Photos: Paavo Lehtonen

Pino is a lifestyle shop I’d definitely walk into and explore. The cool minimalism and color organization would suck me in immediately. Their identity kills it, I love the bold palette and diecut ‘I’ to no end.

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  • Teresita

    I love to check your blog every once a while to see what beautiful things you have discovered. Sometimes when I see something interesting I check the links from your post and realize I’m not able to get those items overseas.. When I read this post, my first impression was “nice name, so finnish, I wonder if they do know what it means..” Then I realized this is actually in Finland! I can visit this place easily! Why haven’t I heard of it before?! So, thanks for the link!

    05-27-11 » 10:29 am »

  • Kelly

    I’m so happy to hear that! And also slightly jealous. ;)

    05-27-11 » 10:42 am »

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