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New Murano-1-Design Crush


There are brands that I work with again and again simply because I love what they’re doing and what they’re putting out into the world. Nissan is one of them. I’ve shared the Versa Sedan and the Versa Note in the past and was excited to hear that the third generation of the Murano was being unveiled at this year’s New York International Auto Show. Personally I’m looking to move into a bit larger of a vehicle from my Altima Coupe, so it was perfect timing. Plus, this is the first time the vehicle is being built in the United States, which I love.




Nissan shuttled everyone back and forth in their Taxi of Tomorrow. I’m short at 5’2″ but couldn’t get over the massive amounts of leg room in the NV200. The large touch screen was beyond words, the storage capacity of the trunk was huge, and the divider between driver and passengers was like a sound bubble. Oh, and here’s the kind of views the ridiculously incredible transparent roof…




New Murano-2-Design Crush


Nissan brought along nine cars for press day, and I was inside and outside of every one exploring the new features. There was one that stood out among the rest – the Smart Rearview Mirror that uses advanced camera technology to enhance the driver’s view behind a vehicle. It lives within a traditional rearview mirror, but allows the driver to switch between the traditional mirror and an LCD monitor. Genius!


New Murano-3-Design Crush


I also checked up on the latest versions of the Versa Sedan and Versa Note, both of which are Nissan’s bread and butter vehicles that have kicked them to the top of the sub-compact sector. What’s always fascinated me across the board is their unwillingness to compromise on design no matter the price point. As someone who can’t afford a incredibly extravagant vehicle, but has a penchant for good design it’s so appreciated to know that someone is looking out for the little guys.


New Murano-4-Design Crush



Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum, the Nismo line is super tricked out with the option for – get this – matte paint. I couldn’t stop touching it. Again, bold and innovative design in a completely different way.


New Murano-5-Design Crush


Next week I’ll share specifics about the new Murano, which is being referred to as Nissan’s “halo vehicle” for their expanding range of crossovers and SUVs. I had a chance to sit down and chat with lead designer Ken Lee about every stage and facet of the design process and can’t wait to share!

Disclaimer: Travel, hotel, and compensation for this post were provided by Nissan. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!


Matt Shlian

Matt Shlian-1-Design Crush


Matt Shlian refers to his creations as kinetic sculptures and his title as paper engineer. Each piece he creates conveys a transfer of energy and light in the purest form. Matt says he begins with a system of folding and at some point the material takes over for itself. Now that’s truly being one with your art.


Matt Shlian-2-Design Crush


Matt Shlian-3-Design Crush


Neverending Glory Collection

Lasvit-1-Design Crush


A show-stopping line of handblown glass pendants make up Lasvit’s Neverending Glory Collection. You might recognize the silhouettes of iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theaters – La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, and the Czech Republic’s Estates Theater in Prague.


Lasvit-2-Design Crush


Lasvit-3-Design Crush

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Cotton & Flax

Cotton & Flax-1-Design Crush


Each and every step of creation for Cotton & Flax is completed by founder Erin Dollar in her Los Angeles studio. Everything from the pattern design (with brush and ink) to the selection of heirloom quality fabrics to the hand printing and sewing. Is your mind blown? Talk about quality control! I love the palette and natural materials Erin has chosen for Cotton & Flax’s spring line – you can check out the lookbook (photographed by Laure Joliet) right here.


Cotton & Flax-2-Design Crush


Cotton & Flax-3-Design Crush


Countdown to Mother’s Day

I love buying gifts for my mom. She’s fun to shop for and always acts like I’ve just given her the most brilliant thing in the world (as all moms are apt to do I suppose). But her birthday and Mother’s Day fall about a week apart on the calendar every year which involves some thinking ahead on my part. When Uncommon Goods asked me to share some of my favorite gifts for Mother’s Day I was excited to delve into their shop, where half of the goods are made by hand, most are made in the USA, and one-third incorporate recycled and/or upcycled materials. They also have a great selection of personalized gifts.


Of course I had my mom in mind while window shopping. Pool season shows up early here in Oklahoma, and a set of silicone wine glasses would get lots of use. She’s also been on a bit of a health kick, but water gets boring and would be much more interesting served in a flavor infuser water bottle. A wine pairing towel set would not only make a good reference, but also be a great conversation starter. My mama loves a good mojito and could muddle up her own with this molecular mixology kit! A trio of solar tealights would be perfect for early weekend mornings spent sipping coffee and reading the newspaper on the patio or late nights spent outside chatting with friends. So basically I can’t wrong. And also, I hope she isn’t reading this!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!


Bing Wright

Bing Wright-1-Design Crush


New York photographer Bing Wright’s Broken Mirror/Evening Skies is a series of sunsets captured in shatter mirrors. Intoxicating is the first word that comes to mind, followed by riveting because I can’t top staring at them. The finished photos measure 4 x 6′, the viewing of which I’m sure is both of those things times a thousand.


Bing Wright-2-Design Crush


Bing Wright-3-Design Crush

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A Hoppin’ Easter Sunday

Is Easter a big deal in your house? Growing up ours always involved a hidden basket (one year behind the Christmas tree that had yet to be taken down), plastic eggs hidden outside, and a big family dinner at my grandparents’ house. Now it mainly involves dinner at my moms and yes, baskets are still hidden! Check out these 17 projects and ideas to make your Easter Sunday extra special.


ROW 1:Easter Brunch Invitations + Stickers // DIY Floral Party Hats // Printable Easter Treat Bags    ROW 2:Easter Bread // Easter Sticker Buckets // A Simple Easter Arrangement    ROW 3:Paper Rabbit Bust // Easter Candy Bark    ROW 4:Easter Ice-Cream Sandwich Treats // Bunny Ears Twist Wrap // Origami Easter Bunnies    ROW 5:Paint Swatch Flowers // Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt // Happy Easter Egg Hunt Signs Kit    ROW 6:Easter Egg Terrarium // Washi Tape Eggs // Printable Iron-On Bunny Bags


Mixtape #35: So Young and Full of Sparks



Photo: Carissa Gallo

Listen to So Young and Full of Sparks on Spotify.


Happy Weekend

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10-Design Crush

01/ How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity and achieve financial freedom.
02/ Pizza in the Wild is exactly what you’re expecting.
03/ Vans has teamed up with the ASPCA with some awesome cat and dog covered kicks.
04/ Meet Puk – a super awesome suspended fruit basket.
05/ The Black Dogs Project shows the beauty of the most neglected shelter animals.
06/ Food becomes abstract art in Cut Food.
07/ Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart take on NYC like tourists.
08/ A cardboard cathedral made from 98 cardboard tubes and 8 steel shipping containers.
09/ Watch what happens when you put 8 million flower petals inside a volcano.
10/ These vertical playgrounds looks like so. much. FUN.

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Sara Falli

Sara Falli-1-Design Crush


Florence-based artist Sara Falli is doing some seriously crazy stuff with watercolor. Every piece has the ability to make you feel like you’re being sucked into her imaginary world that’s filled with questionable characters, situations, and landscapes.


Sara Falli-2-Design Crush


Sara Falli-3-Design Crush

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