The Daily Eat: French Onion Soup.

Remember yesterday (and the day before) how I was gushing about spring finally being here to stay? Yeah, well it lied to me. Today is overcast with a high in the 50s. The kicker is that this weather is supposed to stick around all weekend before raining Sunday. So for this, French Onion Soup is in order. Nothing like some comfort food to beat the blues!

:: recipe and image via Cookography

3 Comments on “The Daily Eat: French Onion Soup.”

  • Alya

    i loooooooove onion soup. Mmmmm..

    03-29-08 » 9:46 am »

  • BPD in OKC

    mmm French Onion soup sounds so good right now. I’m hungry. It’s dinner time.

    03-31-08 » 1:04 am »

  • joker

    MMM mmmm… put an extra handfull of cheese for me please :D

    04-07-08 » 9:14 pm »

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