Win It: Natty Michelle.

Natty Michelle has the sweetest hand-painted stationery that’s perfect for any occasion. She’s always adding new designs, full of whimsy and flair, and her passion for art is apparent. They’re the perfect day brighteners to have show up in your mailbox! Natalie’s graciously offered up eight cards to the winner of Win It: Natty Michelle. Winner’s choice! Now if that’s not a sweet start to a Monday, well, then I don’t know what is.

To Enter:
• Tell me whether or not you’ve ever had a pen pal
• Leave a valid email address (Those who fail to will be disqualified.)
• Do it all before Monday, July 6 at noon CST

Best of luck! A winner will be chosen randomly shortly after the contest ends.

38 Comments on “Win It: Natty Michelle.”

  • ellen

    I have had lots of pen pals. I love writing letters and sending cards. Long live the Post Office!

    06-29-09 » 4:20 pm »

  • elizabeth marley

    I had a few pen pals when I was in school–usually those awkward pen pals issued to me in French class. We'd write a few letters back and forth, but the language always got in the way.

    BUT! My best friend just moved to the other side of the country and I've been writing her letters every week to brighten her day. I've had a lot of fun actually getting out the pen and writing letters and even more fun shopping for cute stationary.

    elizabethfantastic at gmail dot com

    06-29-09 » 4:30 pm »

  • Jingle

    These are gorgeous! I had a pen pal when I was a kid, but I don't anymore. I do love to send cards, but I'm really bad about getting them in the mail! I hand deliver a lot! LOL!

    06-29-09 » 4:32 pm »

  • imelda bettinger

    I haven't really had pen pals per say but I do buy and send out a lot of stationary now. Been doing this for a few years now since everything became so digital so fast. I love receiving handwritten cards, but I mostly just love sending them out. I usually get a nice email back saying how it just made that person's day and how it came right when they needed it. I love stationary! :D Long live snail mail!

    PS What's your address and I'll send you a card? I also make cards out of my photography.

    06-29-09 » 4:42 pm »

  • imelda bettinger

    imeldabettinger at gmail dot com

    forgot to add it to my previous comment.

    06-29-09 » 4:43 pm »

  • Trista

    I use to have pen pals when I was younger, mainly people I met at summer camps. It was SO much fun to tell them about my life after camp and sometimes send a small goodie to brighten their day.

    Then pen pals stopped, I got older..didn't write unless it was mandatory for a school paper. BUT in college, not having any friends going in as a freshman was lonely, so my high school buddy Cliff and I decided it was FUN to get packages in our college mailboxes from time to time.

    We decided to become college pen pals. I sent him stuff from my college bookstore and he did the same. It was awsome getting goodies in the mail!! Seeing that yellow slip in my mailbox that stated, "Delivery, see front desk for pick-up".

    That excitement can never be achieved via e-mail!

    06-29-09 » 4:44 pm »

  • Trista

    my email is thevey@gmail.com btw.

    06-29-09 » 4:45 pm »

  • Laura

    I had a pen pal in Malaysia once and we drew pictures for each other instead of writing :)


    06-29-09 » 4:52 pm »

  • Gretchen

    I had a penpal from Russia. Back when it was still huge. One day I ended up at a lecture on nuclear power given by a prof from Moscow. I think I must have been 6. He thought I was pretty weird (in a good way) and had his niece write me. We wrote for 5 years. She sent me science fiction fairy tales from Armenia and I sent her Bill Peet books.

    go_me90 at hotmail.com

    06-29-09 » 5:22 pm »

  • TheBeautyFile

    I used to have a pen pal in Texas when I was in 2nd grade…I wonder what happened to her?? email: thebeautyfile@gmail.com

    06-29-09 » 5:30 pm »

  • Lindsey

    Do the inmates I write love letters to count? Just kidding. I did have a pen pal in the 3rd grade… it was a project with my elementary school. My pal was a girl my same age in Germany.

    email: herb678@yahoo.com

    06-29-09 » 5:39 pm »

  • Robyn

    Don't think I've ever had a penpal — that'd be lovely though!


    06-29-09 » 6:09 pm »

  • Lindsey

    I had a few penpals when I was younger. One I kept up with for a few years in middle school…I still think of her and wish we hadn't lost touch.

    Thanks for the chance!

    06-29-09 » 6:34 pm »

  • Jenn

    I had a pen pal in the 4th grade. We penned back and forth between 4th graders at another school. Then one day we had a field trip to meet them. It was kind of awkward and cool.

    06-29-09 » 6:53 pm »

  • ali

    In high school I had a penpal from Madagascar. One of my teacher's sisters was teaching over there and I ended up becoming penpals with a 10 year old boy. It was awesome and I got lots of pictures in the mail that brightened up my day.


    ali labelle

    06-29-09 » 6:56 pm »

  • Megan

    I've never had a penpal persay, but in my past few years of college two of my best girlfriends that were staying at different locations along the west coast decided that we were going to write letters to each other throughout the year. Best decision ever! Getting mail from them was always a treat, and always seemed to come at the perfect time :)


    Megan Westfall

    06-29-09 » 7:19 pm »

  • gigi

    I'm obsessed with postage. I had a pen pal from Australia when I was in middle school but I haven't heard from her in years. I just started writing to a new pen pal who is also from Australia but is living in Italy right now. I'd love to send him that owl card–so cute!


