Gamma Folk

Gamma Folk-1-Design Crush


Gamma Folk founder and designer Lily Piyathaisere combines traditional techniques, including natural dyeing, weaving, braiding and ceramics to create her folksy line of statement pieces. If ever there was one jewelry line perfect summer, this just might be it.


Gamma Folk-2-Design Crush

Gamma Folk-3-Design Crush

Gamma Folk-4-Design Crush

Gamma Folk-5-Design Crush


Showcase Mirror

Showcase Mirror-1-Design Crush


I’m forever looking for inventive new ways to display my favorite things, and it looks like Showcase Mirror is onto something good. The background mirror and encasing plastic bubble sit within a wooden frame, inside there’s a little ledge to rest the enclosed item upon. Available for order in different finishes and sizes right now.


Showcase Mirror-2-Design Crush

Showcase Mirror-3-Design Crush

Showcase Mirror-4-Design Crush

Showcase Mirror-5-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ If you guess Clip Bag is a purse that looks like an office clip you’re spot on.
02/ Loving this geometric pouf that’s partially made out of concrete.
03/ James Nizam wraps reflective tape around architectural details.
04/ Freedom Cove is a 12 platform floating home in Canada!
05/ Sylvain Viau delivers on the hover cars we’ve been waiting for.
06/ Street artist JR‘s latest in NYC has made the cover of The New York Times Magazine.
07/ A Japanese smartphone game where the goal is to collect as many cats as possible!
08/ Stunning pieces from Raw Edges Design Studio made from dyed end cuts of timber.
09/ A-Holes: A Type Book is such a fun idea.
10/ Freeline skates are basically a small skateboard for each foot – would you dare?

This week on Design Crush:
It’s cooled down quite a bit the second half of this week, Sang the Swallow‘s cozy paintings are a perfect fit.
I’ve been trying to look up more often and See for Yourself: A Visual Guide to Everyday Beauty drives that idea home.
Feather Studies are especially timely as well.
Happy National Card + Letter Writing Month! Celebrate my sending out some snail mail.
Whimsical animal sculptures from Hella Jongerius.
All Streets catalogues every street in every state (and some countries)!
Beautiful melted ice cream treats photographed by Michael Massaia.
Prep yourself for Cinco de Mayo with margaritas 12 ways.
Check out Owen Gents‘ work that’s both dreamy and tragic.


Owen Gent

Owen Gent-1-Design Crush


Bristol, England-based illustrator and designer Owen Gent creates some tragically dreamy stuff. You can easily see the overlap between his two creative worlds, especially in his particular logo design style. Pop over to his shop to make a piece your own!


Owen Gent-2-Design Crush

Owen Gent-3-Design Crush

Owen Gent-4-Design Crush

Owen Gent-5-Design Crush


Margaritas 12 Ways

Margarita’s heyday – Cinco de Mayo – is just over a week away, and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new. Why resort to the cloyingly sweet premixed thing when you could have one of these instead? I promise you won’t regret your decision to have a second (or a third or a seventh).














Click on each image to go to the recipe.
All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.


Michael Massaia

Michael Massaia-1-Design Crush


Few things say scorching summer day like a melted popsicle. In Transmogrify Michael Massaia destroys more than a dozen varieties in the name of art – from Hello Kitty to a classic Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. The end result might not look as delicious, but they’re definitely more beautiful.


Michael Massaia-2-Design Crush

Michael Massaia-3-Design Crush

Michael Massaia-4-Design Crush

Michael Massaia-5-Design Crush

(via Feature Shoot)


All Streets

All States-1-Design Crush


Maps of every street in every state? Yes, please. All States at Fathom has taken the premise of the map and stripped it down to every single street – no topography, waterways, or any other indicators. Pick your favorite state or country and order the print!


All States-2-Design Crush

All States-3-Design Crush

All States-4-Design Crush

All States-5-Design Crush

(via WIRED)


Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius-1-Design Crush


I have so much respect for artists who straddle the traditional and contemporary worlds, and Hella Jongerius has been super successful at it. She seamlessly fuses industry and craft while tossing in a cheeky nod to whimsy, like in this collaboration with Nymphenburg.


Hella Jongerius-2-Design Crush


Hella Jongerius-3-Design Crush


Hella Jongerius-4-Design Crush


Hella Jongerius-5-Design Crush


National Card + Letter Writing Month

You still have nine days left to be a part of National Card + Letter Writing Month, you know, if that’s your kind of scene. It’s definitely mine, because there’s only one better thing you can find in a mailbox than a card or letter. (Money.)



ROW 1: Hi // Hey Good Lookin’ // You Had Me At Hello
ROW 2: Text Less, Write More // Hello
ROW 3: Abstract Thank You // So Long Dachshund // Poetry Time


Feather Studies

Feather Study-1-Design Crush


I have a small collection of feathers that I keep in a porcelain container in my dining room, up on a shelf where I only I know about it. I’ve collected them over the past few years, like little stories left behind by the birds who grew them. These Feather Studies seems especially timely,  since the birds are chirping and singing outside my windows and acknowledging spring once again.


Feather Study-2-Design Crush

Feather Study-3-Design Crush