I didn’t even knew I needed. So with that I bid you a fond farewell for the next week because this girl is taking a much needed blog break. I wish you all the best of the season and the happiest of holidays! xo

4 Comments on “Happy Holidays, From Me to You”

  • jedwardcooper

    Happy Holidays from a new Pittsburgher!

    12-22-11 » 1:32 pm »

  • adele

    Happy Holidays to you my favourite design blogger! I normally wouldn’t write this on someone’s blog, but since it’s the season for extending warm and fuzzies to others, I thought, why not!?

    I hope you’ll keep posting a bit throughout the holidays! :D

    12-22-11 » 2:27 pm »

  • Annie

    Happy holidays! I’m headed to Pittsburgh as well–it’s the holiday spot apparently. ;) Looking forward to another fantastic year of Design Crush!

    12-22-11 » 3:22 pm »

  • rooth

    Happy holidays and have a warm Xmas!

    12-23-11 » 1:45 am »

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