Proud Fridge Owner.

So I did it.

I bit the bullet and crossed off the final item off my To Set Up list by buying a refrigerator last night. It’s a Frigidaire. Nothing too fancy, although it is a side by side which I’ve never had before. And it does have an ice and water dispenser on the front which is the true sign of refrigerator success, not to mention a water filtration system.

I never thought a fridge could make me so happy. Pathetic!

5 Comments on “Proud Fridge Owner.”

  • mikelite

    mazel tov! you must be such a proud fridge mother!

    06-26-08 » 2:23 pm »

  • karey m.

    EVERYTHING new in your new casa will make you happy. even the sounds…

    you know what i miss about our fridge? the night light.

    as for colors, i remember someone with a really cool house {the kind that always looks fresh and seems stylish without being styled?} told me that i could never go wrong with colors outside.

    because when’s the last time you got tired of the sun. or the sky. or the grass {NOT oklahoma grass in july!} or the sand or the sea.

    i liked that.

    06-26-08 » 2:46 pm »

  • Lizzie.Civ.

    yay! fridge!

    I can’t wait until our move to lincoln when i get to buy a new fridge…

    06-26-08 » 3:21 pm »

  • Sally

    Not pathetic in the least! I just saw my new appliances for the first time, so I understand the excitement :)

    06-26-08 » 9:45 pm »

  • Laura

    I’m so jealous of your icemaker! Maybe one day…!

    06-27-08 » 1:12 am »

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