24 Valentine’s Day Gifts, Projects + Recipes


ROW 1: DIY Felt Treat Boxes // The Getaway Duffle Bag // Easy Homemade Valentine’s Chocolates    ROW 2: Queen of Hearts Neon Pink Heart Vase // Graham Cracker Conversation Hearts // Golden Protective Hand Ring    ROW 3: Anatomical Human Heart Cookie Cutter // Gold Heart Print // Heart Wreath No. 1    ROW 4: Courage, Dear Heart Print // All You Need is Love Handcut Paper Art // I’m Yours 100% Screen Printed Poster



ROW 1: Dip-Dyed Valentine’s Day Bags // Lip Donuts // Love is the Best Medicine Tea Towel    ROW 2: Valentine’s Day Polish Chandelier // Dear Valentine Stud Earrings // DIY Sequin Marquee Heart    ROW 3: DIY String Words Wall Hanging // DIY Valentine Award // Organic Heart Shaped Peppermint Patties    ROW 4: DIY Valentine’s Day Branch Tree // Conversation Heart Cookies + Printable Box // No-Sew Valentine Treat Bag


Laurel Canyon Dreaming

Laurel Canyon Dreaming-1-Design Crush


Gems, minerals, rocks… all have been revered for centuries, and are now being regaled once more. I only own one, a big peach hued crystal cluster that once belonged to by step-grandma that I’ve admired for as long as I can remember. But I love the idea of more, maybe just not resting on surfaces everywhere in my home.

That’s where Laurel Canyon Dreaming and their artwork comes into play. Each archival print is inspired by the canyons and hills of Los Angeles. Molly, the artist behind it all, uses her own original paintings, collages, and drawings as starting points or bases work off of rare antique prints that she’s been collecting for years.


Laurel Canyon Dreaming-2-Design Crush

Laurel Canyon Dreaming-3-Design Crush

Laurel Canyon Dreaming-4-Design Crush

Laurel Canyon Dreaming-5-Design Crush

Antique Rock Art // Agate Print // Gem and Crystal Canvas Print // Mineral Specimen Print //
Vertical Circular Constellation Map Trio

(via Anthology)



Terra.Cotto Cookware-1-Design Crush


While I love spending time in the kitchen cooking, and more specifically baking, I love ogling beautiful kitchenwares even more. The latest on my wish list is the terra-cotta cookware of Terra.Cotto. Colorful, modern in design, and eco-friendly, these pieces are right up all of my alleys. Oh, and they’re recognized as the highest quality terra-cotta cookware in the world!


Terra.Cotto Cookware-2-Design Crush

Terra.Cotto Cookware-3-Design Crush

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Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenberger-1-Design Crush


Sarah Illenberger‘s Flowerwork series uses creatively arranged flowers, perfect camera angles, and incredible lighting to mimic the bursts, sparks, and cascades of fireworks. I’m mesmerized by the genius that is this project and can’t help but keep scrolling through the imagery.


Sarah Illenberger-2-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-3-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-4-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-5-Design Crush

(via Laughing Squid)


This Is Ground

This Is Ground-1-Design Crush


I love the form-meets-function aesthetic of This Is Ground. Each piece of perfect for corralling cords, glasses, change, and more. All are made top to bottom in Los Angeles by skilled artisans with decades of experience under their belts. As they say, a lot of heart and soul goes into their creations, making each one all the better.


This Is Ground-2-Design Crush

This Is Ground-3-Design Crush

This Is Ground-4-Design Crush

This Is Ground-5-Design Crush

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Benoit Paille

Benoit Paille-1-Design Crush


Benoit Paille‘s high contrast, flash-heavy photography has me longing for warm summer nights in the midst of this winter snowstorm. Can’t you just picture yourself watching the sun go down while hanging out with friends, cold beer in hand? Sigh.


Benoit Paille-2-Design Crush

Benoit Paille-3-Design Crush

Benoit Paille-4-Design Crush

Benoit Paille-5-Design Crush


Happy Monday

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Instagram photos reappear at the locations they were first taken.
02/ JFK airport of building the world’s only animal handling cargo terminal.
03/ Justin Bettman’s Set in the Street project is unexpected and awesome.
04/ An 85-year-old woman + her marionette twin feed a squirrel in Washington Square Park.
05/ A chart on the official colors of British tea, for reference.
06/ A floating gem? Nope, a flipped iceberg!
07/ A fairytale urban treehouse hidden in the woods of Atlanta, Georgia.
08/ Gemma Correll nails a proposed color palette for January.
09/ What happens when a super clear freshwater lake freezes?
10/ Old subway cars from New York are dumped into the ocean to create an artificial reef environment.

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Oscar Delmar

Oscar Delmar-1-Design Crush


Oscar Delmar certainly knows how to portray feeling alive, I’d say. His watercolor and graphite lips capture seduction series – Sexual Healing – and all that follows in perfectly sexy detail.


Oscar Delmar-2-Design Crush

Oscar Delmar-3-Design Crush

Oscar Delmar-4-Design Crush

Oscar Delmar-5-Design Crush


January Marketplace Refresh

January is the perfect time to take a look at life and maybe make a few changes. I’m not talking huge life altering things, more like tiny refreshes with a focus on increased quality in life and home. I’ve updated The Marketplace with plenty of new goods to make your January refresh a reality. Plenty of new home goods, art, and more – here are just a few of my favorite pieces.



The Family of Things: Woodland and The Family of Things: Polar can add a bit of magic to your walls. A colorful geometric pillow cover packs a punch of color for your living room or bedroom. This navy dot cotton scarf is a great piece to layer with to keep out the chill. Use this cork bowl in the kitchen to corral all of that lovely citrus bounty. The understated Nebula Bangle will work hard all winter, then transition with your wardrobe to spring. Don’t forget about your skin – use this detox body oil in your bath and on your body. Make your time in the kitchen happier with this sweet hand block printed tea towel.

See all of or makers and their goods over on The Marketplace!


Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern-1-Design Crush


In the doldrums of January Tadao Cern‘s Comfort Zone photos make me both laugh and feel warm. I’m really not sure there’s much more you can ask for from art.

These photos are not staged and people did not suspect that they were photographed by me. I chose to capture images of sleeping vacationers because it accurately represents the name of the project ‘Comfort Zone’. It is only about the seaside, sunbathing and holiday somnolence that is free from a world surrounding you. I chose to showcase only the photos with hidden faces not by an accident, but to grant an observer with an opportunity to calmly scrutinize each and every detail without being distracted. It also helps to avoid empathy or connection between people in the photos and the observers. It really does not matter who they are – the details not only reveal their stories, but make us face ourselves as well.


Tadao Cern-2-Design Crush

Tadao Cern-3-Design Crush

Tadao Cern-4-Design Crush

Tadao Cern-5-Design Crush

(via Lost at E Minor)