    06-29-09 » 9:59 pm »

  • Juliannebannon@gmail.com

    It's been years and years since I've had a penpal. However, my recent move across the country (and away from all my friends) is a perfect opportunity to start snail mailing again!


    06-29-09 » 10:11 pm »

  • blythe

    I had two pen pals in elementary school- one who lived in Minnesota and one who lived in Higbee, Missouri. I never met either one, but I felt they knew me better than anyone I went to school with, which really helped me get through some of those years that were socially rough. Times have changed a lot since then– would a kid today want a pen pal to write back and forth with, when they could potentially go meet anyone and talk instantly back and forth online with? And yet it seems so much more personal to write and receive hand-written notes. Natty Michelle's cards are lovely, and would surely inspire that nostalgic excitement!


    06-29-09 » 10:20 pm »

  • Katie

    I had a French penpal for a little while in elementary and middle school. Our school had a penpal program: you signed up, filled out a questionnare, and they sent your info to a company who matched you with someone who was somewhat similar. For some reason I ended up with a penpal who was several years older than me. It wasn't a problem at first, but then she sort of grew up, and we just lost touch after a while. We didn't have much in common anymore, I guess. I think it would be fun to have a penpal again, actually.

    katiejaneparker [at] gmail.com

    06-30-09 » 2:11 am »

  • Katie R

    I had a few pen pals… a few of whom I am still in contact with b/c or facebook :) I love the kitchen aid cards!!! Thanks for being generous.

    06-30-09 » 2:12 am »

  • Rebecca (Dog-Eared)

    pen pal? just my boyfriend while we were dating long-distance!

    dogeared AT gmail DOT com

    06-30-09 » 2:55 am »

  • Tegan

    so sorry! email is: trswift@hotmail.com

    06-30-09 » 4:05 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    So sweet! I once had a pen pal when I was in sleepaway camp, so that was at about the age of 12. Clearly we've lost touch. But sometimes I think of my bloggy friends as pen pals, because it feels quite similar, minus the Air Mail envelope and stamps. xo


    07-01-09 » 12:41 pm »

  • Caitlin T.

    i still have a pen pal! my college roommate and i still write letters to each other–it's our main way of communicating. yay for letter writing!

    thanks for the giveaway!


    07-03-09 » 12:55 am »

  • Stephanie E.

    I had a pen pal once, I sent her letters with lisa frank stationery. It was sweet.


    07-03-09 » 1:53 am »

  • Sooki

    i had one whom i met through AOL chat. he was on the virginia navy base. we sent friendly letters to each other for almost 2 yrs. cute stationery!


    07-05-09 » 12:38 pm »

  • Anna Caroline

    My past penpal Is my hubby now :D We wrote each other for 6 years, me being in Sweden and him in USA, we finally met up a couple of years ago and the rest is history :D

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

    07-06-09 » 1:15 pm »

  • Lindsey

    I had a pen pal throughout elementary school…I used degas printed stationary…I was a ballet dancer. This is sooo much better!

    07-06-09 » 2:08 pm »

  • Claire

    I had a German pen pal in middle school. These days I am postcard pen pals with a friend who moved to the West Coast.


    07-06-09 » 2:20 pm »

  • Sara

    In elementary school I had a pen pal from Ghana. I recently came across the letters she sent me.

    07-06-09 » 2:56 pm »

  • MeggyD

    I had have a few pen pals – in elementary school, I had a pen pal from Spain.

    When I moved to KC, I pen paled with former friends.

    I love writing letters to my friends that live out of state. This would be perfect.


    07-06-09 » 3:17 pm »

  • M

    Yes – from Australia! I thought that was the coolest thing ever (as an 8 year old …. actually, that would still be pretty fun).


    07-06-09 » 3:31 pm »

  • Sassy

    I have had pen pals, but now they've turned into instant message/email pals.

    These notecards would certainly be some inspiration!

    sstonesifer (at) gmail (dot) com

    07-06-09 » 3:32 pm »

  • Anonymous

    I had a pen pal in elementary school, but nothing in more recent years!

    07-06-09 » 3:35 pm »

  • Chanie

    I had a pen pal set up by my 2nd grade teacher but I can't for the life of mine remember who it was or where she was from (pretty sure she was a she). Love the cards!

    07-06-09 » 4:20 pm »

  • whattheham

    i had a pen pal for almost ten years when i was young. i absolutely loved sending her weekly updates about nothing and affixing as many stickers as possible to the envelope.

    07-06-09 » 4:29 pm »

  • Katie

    I had a pen pal when I was a kid.. part of our writing program in Scotland. Also kept in touch for years with the girl from France that stayed the summer with us as a foreign exchange student. Overdue getting back to handwriting letters instead of email!
    kprestero (at) gmail (dot) com

    07-06-09 » 5:00 pm »

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